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Package Deal: Protector 13mm Chain, Squire SS50CS Lock

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Package Deal: Protector 13mm Chain, Squire SS50CS Lock Reviews for the product - Package Deal: Protector 13mm Chain, Squire SS50CS Lock (Back to product)
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Returning Customer
- 23/05/2017
Very fast delivery of the 2m 13mm noose chain and Squire SS50CS today and a very impressive bit of kit it is.There again it is no surprise as we already have several of their products at home so I have purchased this for mobile security when our bikes are not safe in the garage with the Protector 16mm and the lovely Torc Ground Anchor.
Thanks Guys, will probably be back for more kit in the future
Perfect travel chain!
- 24/04/2017
I purchased this chain and lock with the noose end, so that I can chain my bike to my wife's when we're out together. It's ideal as a heavy duty chain for travel to deter casual thieves, and is easy enough to carry on the bike.
13mm and Squire lock deal
- 08/04/2017
Bough as a carry chain, 1.5mtr. still quite heavy and bulky, but does fit my Motrax lock carrier seat bag. looks solid, more so than anything else I have got (other than my 16mm Almax garage chain)Good info on site and a very quick service and delivery. Many thanks.
The Business
- 01/04/2017
I bought a 2M noose-ended version to give more securing options. Delivery was prompt. Right out of the box this chain and the Squire lock speak 'quality'. It's hefty, but not too heavy to be carried on the bike daily. Looks very formidable when in use! Highly recommended.
Great chain and lock for the price
- 25/03/2017
I bought this chain and lock combination with a 0.8 meter length. The package arrived within two working days, the 0.8 meter chain worked for my rear wheel and frame. But I needed a different setup, so I called Pragmasis and I returned it on the same day. I got my refund within 3 working days from the chain and lock returning to the Pragmasis returns address. Then I bought a longer chain and lock which arrived the next day. Excellent quality chain and lock, great customer service. What more could you ask for, will recommend to all my friends and family.
13mm Chain, Squire SS50CS Lock
- 23/03/2017
I bought this item as a carry chain for when out and about on my motorbike ,I am very pleased with the service from pragmasis,super fast delivery,great price and well made product. (Would definitely recommend)
Quality chain and lock package
- 16/03/2017
I bought from Pragmasis purely based on a number of excellent reviews online. My chain and lock combo arrived promptly, was well packaged and looks extremely tough. I hope I never have to test out it's security, but on looks alone I would hope that it would put of the casual miscreant!

I am heartened to see that the company puts effort into conservation and environmental work, this is a real positive for me. :)
- 13/03/2017
This chain is perfect for locking my bicycles to an anchor. Easy to thread through the frames, and looks really tough.

The 2m length works well for 2 bikes locked to a ground anchor. I could probably also lock 3 bikes with this amount of chain.
Superb product
- 22/02/2017
Have the Torc ground anchor with 13mm chain and SSCS50 Squire lock. Provides a high level of security whilst bike stored in garage. Excellent service from Pragmasis.
- 16/02/2017
Excellent product and service.
Unusual use
- 08/12/2016
Chain and closed-hasp padlock needed for securing an item inside a church. Discussed our idea with a very helpful man, by telephone, and was assured it would work.

Ordered on-line late one evening, informed of despatch of order next day and item delivered the following day. Price reasonable, service wonderful, instructional videos on web-site easy to follow and great advice.
Excellent product quality, good value
- 29/11/2016
I ordered a 2mtr protector chain & squire lock bundle. Product quality is excellent, ordered on a Friday morning, delivered on the Monday morning. Package bundle is good value for money.
Excellent product & great service
- 25/10/2016
Very satisfied with the quality of the chain and lock. The speed of shipping and quality of communications was great.
Flawless product and customer service
- 22/10/2016
I got a Protector 13mm Chain with Squire SS50CS Lock (1m20)

1 The Product:
After my bicycle being stolen a few weeks ago I wanted to regain peace of mind when I park my bicycle, especially with a new expensive machine. So I went for this product.
And I must say it is...impressive. I got it to secure my new bicycle and when I look around me at work, even the motorbikes' chains look fragile in comparison to it.
The lock is really tight with the chain so you can't cut the shackle.
Also the noose ring extends the possibilities of the chain. The chain comes in a very nicely fit chafe sleeve.
The packaging was also solid, it's just as good as the amazon parcels I'm used to receive.
All in all, the product is awesome, but what is even more is the customer service.

2 The customer service:
I've really been impressed by the customer service. At first I sent a mail like a message in a bottle. To my surprise it felt more like texting a friend.
I got exhaustive answers that just felt human in a matter of minutes.
The guys at Pragmasis / SecurityForBikes will make sure you get your product in due time.
Next purchase will be made nowhere but here.
Pure Quality
- 26/09/2016
No corners cut here. From the website through delivery, the products and fitting instructions, you can expect the best and you will not be disappointed.

I bought the shed shackle and later decided to go for the chain and lock combo to secure two bikes. They are solid, well made and easy to install.

