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Package Deal: Protector 11mm Chain, Squire SS50CS Lock

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Package Deal: Protector 11mm Chain, Squire SS50CS Lock Reviews for the product - Package Deal: Protector 11mm Chain, Squire SS50CS Lock (Back to product)
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- 03/08/2020
Impressed with the quality of this combination. At work I am supplied with some good quality locks and chains, but this is the first time I have used Pragmasis and I think I have the better option.
Still going strong after almost 8 years
- 17/06/2020
2.5m chain does a fantastic job securing 1 or 2 bicycles in a South London front garden and has even seen off bolt croppers in its time. Used in combination with Abus U lock for added deterence.The SS50CS also works really well but likes some WD40 once in a while or can get sticky. Keyed alike service is brilliant and Pragmasis are very helpful. I prefer this to the 13mm chain which is heavy/care is required to thread thru wheels.
Chain for gate
- 02/06/2020
Having previously bought this chain and padlock for a mountain bike I needed something to secure a field gate. Bought it with the 1m chain and because the links go into each other I got it nice and snug between the gate and the post before securing the padlock. I had about 4 links to spare So that is perfect. Great service will use again.
Brilliant service - have come back a second time
- 22/03/2020
We needed a new lock to fit the Beefy Wall anchor to secure a second bike.
Measured the distance and bought the standard chain of 2m.
Ordered it on Wednesday evening and it was here 2 days later. It's heavy and the lock is very positive to use and lock. The cover for the chain is well made and secured, which makes it look very smart.

It works well into the beefy bridge as advised.
Using the two together - the U and chain, they fit into the bridge and do the job well - we hope!!

Great advice service and products from a brilliant company.
if we need more locks we will return to purchase from you
Nice package for my old commuting bycicle
- 07/10/2019
I bought the 2m chain for my 25yr old bicycle and the delivery only took 2 days to Germany. The chain has nice sleeve and the padlock is the lock with the smoothest operation I ever used.

The city this will get used in does not have many bicycle stands and often only a tree is left free, so I chose the 2m long 11mm chain. I can easily get one link through the frame of my brooks saddle (with springs, probably the most valuable part on the bicycle) while securing the bikes frame and back tire to something quite sturdy. The front tire just gets locked to the frame with the previously used D lock.
what more to ask?
- 15/07/2019
Went with 1.5meter long chain and noose end. No complaints. No regrets. Padlock is a little bit smaller than I expected (not a bad thing, just an observation). Happy I went with 11mm chain, the little bit of clearance near the padlock lets me wrap the chain around the frame of the bicycle in a way that it doesn't obstruct my legs and still keep it tight. Few zipties here and there to keep the noose loop horizontal under the frame, chain wrapped forwards then back around the frame, and again through the noose, with padlock hanging at the last link. Easy to unwind just as much chain as needed, and at least two frame "pipes" are always wrapped - there's no cutting the frame and riding off. Unless they literally cut the bike frame into pieces. Enough of the chain to reach even the thickest of poles, and can secure more than one bicycle for when I'm riding with my wife. Perfect! I don't quite feel the extra weight when riding (not after 2+ years of 12kilometers a day in all conditions), only when I have to pick up the bike or handle it when stationary. Even the protective chain sleeve was putting up fierce resistance when I needed to cut it to make space for interlocking chain link :-)
5* customer service and great product
- 16/05/2019
Thanks for your incredibly detailed and personal service when selecting the correct product for my needs. You guys go above and beyond, and the product itself is super solid and looks awesome too. Couldn't recommend you guys any higher! Don't buy security products from anywhere else!
Excellent Service And Product
- 29/07/2018
Placed order and it was delivered the next day before 9.30 am.
Kept informed via email from David.
Have purchased from Pragmasis before and have always found the products and service to be first class.
Thank you
Great product and customer service
- 10/02/2018
I ordered the package deal Protector 11mm with Squire SS50CS lock and a noose ring on Thursday pm and it arrived the day after at 8.20am with a fast email from David confirming. The chain is very thick but manageable and the lock is also very secure. Both are excellent quality and, having researched, for me the package was great value as well. Would highly recommend. This is what internet buying should be like.
Fantastic product and customer service
- 07/02/2017
I went for the 11mm chain and lock to secure some road bikes in a metal shed. which had previously been broken into. David's advise via e-mail was very helpful and not only that when I had an issue with the lock it was swapped out no questions asked, virtually the next day so not only great products but fantastic customer service. Would certainly buy from Pragmasis again.
Super Service, Super Kit
- 19/10/2016
I ordered the package deal Protector 11mm with Squire SS50CS lock and a noose ring on Monday pm.
It arrived Wednesday 9-30 am neatly packaged and looking superb.
Thank you for your quality kit and your super service. A pleasure to do business with you.
Protector 11mm and SS50CS lock
- 19/09/2016
Second chain and lock I've brought, this one to be used in conjunction with a U lock. Whilst the 11mm chain is the smallest, it is still massive to use and will give second thoughts to thieves. Padlock is great with the closed profile.
Service, as with so many other reviews, was excellent with emails promptly replied to.
Happy to recommend Pragmasis and if I need anything they offer in future, I will buy from them again.
Thanks David.
great product with speedy delivery
- 20/02/2016
Ordered 4m chain to go round all our bikes at home. Great product. Really worthwhile if you have decent bikes. The chain will fit through between spokes. And it was about 36 hours from order to delivery.
very impressed
- 31/07/2015
Just bought the 11 mm with SS50CS (1 metre) for my bike (
Chunky, solid, well up to the job!
- 16/04/2015
I was pleasantly surprised when the box arrived - I had assumed it would be enormous (like some of the bigger chains in the series), but it was a much more manageable size than I had expected. Previously I had been using a piece of "thick" chain from a local hardware store. They sold it by getting a pair of bolt cutters and chopping off the length you needed. (which tells you something in itself!) It was only for securing a 25 yr old bike, so the biggest inconvenience if it had been taken would be getting the train home. A new bike came along though, which needed considerably more in the security department. While this website claims that bolt cutters can get through this - it isn't going to be a quick snip job. It's an excellent product to me.
Peace of mind.
- 11/02/2015
I love this lock and chain combination. It gives me total peace of mind when leaving my bike anywhere.

