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Package Deal: Protector 13mm Chain, DIB D-Lock

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Package Deal: Protector 13mm Chain, DIB D-Lock Reviews for the product - Package Deal: Protector 13mm Chain, DIB D-Lock (Back to product)
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Fantastic product and service!
- 21/06/2022
Besides being a really sturdy lock, that is lightweight, I also want to highlight the level of service I received. I managed to lose my keys, yet kept the number tag that they came in with. The gentlemen over at security for bikes, managed to cut a spare key and it worked just fine. They did it quickly, adequately and with a reasonably price and where really lovely during our correspondence. Fantastic service!
[Pragmasis Comment: We're glad the new key worked and thanks for the feedback. All much appreciated.]
13mm Noose Chain 1.5m,DIB D Lock 130mm x 87mm
- 07/06/2022
Very pleased with this combination. The noose chain at 1.5m is just the right length to go round the foot-well of a Piaggio Liberty scooter and then use the DIB D lock to lock to another bike or post. Very helpful on the phone, good delivery and communication.
Very impressive
- 18/05/2022
I bought the 13mm package with the DIB D-Lock to secure my new bicycle. Very impressed with the items, all feel very substantial and very well made. I'm fairly confident this will deter any would-be thief, very happy.
Outstanding quality!
- 11/05/2022
I purchased a package deal comprising of a 13mm Protector chain and a 190mm DIB D-Lock. I'm using the Protector chain in combination with a RL21 Roundlock, (that I already had), around the rear wheel and swingarm of my bike and I'm using the DIB D-Lock to go through both of the front discs, thus securing both ends. The DIB lock fits very nicely under the seat giving me an extremely useful travel lock. The sheer quality of these products is self evident as soon as you unwrap them from the packaging, they are VERY well made indeed! This along with the exceptional customer service that I received means that I would not hesitate for a second to recommend this company and their excellent products!
[Pragmasis Comment: We are very glad you are pleased and thank you so much for bothering to say. We really appreciate it.]
- 06/10/2021
purchased the beefy bridge ground anchor and 13mm chain package with d lock tuesday lunch time and recieved today wednesday 5 oct great delivery,but before ordering i rang and spoke to david who offered fantastic advice on the right products to suit my requirements.faultless service from start to finish why go anywhere else to purchase security for your motorbike or bicycle.many thanks david,regards martin
Top quality
- 05/08/2021
Really impressed with quality of chain and D-lock. Very impressive level of security. Using noose which saves weight and of course cash. The chain has a good protective sleeve and will no doubt deter anyone wanting to steal. Great service and excellent support.
Secure Lock for a cargo bike
- 24/06/2021
I bought the 190mm DIB lock and 1.5m chain for a pedal cargo bike. After a lot of research on other brands I decided this was a product that would provide a decent level of security, rather than simply a deterrent. The lock seems to be of excellent quality and the chain is finished nicely in a black coating. Plus supporting a UK manufacturer with green credentials is a real pleasure. Very happy with this purchase, I have already recommended this brand to friends.
[ Pragmasis Comment: Thanks very much for your kind words. Yes, being as green as we can has always been important, and we are always very grateful for any and all recommendations. We get quite a lot of business like that, and we appreciate it every time. Thanks again :-) ]
Amazing chain, incredible service
- 21/05/2021
I normally don’t tend to leave reviews on products, but I felt genuinely compelled to on this occasion.

The chain is a sturdy f*cker, very secure and also easy to use. The D Lock is also extremely impressive, and I feel safe with these around my bike.

I will also add that the guys at Pragmasis are just SO nice. They correspond with you at each stage of delivery, and even messaged me to make sure I’d ordered correctly (which I hadn’t!!). Honestly can’t say enough nice things about the Pragmasis team, I shall be purchasing ALL my security gear from the lovely folks here!
Solid AF
- 17/05/2021
16mm x 2.5m noose chain plus U-lock and ground anchor delivered next day!

Straightforward install (with the resin anchors) and now my bikes are secure. At least without making a huge racket.

