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Protector 13mm Chain Only

Shipping and COVID-19 Restrictions: We are unable to ship to any locations outside mainland UK at present, due to the Customs issues caused by Brexit. We are also unable to accept any visitors into our building due to COVID restrictions. *No exceptions**
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Protector 13mm Chain Only Reviews for the product - Protector 13mm Chain Only (Back to product)
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- 17/06/2022
My 13mm chain arrived next morning via ParcelForce. Promptly fitted to my motorcycle for instant peace of mind. Secured with a RL21 Roundlock. I reckon that will put the casual thief off as soon as they see the security. The 13mm chain - in black- is a good deterrent.
Excellent product
- 15/06/2022
I bought this to complement my existing Kryptonite lock, for times when the lock isn't large enough to attach my bike to lampposts, etc. It's clearly very strong, and I'm confident that it would both deter a thief, and resist any attack. I recommend it.
Good service from Pragmasis and seems a quality product
- 01/06/2022
David was very responsive to an order query, shipment was fast and the chain itself (black colour) seems formidable and good value for the size and quality. As specified it fits a Kryptonite Fahgeddaboutit Mini U-lock to chain up a few moderately expensive bicycles in a locked garage. Hopefully it won't be tested.
Strong but lightweight
- 17/04/2022
After a terrible purchase experience at Almax, I called David at Pragmasis who advised me on the Protector 13mm and 16mm chains which comes highly recommended by reputable motorcycle security product reviews. In addition to the 16mm chain with roundlock I bought the 13mm chain for when I’m out and about. This chain is relatively light for me to carry (I’m female) for frequent use with my motorbike.
Great quality for the price
- 02/12/2021
This is my second pragmasis chain. The very heavy one (22mm) stays on the lamppost to which I tie my mike every night and this one (13mm) goes in my topcase for when I park the bike in the street.
Good Quality Chain
- 07/09/2021
Fast delivery and well packed
First class chain
- 12/08/2021
First class service from David fast post arrived on time Recommend this company.
Can't go wrong with Pragmasis
- 21/05/2021
I ordered this chain by itself initially but later realised I'd need a padlock too. Got in contact with Pragmasis via email and David got back to me. He added a SS50CS padlock to my order and honoured the price they would charge for the Package deal!

Chain itself is great quality and the welding is fantastic, it's well protected by durable sleeving and just right as a carry chain for my motorcycle. 5 stars all round!
Excellent Quality
- 27/04/2021
Superb quality engineering, well worth the money :-)
Protector 13mm Chain
- 01/04/2021
I have purchased several of Pragmasis' products in the last few years. I have a 19mm chain and ground anchor in my Garage & wanted a slightly lighter chain to use with my Motorhome in conjunction with D Lock. All their products are first class as is the service from David Briggs.I can't recommend them highly enough.
Noose chain gives me flexibility and extra security!
- 31/01/2021
I have an expensive E-Bike which I use for couriering, so I have to constantly be locking it up. I found that a D-Lock isn't ideal, because somewhat often a place I'm delivering to or picking up from doesn't have a bike rack or suitable pole to lock to nearby.
Rather than either the very risky prospect of just immobilising the wheels, or having to waste time searching the nearby area, the 1.2m noose chain I bought opens up a much wider choice of things to lock to that a D lock either can't reach to or fit around.
I'm sure when I go on recreational trips with family and friends, the chain will also be used to secure multiple bikes at once.

The only downside I can see of this chain is the weight. (whilst I don't mind carrying it given I'm on an E-bike, I would were I not, and you have to be mindful when locking up to not bash anything), but, that's simply how physical security works, so I can't really take any points off for that. The longer link design would seem to save weight compared to the shorter links of mainstream competitors as well.
Excellent chain and service
- 08/01/2021
Great chain, feels heavy duty and like it will do the job. Even better customer service that gave good helpful advice and really quick delivery.
Excellent product
- 06/01/2021
Great product for securing bikes at home. Feels very secure Noose loop a really good option for one end

