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Package Deal: Protector 13mm Chain, Squire SS50CS Lock

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Package Deal: Protector 13mm Chain, Squire SS50CS Lock Reviews for the product - Package Deal: Protector 13mm Chain, Squire SS50CS Lock (Back to product)
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Don't delay, order today.
- 22/01/2016
It makes zero sense to secure a motorbike with any high street chain that claims to be "heavy duty" and only has criminal chain links the size of 9.5mm. A motorbike is worth hundreds and possibly thousands, again it makes zero sense to secure something of that value with a chain that could so easily be destroyed and your beloved machine easily taken. Security is cheaper than a new motorbike, do not think twice about purchasing a 13mm, 16mm or 19mm chain.

I will clarify that there's a great injustice in that firstly many riders, new riders mainly, do not and would not know about such companies as Pragmasis when walking into a high street motorbike shop to purchase the security for their first beloved motorbike and secondly is that their being lured into a false sense of security by investing in a chain that is not even fit for purpose to secure a bicycle with. I hope that anyone that purchases your average high street chain never has to learn the hard way and finds Pragmasis or alike before it's to late.

Until you see it yourself you will be unable to understand how much safer and beefier in size a 13mm chain link is in comparison to a 9.5mm link leaving you asking yourself "why have I waited this long to order one?" upon receiving this chain. Really, don't think twice and make it as hard as possible for a potential thief.

The chain was delivered in a surprisingly small box and is easy to carry around in a tailbag (one that is securely and safely mounted to the bike with little or no movement possible) while riding around without issues.

The SS50CS lock does not come with any form of protection for the lock hole itself so is exposed to weather elements and alike, not that your average lock cover is any good but is worth noting. No reflection on the lock itself and something I overlooked, not that I regret doing so, the lock is defiantly, and upon appearance at least, a better one than again the high street offerings.

13mm isn't recommended by Pragmasis for home security but is better than nothing, if you can only afford one chain and also need to carry it around then you have to weigh up the pro's and con's and what works for you. There's a reason not everyone carry's a 16mm chain around. 19mm, from what I've heard at least, is defiantly a no go as a transport chain.

One thing I was worried about upon ordering was would a 1m 13mm chain be the same size as a 1m 9.5mm chain, meanwhile if you're that worried you can email Pragmasis directly my 1.2m 13mm chain is just a little longer in size than my 1m 9.5mm chain.

A purchase that I'm glad that I made and hopefully one that shall never have to be put to the test, one that makes me feel more comfortable when I'm out and about at least.

Pragmasis customer service is spot on. One email shortly after buying on a Friday evening and then a following email when dispatched with tracking number, company sent through and all the details I could ever need. Would defiantly recommend both this product and company.

I know exactly where to look for my security in the future.

Portable chain with noose ring
- 27/11/2015
1.0 metre 13mm chain with noose ring. Very pleased with this for a solution as a carry chain; fits with lock and tools under my tiny pillion seat (2004 Yamaha R6). Very helpful email correspondence with David. Very, very prompt delivery. Highly recommended, many thanks. Wes.
just what i wanted
- 09/11/2015
brilliant service excellent product
Heavy duty
- 30/10/2015
This chain and lock (never seen a lock like this) is what I call.....really solid. I don't think you can find any better.

Impeccable service from Pragmasis, delivery took only two days to Belgium.
Perfect !!!
- 16/10/2015
I bought a 13mm chain ( 1,5 mt.) + Squire SS50CS Lock. They fit perfectly on my GS1200.
Great products and perfect customer service. I received the goods ( in Italy ) three days after having placed the order.
Exactly what I was after
- 07/10/2015
The chain and lock arrived today. Seriously solid - I don't fancy anyone's chances of cutting through it.

