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Package Deal: Protector 13mm Chain, Squire SS50CS Lock

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Package Deal: Protector 13mm Chain, Squire SS50CS Lock Reviews for the product - Package Deal: Protector 13mm Chain, Squire SS50CS Lock (Back to product)
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Superb Quality
- 23/03/2012
My chain/lock have arrived as promised - thanks for the good service and option of post office pick up. It worked for me as I do shifts so am never about for deliveries !

The chain is excellent and seem far better made and much more manageable - due to the shape of the links - than my existing 14mm Kryptonite bike chain ... not to mention a whole lot lighter. Dare I say your chain seems better made than my Almax motorcycle chain ... and that is very good.

Overall extremely impressed with the quality of the chain and lock together with the service - answering emails with queries late into the evening is more than I expected.

I would happily recommend your products to anyone ...

Thanks again.
Top quality product, top quality service
- 24/04/2012
From the regular order progress emails, to the prompt delivery, the service I've received has been flawless.

The website pictures hadn't adequately prepared me for the sheer mass of the 13mm chain, it's a behemoth! As chain and padlock are being used to protect bicycles, I'm glad that I heeded the advice to go no larger than a 13mm chain.

The padlock seems quite modest in comparison to the chain, but it looks to be well designed and well made.

I hope that the chain and lock are never tested in anger, but I suspect they are more than man enough for the job.
- 08/05/2012
Great value product, reassuringly robust. Probably a little too heavy to carry around on the bike, but in conjunction with a quality ground shackle means that the bike can be left in the garage with more peace of mind than the cable lock it replaced. Service is fantastic and well communicated impressed I've ordered the 8mm set and bag as a carry lock. Thoroughly recommended.
Substantial Protection at a reasonable price
- 03/06/2012
Purchased this to 2 bikes on my flat balcony. Was surprised when the chain arrived just how substantial it is (13mm). This is a 'Sold Secure' Bicycle Gold standard package and it certainly looks and feels the business. I have since taken the bikes on the balcony off the insurance policy - good luck to any bike thieves who try to take the bikes. I also opted for a slightly longer chain length (2.5M vs. 2M) as this chain has to wrap around balcony railings and then 2 bikes. Was very impressed with the customisation option - you don't get this with big brands like Kryptonite. Delivery and communication post-delivery was very good.
Behemoth of a chain.
- 07/06/2012
This is one serious chain and compared to other locks / chains available elsewhere, represents great value for money.

I'm hoping that this chain will never have to be tested in anger, but, I'm sure one look at this beast will have any potential thief just say to themselves "stuff that" and off they'll go.

The 2m length fits nicely through my floor anchor and round 2 bikes in a figure of eight. So that's 2 bikes 'thief proof' for the price of one. Ace!!!

The finish of the chain is of a very high quality and the thick protective cover reassures that you wont be damaging the paintwork on your pride and joy (just be careful not to bash your frame with the exposed end links).

For just over £110 with a quality padlock and next day delivery this is a proper bargain. Beat the thief get one of these.
Impressive chain and padlock
- 02/07/2012
This chain is quite something. Heavy, solid, certainly looks as if it would take some work to do any damage to it! Padlock appears to be equally impressive. Great service - I was kept updated by email. Questions answered helpfully when I phone after 5 on Saturday before I purchased. Very happy customer.
Outstanding Product and Service
- 09/07/2012
The pictures are deceiving - this is a very heavy chain and lock (the look on the face of the lady at the post office was a picture when she tried to lift the "small" box!). 13mm is big enough for cycle spokes, just - I wouldn't want to go any bigger. I'm not sure how portable this is either. I certainly wouldn't want to carry it with me (luckily that wasn't why I bought it).

Overall: Excellent product which I think would put up a good fight if it was ever tested in anger.
Fantastic All Round
- 14/07/2012
Recently been a victim of bicycle theft and I want to keep the replacement. This chain and lock has restored my confidence to use my bike and find it were I left it.

Carbon frame, so I take my time threading the chain between spokes and dropouts etc.