This review of the DIB U-lock clinched it.
All locked up
- 07/04/2021
Great service, and looks to be a great buy. Heavier chain than I expected in the 3 metre length, despite my research , but only adds to the sense of security. 3 bikes secured to a ground anchor. Very reassuring.
Great quality
- 25/03/2021
Needed to secure my new ebike and a couple of MTBs. This is more than up to the job. Heavy but still easy to handle. Went for noose option to use with the ground anchor. Works really well Thought 2.5 m would be plenty But just enough. Wish I’d gone for the larger size d-lock as it won’t go round the down tube.
Exceptional quality
- 19/02/2021
I wanted an additional layer of security for the bike at home plus a portable deterant that I can carry while out. Selected the 1.5m 13mm noose chain with dib lock. Arrived v quickly, the quality of both chain and lock are outstanding, plus I had some great security advice from David. Many thanks now my goto for bike security.
About as good as it gets for portable security...
- 17/10/2020
I opted for a 1.5m length 13mm chain with noose and the medium sized D lock, easily manageable to carry on my VStrom so an excellent compromise between portability and security. Service and help with the delivery was excellent, highly recommended...
Great products, Great service
- 05/10/2020
Bought DIB D-Lock with Protector 13mm chain and Shed Door Beef-up kit. Just waiting for delivery of Shed Shackle to complete the package. The products are real solid security kit and worth paying for quality for peace of mind. The service provided by the company is superb, happily offering great advice and updates on status of my order. The videos and links give so much useful guidance to help make purchasing choice for a secure setup.
Excellent product and service
- 23/09/2020
Bought a 3.5 meter chain with a noose chain to wrap around a concrete column in a garage and a D-lock to lock my Cargo bike. Excellent product - I feel very confident and secure about the lock setup
Seriously impressive
- 12/06/2020
Bought this package to secure my bicycle when on town or supermarket visits. It may be old and much repaired but I worked hard in my time to be able to pay for it.
I'm blown away by the standard of the chain and the lock, which, in my opinion, is far higher than alternative products that I've examined in national cycle stores. The items are very robust, but so am I. So, for me, their weight is not an issue. I'm convinced that any would-be thief would try easier pickings, like Fort Knox, than try to break this!
Pragmasis kept me fully informed at all stages of order progress; fantastic service in the current lockdown situation. The new delivery service was spot on too.
I'm really glad I picked Pragmasis for my security products
2m chain & d-lock
- 10/06/2020
The chain and d-lock arrived today. Whilst I hope to not need it, the quality of the chain & lock is evident in the finish and weight. I was recommended by a friend & would recommend to anyone.
The communication once the order was placed was spot on. Very minor thing - ditch the plastic cello tape!:) thanks great, quality product!
[Pragmasis Comment:]
Thanks for the suggestion. We're making multiple improvements to make our packaging more recyclable and more 'eco', but getting rid of the packing tape is tricky as the carriers actually don't want us to use the plastic strapping as the main alternative. HOwever, so much of our stuff is heavy and the strapping leps to stop the boxes getting damaged during transport and the tape has to play its role, too. It's a tricky one, but we are working on it. Thanks.
Impressed with Product and Service
- 27/05/2020
I ordered a 2m Protector 13mm Chain, DIB D-Lock size 130mm. I received comprehensive information about delivery and received the product when promised. I am very happy with both the chain and the D lock. I needed a "Sold Secure Gold" security system to comply with my insurance conditions this product is by far the best that I have seen whilst also being reasonably portable.
Brilliant portable security
- 15/05/2020
Got a 1.2m 13mm loop chain with the DIB D lock for portable security. It all fits perfectly in a Kriega US-5 pack.

Great service, great comms with next day delivery.

Highly recommended.
Impressive lock and chain
- 21/09/2019
My 13mm chain and D lock makes my previous Oxford lock and chain look rather inadequate. Good compromise between security and portability, as the chain is heavy but not too heavy to carry under the seat of my scooter.
Excellent customer service too.
- 14/09/2019
Excellent products, excellent customer service
Excellent Product, Excellent Customer Service
- 26/06/2019
Really impressed with this BEAST of a lock! I did my research on this one and I don't think you'll find stronger anywhere. Also, the team at Security for Bikes has been extremely efficient. Highly recommended from me.
Excellent Service j
- 31/12/2018
I ordered the 13mm chain and DIB D- Lock following an e-mail conversation with David Briggs who was excellent and very detailed in his advice. I had already ordered the 16mm chain and Roundlock to secure my 3 motorbikes in the garage. I wanted a lighter chain to secure my scooter at home and to carry when out and about on my bikes or scooter. I went for a 1.2 metre chain and D-Lock for maximum versatility. Flexible option and secure. Top service and quick delivery.
Protector 13 mm chain & DIB D-Lock
- 07/10/2018
I ordered this to secure my new E-MTB to a Torc ground anchor I previously installed.
Despite its "medium security" rating this is seriously heavy duty kit which should resist all but the most aggressive attacks.
The chain is so thick that it barely fits between the wheel spokes and as a consequence it does take a bit of time to maneuver into position, which is fine for me as I value security more than time.
If quick installation is important I would go for the 11 mm chain which is much more maneuverable.
Great Chain
- 28/06/2018
Already had a 19mm chain, but needed a daily carry chain. Bought the 13mm with noose end and DiB lock. Versatile chain enables many options to securing bike.
The DiB is a very substantial lock and feels secure in use. ***** Stars
Protector 13mm Chain and DIB D-Lock
- 17/03/2018
I ordered the 13mm chain and two D-locks for my MTB, which I use on a daily basis. I was originally going to purchase the 16mm chain but after some research I decided to go for the 13mm chain and I'm so glad that I did. I'm very happy with the chain and the D-locks, they are fantastic quality.

As I purchased two D-locks I chose the Keyed-Alike option, which is great, because I now only need to use one key for both locks.

The service and delivery was also great! I can highly recommend Pragmasis and their products.
Fantastic product with fantastic versatility.
- 29/12/2017
Ordered the 13mm chain and DIB lock lock after much thought and research. I wanted something really good, with a decent weight that i could use in most scenario's, which wasnt a waste of time in a 'test' like alot of the other brands.

This chain and combo is bang on. 13mm 1.5m long noose chain with the DIB lock. Using a generic set up, the chain would have to be atleast 500mm longer to be as useful, adding extra weight and bulk.

All extremely high quality and well worth the money. Fast delivery and customer support is brilliant. Whats not to like?

Certainly my first port of call in future.

Thanks very much.
Very good .looks confidence !!!
- 19/06/2017
Ordered this package with 2.5M chain
and noose option.
Also ordered the Squire SS80CS padlock
with the NW4 cilinder option.

Men what a padlock !!!

Can and will tell about your products!


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