Service from Pragmasis was perfect - ordered yesterday, paid for morning delivery, and it was here by ten am.
Good product and service
- 25/09/2015
Very pleased with the 13mm chain/Squire SS50CS package, delivery as requested and the good communication.
13mm Noose end package deal
- 23/09/2015
Very helpful on the telephone with advice and guidance. Really prompt response and delivery first class
Great customer service.
- 20/09/2015
I ordered two identical chains of 1m length, however when they turned up one of them was shorter and less than 1m. I contected the company who immediately sent me another chain of correct length (and didn't require me to go through the hassle of sending the short one back).

Would happily order from them again. Pleased with the product and the service.
[Pragmasis Comment: The 13mm chain has link dimensions that mean the middle of a link comes at the 1.0m mark and in this instance we made the mistake of making one chain about 3cm under 1.0m, and the other around 5cm over 1.0m. Both were supposedly within our stated tolerance but we agreed that it was wrong to supply them at different lengths so we supplied a replacement ASAP that was cut on the next link. We are glad this resolved the issue.]
13mm chain, best in shed!
- 28/08/2015
Ordered 13mm chain and sc50cs lock 3pm received 8am next day,well impressed as I am with the lock and chain not seen anything that compares to it.
Protector 13mm and Squire package offer
- 14/07/2015
A very efficient delivery and very helpful staff in guiding me to the right security solution for my new electric bike.
Solid Quality Product, Good Customer Service
- 25/06/2015
13mm chain and lock arrived very quickly and feels like a very solid piece of kit that should provide a good deterrent, particularly when away from home. I emailed David prior to the order asking for advice on which chain would suit my needs and got a very detailed, helpful reply. Even my order acknowledgement email was personally typed and not automated.
I would definitely buy from this company again. Many thanks.
- 16/06/2015
Product arrived promptly and is of a fine quality, confident my bike is now safe.
sleeping tight
- 10/05/2015
I was planning a long time ago to move my road bike from my apartment to the garage. Although my garage is monitored 24/7 with cctv and has alarm I was reluctant to make the big step. This changed today. I got this chain, the torc ground anchor and the squire ss50cs lock and now I sleep tight.
Perfect for my needs
- 08/05/2015
Having seen an increasing number of thefts of mountain bikes around the semi-rural area that I live in, usually from 'secure' locations, I decided that it was time to invest in some additional security. I did quite a bit of research and kept coming back to the Protector range.

I considered going for the 16mm but the various reviews pointed me towards the 13mm and I'm glad that's what I finally decided on. What a serious piece of kit! I strongly suspect anything bigger would just be too much to handle when threading through several bike frames.

To be honest, the chain seems so well made and tough, combined with a padlock that's clearly as tough as old boots, that if anyone does get through all the external security, to be finally confronted by this, then I honestly think they'll give up and move on elsewhere.

The service from Pragmasis was excellent too. Ordered late Tuesday night, package turned up Thursday morning.

Not cheap but more than worth it in my view for some serious piece of mind.
This is the one you want!
- 02/05/2015
Sleep easy at night - very high quality and secure.

I got this to protect my new road bike in a garage using an existing ground anchor. It wraps around the rear wheels, the frame and the front wheel. It will also loop around the rear wheels and frames of two other bikes if needed.

Excellent phone advice and personal email response from David.

Ordered online at 2pm - delivered the next morning. Excellent service!
Fantastic Product and Marvellous Service
- 02/05/2015
Ordered from Germany on Friday morning, called David and asked to ship it out the same day as we would need it latest end of the next week. Result: delivered already on Tuesday - unbelievable!!! Writing this from my motorbike trip on Sicily I can sit back and relax, very happy with this convincing security product (1.5m Protector 13mm chain plus Squire SS50CS lock). That "fortress" will definitely secure my bike.
Many thanks to Pragmasis' David.
I love it
- 26/02/2015
I have this Chain + SS50CS for a "carry-chain" and a double doofer + 16mm Chain + Anti-Pinch-Pin + SS65CS for my "home-chain".