I originally had a few doubts about the lock but after receiving an email from David and talking to my local locksmith I am confident that it is wholly adequate for the job.

It is really good value at £92, my local locksmith sells the lock alone for £80.

I will be modifying it by wrapping the end links with some insulation tape as they have a tendency to bang against my frame and I'm concerned about chipping the paint.
A minor issue though and a great product overall.
- 09/01/2015
After ordering the 19mm chain and lock for my motorbike, I ordered this one for my bicycles. It looks so tiny and cute in comparision! But make no mistake, this is only when compared side-by-side with the 19mm. I am confident this chain will protect my bikes.
Really solid
- 11/11/2014
Very quick delivery. This may be overkill but it is really solid and must be an excellent deterrent!
- 08/10/2014
Very easy to install and service was excellant.
Really happy with the product and would recommend it to all.

- 14/05/2014
Great product, got one and immediately purchased another for friend. Very good customer service also, highly recommended
Excellent Quality, Excellent Service
- 08/05/2014
Although 11mm is the smaller diameter chain, I think it would take a very determined thief to cut this chain. as for the service, I would say first rate and with an ethical slant I feel happy to do business with them.
Great quality and fast delivery!
- 28/01/2014
Very sturdy looking chain and padlock, can't imagine anyone getting through this in a hurry! Excellent quality and the delivery was incredibly fast! Very happy with the service! Many thanks!
solid and bombproof
- 16/12/2013
Spent some time doing internet research and all roads led to a Pragmasis chain. After pondering what to get phoned and got some great advice and concluded that it was worth a little extra to make a thief take one look and walk away thus avoiding the damage caused trying. Went with a 1.5m loop end and it fits nicely across 4 bikes on top of a car. Great product and great service.
real bike security
- 17/10/2013
yes, it's heavy, but you feel sure you will find your bike still there when you return, great quality and service!
Very solid!
- 30/09/2013
Service and advice I received was second to none. Really pleased with the chain and Maxi shackle.

Feel very reassured now when I leave my bikes.

Thank you for everything!
Bicycle security.
- 06/06/2013
University bicycle security.
- 06/06/2013
Delighted to find the 11mm now comes in noose ring so less chain required - I bought 1.5m and this secures frame and wheels. Substantial chain + padlock to deter thieves as bike to be kept outside on campus but also OK to carry, for short distances as still not light, around town/Uni. Helpful Company and next day delivery.
My out an about chain - and second at home
- 06/03/2013
Thanks to Steve for the excellent advice, I received 4 emails throughout the process, each time with more detailed advice. Went with 13mm 1.5m package & 11mm 0.8m package (which I will use out and about with my Vaude lock bag). If you want to pinch my trusted steed, you'll be better taking the banister away, then, you'll have a time getting the chains off Mr Thief!
Highly recommended
- 28/12/2012
After doing extensive research there was only one conclusion I could reach. This lock and chain combination represents outstanding value for money both in terms of the security it offers and the finish of the items. I would recommend this without hesitation, its a very small price to pay for something that will last and offers piece of mind.

One other noteworthy point, the customer service offered is excellent and the delivery rapid.
Brillliant Product
- 19/10/2012
I am writing to highly recommend the 11mm chain and squire lock package. Steve was very generous with his time explaining the details of the product to me.

We purchased it a couple of months ago to secure our bikes to our campervan using a lollipop shaped loop wrapped around the van's tow-hook suggested by Steve. This was a great idea as it meant we could buy a shorter length of chain - i'm sure Steve will explain. Anyway, great product - we always slept well knowing only a very competent thief would be able to steal our bikes.
Thanks Steve
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