A pleasure to do business with, highly recommended, top marks all round.
Excellent Service
- 13/09/2016
Ordered 13mm chain and lock late Friday afternoon and was contacted very quickly to apologise as not sent out that day. Sent out Monday and arrived Tuesday. A query was answered immediately. Product very substantial and look forward to having a securely locked bike.
- 31/08/2016
I ordered the 13mm Protector chain and lock yesterday afternoon, and was delighted with both the customer service (a personal email to say when it would be dispatched) and with the super quick delivery time. The chain itself looks to be substantially better quality than anything I have seen on the high street, whilst being no heavier. The delivery driver warned me that the box was heavy when he passed it over, but it was actually much lighter than I was expecting! Hopefully it will prove itself to be the ideal, manageable weight for portable use on my Honda CBF 125. I have already had one bike lifted, but thanks to Pragmasis I feel like I might not have to buy that pack of Rottweilers to guard my new one afterall. I can confidently say that I will be back for another to keep at work too :) Thanks guys!
Attempted Theft
- 11/08/2016
I could go on and on about how the chain and padlock looks sturdy but I think the best review could be left by the idiot who tried to steal my bike the other night although he would probably just leave a bunch of curse words here so I'll take over for him.

The chain held out valiantly, there are a couple of small 1-2mm deep marks on it where the thief tried to snap it with a bolt cutter with no luck. This is how the attempt stayed that, just an attempt. In his anger he did tear my front L plate off though but I think I can live with that loss.
Excellent product and service
- 31/07/2016
Great price and excellent product. Contacted pragmasis about a 16mm chain and lock for my bikes and they sold me the cheaper, but much more appropriate 13mm. Arrived next day and it makes abus chains and locks seem a little weedy and expensive. Really chuffed.
Very impressed!
- 27/07/2016
I just recently bought the Protector 13mm Chain & Squire SS50CS Lock combo. I have been incredibly impressed w/ the quality of the chain & the innovative yet simple noose chain, which allows me to use a shorter chain & thus be burdened by much less weight when traveling into town. I am also grateful for the very helpful information on how to best secure one's motorcycle. Thank you & much continued success! Christoph
Superior product and service
- 29/06/2016
After having my motorbike stolen from the car park at work, I was in the market for a secure 'travel' chain and padlock. I read the reviews here, I rang up and was given the best advice for my bike.
Product was received the following day, on time and I cannot emphasise enough what great quality it is. New bike at work, securely chained and everyone can tell it's mine due to the quality of this chain and padlock. And, the price is on par with, if not cheaper, than other 'well known' motorcycle chain/lock combo's. Thanks very much David!
VERY Secure Chain
- 06/06/2016
Not at all worried about leaving my bike in the car part at work now. Got the 2 metre 13mm chain it is very substantial. I wouldn't recommend it to carry around (it wasn't much fun bringing to to work) but to leave somewhere and know your bike will be there when you get back it's perfect.
Pure quality
- 05/05/2016
This product is exceptionally good (as are all the products I have bought from this company - 5 and counting). It might seem expensive but it is well worth paying a bit extra for such quality. On top of this, the customer service is as good as I have ever received anywhere. After foolishly mislaying my keys, they went to considerable lengths to wade back through past orders and isolate precisely which keys I had had cut, and order me a replacement pair, sparing my blushes (I would have had to break into my own shed to get at my bike). Can't recommend the product and the company highly enough.
Carry Chain
- 26/04/2016
Perfect for a carry chain. Much stronger than the equivalent from Oxford etc. Gives me piece of mind my bike will still be there when I get back!
Cycle security
- 10/04/2016
This is a great package for our road and mountain bikes. The 13mm chain offers good security without too much weight and the links fit between the down tube and rear wheel. The locks were amended to be the same as the same locks bought previously, meaning we just need one key for all of our bikes. Overall, a good final line of defence.
Great package deal
- 06/04/2016
This is just what I was after for my mountain bike security and the service and communication was excellent
Highly recommended
Excellent travel lock & chain
- 04/04/2016
I have bought a few things from pragmasis and their service has always been exceptional along with excellent quality products. In respect to this particular package 13mm chain and lock this is a perfect travel chain and lock and highly recommend. Well done Pragmasis keep up the good work!
Great Carry Chain
- 23/03/2016
I wanted a chain that I could carry with me on tour that was easy to handle and didn't weigh a ton. I initially looked at the 16mm with a Pin, but after many emails to and from David and taking measurements, it's just not practical for me to carry a long pin and a 16mm chain.

Although Pragmasis do state that the 13mm chain is not un-croppable, it makes a really good attempt at being virtually just that whenb attacked with huge hand held bolt croppers. Google a youTube video of a german test where a chap first breaks the blades in his 42" bolt croppers on the 13mm chain, and then puts in new blades for a second attempt which shears the bolt cropper jaws sideways rendering them useless. It literally left a small scratch on the surface of the link.

For me that is good enough for a motorbike carry chain.

Delivery was very quick and a 2m noose chain with a SS50CS lock fits easily into a small 10L Kriega pack attached to my pillion seat, with enough room in there for lots of other bits and pieces.

Make no mistake, if you have not seen a 13mm 'long-link' chain, it's still seriously impressive compared to the 'non profesional' chains sold elsewhere which are next to useless. Goodness knows what the 19mm must be like!

If you need a carry chain, why spend your money on rubbish elsewhere? Do yourself a favour and get one of these.
Excellent product and service
- 09/02/2016
This chain and lock are perfect together. Everything is top quality and service is excellent. Very quickly delivered, I'll be using again.
Solid product
- 05/02/2016
Malfeasants will be going for softer and easier targets.


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