Best product and support on the market!
Good product for a bike
- 30/01/2015
I received the product on time. The chain and the lock are more impressive than I expected. A 16mm chain would have been too big for me to lock a bike hanged on a hook. I feel it protected enough with the 13mm version.
Swift and Secure
- 19/12/2014
Great advice and comms from David B. Online purchase was quick, easy and confirmed by personal email. Chain/lock package delivered at 10.30am next day. Chain, chain cover and squire lock are top quality. The 16mm package is ideal and not too heavy to carry. Highly recommend you use a piece of hose to pre measure the length of chain you need before purchasing. Will purchase more products for home security. Very impressed with overall service would highly recommend.
- 19/11/2014
Got the 19mm and then bought this to carry with me on my bike.

Went for the keys alike option for an existing lock, all ordered and delivered very quickly. A professional service!!!
- 12/11/2014
First of all, the customer service is top notch. Excellent communication via non-automated emails. I ordered the product very early Monday morning, and received it Tuesday in a sturdy box. The product, after reading the excellent review, does not disappoint. I cannot see how the links could be cropped at all, and the 'shoulders' on the lock are so tall it'd be impossible to crop that too. The price paid for such an excellent, British made product, with excellent customer service, feels like an absolute bargain!
Fantastic product and service
- 07/11/2014
Delighted with protector 13mm chain and lock, highly recommended for bike security. Superfast and reasonably priced delivery to Ireland.
Aberrant Product
- 16/09/2014
What I appreciated most about Pragmasis is the availability of expert knowledge shown on the site itself. I enjoyed not being 'sold' a product but rather informed.

Opening out of the box I was surprised. There is NO possible way you are going to miss hearing the thief's nervous thoughts--"hmm, this is a particularly sticky wicket" as he attempts to crop the chain (attempts). A truly prodigious security product. If you choose to invest elsewhere, then you have made a woefully uninformed choice given the evidence at hand. Feeling it for yourself, you know for certain it is the best decision you ever made for security confidence.

Many thanks to Pragmasis' Steve for your intelligible demonstrations. I will be back.
Top service
- 28/07/2014
Quick and friendly service, Always kept me up to date via e-mail to the state of my order. The chain is a beast and I'm really happy with it. Great value package deal with the Squire ss50cs padlock.
Look no further
- 23/07/2014
All three bikes locked with the 13mm and can't see them going anywhere - very happy! Speedy delivery and excellent service to boot. Will use again, highly recommended.
Bomb proof!
- 15/07/2014
After spending the best part of a Sunday researching the multitude of manufacturers & safety rating schemes listed online we tentatively settled on this product, ordering 2 x 3 meter chains for securing our bikes to the roof of the car, our concern being that we camp a lot & the bikes are to be left on the roof overnight as well as occasionally on the car when parked in remote spots while we walk instead of riding. The length was determined so that it would encompass both wheels and the frame AND pass round the other bike's frame. Doubling the chains was just to make pinching them a damned sight harder.

We placed the order (£304.50, ouch but as you will read, well worth it!) on Sunday. We received an update email Monday telling us Parcelforce would collect later that day. They arrived Tuesday! Excellent service & communication lads! As for the product - we've not tried them out yet, BUT they are very much what they say on the tin! I have the feeling that IF someone tried to steal these bikes, they will stand a better chance if they actually take the car too. Money well spent, bang on boys! Well done indeed!!!
Excellent service
- 24/06/2014
Can't say whether the chain works, but the information provided on the site, and the superb personal comms following an order, are both reasons to come back to Pragmasis and recommend to friends.
Great idea
- 24/06/2014
I live in a low-crime area and have kept bikes in my shed for years, but this gives me peace of mind that my shed security is likely to be that bit better than my neighbours'. It's got to be better than locking my bike to a lawnmower!

Excellent service from Pragmasis, and I will recommend them to others.
Perfect for my bikes
- 30/04/2014
Great for MTBs and other bicycles.
Large range to choose from! Perfect fit for every situation. In my case I have secured the bikes with an anchor on the roof.

Service and client communication is also best!!
Fast delivery too!

Ordering products at Pragmasis you can’t do anything wrong!


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