Great service
Great chain
- 10/12/2020
Well priced, fast delivery and great quality chain. Good customer service too. Highly recommended.
excellent fit for R1250GS
- 25/11/2020
Bought this following Bennetts reviews and the advice of Pragmasis' David, who is clearly very knowledgeable. He just asked "what bike is this for," and immediately knew what would work and what wouldn't. He advised on chain length, and lock and how to secure the bike with them. I am very pleased with the results. I am glad I followed his advice, the chain is big and heavy and a larger one wouldn't have fitted the application. I ended up buying also the RoundLock and the Torc, which are also excellent. I will review them separately.
Protector 13mm chain
- 07/10/2020
I have purchased 3 of these 13mm chains over the last few years and they have proven to be very durable, resistant to rust and corrosion (I keep them in situ outdoors year round). The size and weight of the chains act as a very effective deterrent to cycle thieves. Whilst many other bicycles have been stolen in both locations used, my Pragmasis chains have ensured that my bike is not an easy target. Great products at reasonable prices (not cheap - but a bike costs alot more to replace!)
Excellent product
- 06/09/2020
I was pretty sure after reading all the reviews before purchasing this chain I wouldn't be disappointed and I wasn't.
The chain is of excellent quality and service first class. I was kept informed every step of the way by David about my order and it arrived within 3 days.
Can't fault this company, would highly recommend
Solid, Secure, Very High Quality
- 04/09/2020
I asked myself "Which chain should I buy so I can sleep at night?"After reading reviews for chains from different companies on various sites, I knew I had to buy the Pragmasis Protector. I bought the 13mm chain for my very, very expensive Time Trial triathlon bike. The chain is incredibly solid and a very well-manufactured. It is obvious Pragmasis take security very seriously. I firstly read most of the information pages on their website to ensure I was buying the right sized chain for my bike. The information and videos were incredibly helpful. I did several test runs using rope around my frame and wheels to ensure I would choose the right chain length. I highly recommend this to everyone. To all the team at Pragmasis, a HUGE thank you. Amazing products can only come from amazing people. Peter :)
Excellent Product
- 22/07/2020
Ordered the 13mm chain with noose end to take a decent chain that I could transport around with me and upon receiving the chain I am well pleased with the product and service I received.
Excellent customer service
- 03/07/2020
I ordered a 16mm chain which proved to be way too big. After my wife chatted with David we've exchanged for a smaller chain on his advice. Nice to deal with a person rather than just be a number.
- 12/03/2020
Extremely fast delivery and a very good chain, Perfect!
Excellent second lock for major cities
- 06/12/2019
I purchased this lock together with an Abloy PL350 to function as a very solid secondary bicycle lock for my bike, which is kept in a Cyclehoop bike hangar in inner London. My primary lock is a Kryptonite NY M18 DLock, around the seat tube, rear wheel and crank and the protector chain complements this perfectly around the front wheel and down tube, so both locks can fit to a secure object. I think a d-lock and chain work well as a set up to mix up the two lock styles.

I do not think of this as a ‘portable security’ option, it is still very heavy so is part of a heavy duty ‘home security’ up. In the very rare occasions where I would lock up my bike whilst out and about I would choose to take my Dib series d-lock.

The manufacturing quality on the chain is clearly very high and Pragmasis’ customer service is always excellent. I sense that they take a good deal of pride in their products
[Pragmasis Comment: Yes, we do have a pride in our work. We care, a lot. We want to make good quality products in an environmentally and ethically sound way. It's the only way to behave if you want to build a sustainable business, in our opinion.]
Perfect items & service
- 17/11/2019
Thanks to David, Steve and all there for helping me when I changed my mind with my order once I went to collect it.
Such helpful guidance in person and on the website means my bike is now firmly anchored to the floor with keyed alike padlocks for convenience.
Perfect all round - just wish all purchases could be this easy!
Quick service and a good product
- 11/11/2019
Parcel arrived in The Netherlands in two days.
The 13mm chain 1,2m length is light enough to be carried in a pannier.
Except for the 13mm chain I also got the 16mm and two keyed alike D-locks. Various ways to use the D-locks, I think they provide more flexibility than padlocks.
Note that 16mm is quite heavy - to be used only for home parking.
All products seem very high quality.
- 14/06/2019
Delivered on time, and perfect for protection of my 3 expensive bikes
- 20/04/2019
Ground anchor, a 2 Metre x 16mm chain and PIN lock.
I have searched the web (eBay, utube, Google, etc.) and I could not find anything better (or equivalent) for cheaper!!
OTHER 16mm chains profess to be “uncroppable” but there are posts and videos that prove otherwise.
I only ever want to buy this kit once, and I hope it is never actually needed. The cost is cheap when compared to a loss of a valuable item, the damage caused, the trauma of the violation and the peace of mind of a purchase that will offset this risk.
I am really looking forward to your kit arriving (in a very nerdy way!)
Thank you so much for your help, technical advice and enthusiastic attitude.
signed - Ex-metallurgy & heat treatment in aerospace.Industry.
Great balance of protection and weight.
- 28/03/2019
I have a pair of these.
I use them for additional security at home and as a carry chain for portability.
A good balance between protection and weight.
Great service and product
- 20/03/2019
Ordered on the Monday, delivered on the Tuesday. Great communication too. Chain looks solid. Recommended.
Secure chain, awesome service.
- 30/01/2019
I'm impressed with both the chain and the service.

Got the 1.5m 13mm and it feels solid and secure, especially in combination with the round lock. Reasonable compromise between weight and portability. Feels much more secure than similar priced items from competitors.

David is the best! He offered a lot of advice on the different security options and was super helpful answering my (maybe a bit too many) questions.
Great product, really helpful service
- 28/01/2019
The chain arrived promptly, looks exactly as advertised, and David was very helpful in giving a heads up about when to expect delivery, etc. Would highly recommend.
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