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Protector 11mm Chain Only

Shipping and COVID-19 Restrictions: We are unable to ship to any locations outside mainland UK at present, due to the Customs issues caused by Brexit. We are also unable to accept any visitors into our building due to COVID restrictions. *No exceptions**
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Great company to deal with
- 23/02/2022
Although this is the least robust chain that Pragmasis sell, it's still very solid and sufficient for locking bikes inside a locked shed. The covering works well to protect the bikes from damage. Unlike other suppliers, Pragmasis were able to supply this at the 6m length that I needed. Delivery was prompt and pre-empted by a personal email. Thoroughly recommended!
great product
- 11/01/2022
Came across this lot when looking to secure my new e-bike. bought this chain at 2.5m so i could use it to secure 5 bikes. will be adding a double doofer soon just to make sure. All elements of this chain are great, and I'm already busy telling everyone about a company that so obviously cares....
- 10/12/2021
I endorse the reviews I've read here so far. As advised by the Bike Lock Wiki, even the 11mm chain is in my view a serious security option for my recumbent trike (ICE Adventure) as the 1.2m chain with noose will wrap around a lamp post and the main tube under the seat, while most locks out there are too short. If more required, it will be a D lock through the back wheel and a long cable looped from the same lock through the front wheels. It is weighty though so I wouldn't recommend it for touring far afield.
- 10/12/2021
Very prompt despatch and delivery, and the 11mm chain is all that people reviews on this site are saying about it: a very substantial deterrent. My problem was to find a chain long enough to go around a lamp post and fit a recumbent trike (ICE Adventure HD), so the noose helps reduce on weight. Still heavy, though, so only for local town use.
Great chains
- 09/04/2021
I've been using a 1m 11mm Pragmasis protector chain to lock up my bike at work for a few years. I've just ordered and received a 4m version to lock up my bikes at home in the shed. SFB were very communicative about the ETA of the delivery, and the chain arrived and looks great.
Good, solid chain
- 10/01/2021
Good solid chain, should make my bikes just that much more difficult to nick!
Very Pleased with Service and Products!!
- 30/10/2020
These guys take security very seriously, know their products and are willing to advise to make sure the customer gets best option for the application/s .... my order has included Noose Chains, Round Locks & Dib Locks all keyed alike ... SFB have been happy to split orders to get what I needed and the quality of the items received are top notch! .... any trustworthy security is going to represent a high outlay but compared to what else is on the market I have what I need and can trust at a fair price and delivered quickly too ...Thank you SFB!
Excellent chain
- 21/09/2020
Feels very solid, and a good compromise between weight and security. Highly recommend.
Great portable chain
- 06/08/2020
I bought this to secure my push bike coupled with a D lock when out and about.

May be seen as overkill by some but by making sure my bike is the most securely locked bike in the rack has meant I have never had a bike stolen yet.
Due to the longer links than some, this chain is surprisingly light for its size.
Superb chain, a bargain compared to other brands
- 29/05/2020
Very pleasing customer service and quick shipping to EU. Excellent chain for urban cycling. 1.0m chain weighting 2,5kg overall with an Abloy Protec 10mm padlock sounds heavy but is easy to carry in a backpack. Long links are very handy when you need to get tighter fit around something so don't be afraid to make some holes to the cover!
Thank you
More chains
- 09/11/2019
Got the 11mm noose chain to protect bikes in van. Already use thicker chains in the garage.
Best available in my view and a very personalised service
Thank you
- 22/02/2019
Would just like to say thank you to Pragmasis. As someone who takes security very seriously now through past experience, its great to see that there is products out there that are made to the highest quality. Our company has assests to secure, scaffold towers etc. to which without we would be unable to provide for our family. You have gained a new loyal customer here, the chains are not cheap but i wont gowung anywhere else now, i look forward to buying more theouout the year to upgrade our exsiting security.
tough chain
- 09/01/2019
Bought 2metres of the 11mm chain with end loop to secure gardening equipment in the back of my truck, despite being a smaller chain it looks substantial enough to deter all but the most determined thief, excellent customer service and fast shipping
Super solid
- 05/01/2019
This is definitely overkill for my requirement of securing a child's bike, but I live in a high crime area and would be upset if it was taken. I really don't think that's now likely - compared to your average bike lock even the smallest of the chains offered here are absolute monsters. Great products and excellent service.