Excellent service all round. Arrived before 9 the next day following ordering.
Beast of a chain
- 16/08/2012
Totally underestimated the size of this chain, top quality product with excellent service
Protector 13mm chain and padlock
- 31/08/2012
Ordered yesterday and delivered before noon today.

The quality of the chain and padlock is superb. It makes the chains and locks available from on the "high street" look over priced and rather inadequate by comparison.

I will definitely recommend to others.
Great product & great service
- 05/09/2012
As the result of a long story that I won`t embarass myself with here I called in a local locksmith to crack my chain, padlock and ground anchor setup. After several looks at the chain and anchor before dismissing them he attempted to pop the lock first by picking then attacking them. 2 hours and all his hardened drill bits were broken, his drill batteries were burnt out and used up and he had worked up a heavy sweat. He left shaking his head saying "best thing I`ve ever seen". Another hour and more drill bits and sweat and tears I cracked the padlock. No attempt made on the chain and ground anchor as they were impenetrable.

All this accompanied with some wise words and advice from Stephen followed by help when replacing. Not something I want to do again but good to know whoever else tries will have exactly the same trouble.
Excellent product and service
- 13/09/2012
The chain looks very well made, and is clearly strong. The lock is also very well made.

Pragmasis were very helpful and quick to reply to my pre-sale question.
13mm chain plus lock package
- 19/09/2012
Ordered on a Sunday evening - arrived Tues morning. Great communications from Pragmasis.

The 13mm chain is huge. Certainly good enough for bikes. I doubt you'd get a thicker one through the spokes in any case - you would not want to drop this chain on a carbon frame.

I got 3m and this was spot on to go through 4 wheels 2 frames and onto an anchor point in the garage.

I definitley recommend getting a piece of rope to trial the locking position and remember to add a bit on as the chain takes up more room than you think.

The lock looks pretty tasty, it would never be cropped there is just no room to get a tool in there.

Remember to keep the lock off the floor - you don't want anyone to be able to pound it with a hammer on a concrete floor.
Fast efficient and secure
- 01/10/2012
Fast delivery and looks like it will be very secure - 13mm chain size is pretty much the biggest that would fit through my spokes.

The padlock is very nicely engineered - but note it won't hold two 13mm links at once so you need to thread one link into another and then attach the lock on the single link.