Fantastic service and product as usual
- 02/09/2018
This is the third time I have purchased from Pragmasis. This time I bought a 1.2m 11mm chain, great quality product and I was kept up to date with dispatch and delivery. Wouldn’t go anywhere else.
Protector Chain
- 31/08/2018
2nd one of these chains I've bought to protect my cycles. Thankfully never been tested but looks tough enough to deter anything but a very determined thief. Customer service is very good, thanks.
It works!
- 08/08/2018
I bought a chain and lock package to secure my bikes at home and when using towbar carrier on car.
Stayed overnight in a hotel in France with an allegedly 'secure' car park.
All bikes except mine were stolen overnight!
Cracking portable chain
- 26/04/2018
I bought the 11mm noose chain in 1.2mtrs and realised it wasn’t long enough for my needs so e-mailed David the day it came and arranged to exchange for a longer length the next day.
The service of this business is second to none - what a breath of fresh air!
Bought the chain for mountain bike security on the move and the noose option is a great idea and increases versatility greatly. Don’t be fooled by other so called high security chains, most thieves can break them in seconds - make it harder for them and get a pragmasis chain.
I won’t buy from anyone else when it comes to securing my motorbikes and mountain bikes.
The fact it’s a real british business is a plus.
Excellent quality product and service
- 29/10/2017
Just received my chain and lock a few days ago. It looks TOUGH!!! Any bike thief who gets through this deserves the bike!!!
I was also impressed with the customer service with email updates and full details of delivery/courier information. Overall, I'm very impressed.
Exactly as described.
- 16/10/2017
After a garage theft I did what I should have done in the first place and bought this truly substantial chain and a Squire lock to secure our bikes. Not sure I would be able to lug this heavyweight chain about as a portable lock but for static security it certainly fits the bill.
Everything about this chain (and the padlock) shouts strength and security and, while expensive, is one aspect I have learned through experience not to skimp on.
Delivery time, packaging and communication were also first class so thanks for that too.
Excellent service
- 28/09/2017
So after a slight hiccup on the delivery it was rectified immediately and the company couldn't have been more helpful. Full marks for customer service.
The product is lighter than I anticipated which is a definite plus. I would recommend this.
Great service
- 19/08/2017
Brilliant chain for inside my bike shed. Excellent service and communication from the seller. Very nice protective cover.
Good combination of weight and security
- 20/12/2016
Am using 16mm protector with a ground anchor for home security - very happy and clearly a robust security solution. Wanted a lighter chain for occasional travel use so have got the 11mm. Equally well built and still very solid but significantly lighter!
Perfect bike lock for transport
- 24/10/2016
I combine the 11mm noose chain with my ABUS U-Lock. Perfect combination and balance between security and weight if you have an expensive bike.
Security sorted
- 06/09/2016
It took the theft of my Giant escape 2 from my garage to realise my home security needed an overhaul. I feel much more comfortable securing my soon to be collected specialised hybrid using this chain and accompanying security anchor. I am hoping to be able to use both the chain and another device for added protection when away from home. Hopefully the 1 metre length will fit in my chain bag otherwise I will happily by another slightly shorter length for use away from home.
The Ultimate bike chain
- 08/07/2016
This is about the heaviest chain you are ever going to want to lug around. Paired with a decent Abloy padlock it feels very secure. This chain is stunning value compared to Abus or Kryptonite. Not sure why everybody doesn't use them? Very quick delivery and great product. Already got a 16mm chain for garage security of bike but this is much more portable.
Protector 11m chain
- 06/04/2016
Good quality chain and very useful to have the option of a noose ring. Superb service - the order arrived next day.
Inspiring confidence
- 02/03/2016
Brilliant chain for my bike. Sturdy and looks impenetrable. Combined with a squire 5 barrel combination lock, someone else's bike well be taken first! Great service and prompt delivery.
Good value chain
- 09/02/2016
This may be the smallest size chain on offer but, with regard to bicycle security, it is more substantial than others I have seen in shops for a lot more money. I am very pleased with my purchases from Pragmasis and their service is excellent.
Nice to buy British!
- 02/02/2016
Very well made solid product.
The best I could find.
Excellent service and very prompt delivery :)
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