Also got the extra ring on the end - seems useful as I wrap the chain around a structural building column through the loop then around the bike.
Reassuring measure
- 04/10/2012
I purchased the 13mm chain and lock as a package deal back in August after our mountain bikes were stolen. Used on its own or with a ground anchor it is a very reassuring line of defence against theives. The chain is quite heavy, but once looped around 3 bikes (I have a 2m chain), she can quite manage taking her bike in and out as she doesn't need to lift the whole thing. It is not something to carry around with you! The sleeve cover is robust and doesn't damage the frames. The lock is also very solid and has a very smooth mechanism making it easy to operate. Both chain and lock arrived promptly and very well packaged for something of that size and weight.
I'm confident that as a final line of defence, this chain and lock are enough to make all but the most determined theives look elsewhere.
13mm chain and padlock plus D locks
- 02/11/2012
Very good well considered advice from Stephen on the various chains and padlocks - used both on their own and in combination with D locks, for cycles of different value in different situations of risk, and for bike frames of different patterns ie. both conventional diamond pattern and non-diamond folding. Advice on locking methods, taking into account (re the chain choice) wheel size/spoke gap, and the combinations available with a mixture of locking kit to choose from also provided. Prompt delivery next day as promised. Products look very good and of high quality permitting me a choice depending on bike selected and the risk it will be exposed to on the day. So in summary: Quality products, and a refreshingly excellent service coupled with an excellent informative website.
13mm lock and chain - excellent
- 15/11/2012
I chose the 13mm for "out and about" duties as well as garage security for my motorbikes. Very reassuring quality, good service and next day delivery.
A good carry chain
- 20/11/2012
I decided to buy this chain as an carry chain. The 13mm chain fits good to my scooter and much easier to handle compared to my 19mm chain. I feel alot safer with this, quality is the primary thing, and this chain beats other brands in the same size league or even bigger. The price is very good and I would highly recommend this to other people.
Providing assurance
- 28/11/2012
Received the chain and lock on Tuesday morning, ordered it on Sunday evening.
The weight of the chain & lock has given me assurance that any attempt to steal a bike will only be met with frustration on the part of the thieves.
Peace of mind
- 07/12/2012
Thank you, great service, arrived the next day and so far is doing it's job of protecting a mountain bike at uni!
Suprisingly Quick Service
- 22/12/2012
I rang late Friday afternoon to discuss the product, order it on-line and it arrived the next morning! I'm an engineer and researched various chains before buying this one. The 13mm chain appears very chunky and don't think I could cut it without using some form of big noisy power tools. After seeing the 13mm perhaps the 11mm might do for most applications.
- 16/01/2013
Sent me a chain and key matched padlock within 5 days. Ace service thanks
13mm chain with padlock
- 20/01/2013
Delivered quickly, helpful website with as much info as you could need, chain is as described and 'touch wood' while I haven't had to test its security, it is certainly more robust than options I could find in the shops.
Excellent advice - bike looks really secure now
- 06/03/2013
Thanks to Steve for the excellent advice, I received 4 emails throughout the process, each time with more detailed advice. Went with 13mm 1.5m package & 11mm 0.8m package (which I will use out and about with my Vaude lock bag). If you want to pinch my trusted steed, you'll be better taking the banister away, then, you'll have a time getting the chains off Mr Thief!
Great service, and even better product
- 13/03/2013
The service was great, with fast and helpful responses to emails. On the chain itself, the photos don't do it chains justice. The 13mm chain feels huge, and is a great deterrent. I’d imagine most thieves would just look for another bike to steal than put the effort into trying to cut this one!
Follow up review after attempted theft
- 14/03/2013
Just to say that I had my reasonably secure shed broken into and the thieves were foiled by the chain and lock - even as a simple visual deterrent. I might need a new shed door, but my bikes were safe.
The most important thing here has been Steve's advice throughout the purchase of these and my anchor, and even after this recent attempt when I sought his advice for additional measures should they come back with proper tools. Really, really top service and I wouldn't hesitate to recommend these guys and their products to others.
Great service
- 15/03/2013
Great heavy duty chain, even if larger diameter linked chains are available. Would've liked the option of the ss65cs, but the 50 will do for now. Delivered the next day, very happy with the servise provided. Would recommend to others and will be back to buy more, as and when needed. Thank you.
Excellent Protection & Peace of Mind
- 28/04/2013
We (myself, wife and daughter) have been using this combination for a couple of years and have found them to be excellent for securing our three £3,000 mountain bikes together. They are easy to use and give total peace of mind when chaining the bikes up in exposed public areas.

Be warned however that the chain and lock are HEAVY. if using at home there is no issue but I would caution against using too long a length if you need to cycle with the lock and chain in tow. 0.8m is probably the ideal length/weight if you have to cycle with the lock and this chain.

If you cycle to work then perhaps have one set at your home and keep another (keyed alike) set at your workplace so that you don't have to cycle with the lock and chain. A more expensive set up certainly but one that works and protects your bike without question. This gives the benefit of being able to use longer lengths of chain w/o the drawback of weight.

You could alternatively use the 11mm chain and SS50CS lock (yes I have this set up as well) which is excellent for that quick trip to the shops or if your cycle is one of the less expensive models.

The service from Pragmasis has been excellent over the two years I have been buying from them and they have always given me clear advice when I asked for it and sometimes even when I didn't :) The goods always arrive on time and as ordered. It is a pleasure doing business with them.
Package Deal: Protector 13mm Chain, Squire SS50CS Lock
- 01/06/2013
This lock and chain is more than enough security for your bike. Excellently engineered and top rate materials along with brilliant customer service from Steve. Using this item with a On Gaurd 19mm U-lock so had to buy a better quality bag to carry the extra load (Osprey Escapist 30L back pack. NICE.
Thanks Steve for your help and peace of mind.
Peace of mind
- 02/06/2013
Having both the wife's and my expensive road bikes in a wooden shed is a worry.

But now both bikes are fixed to the concrete floor with a ground anchor and 13mm protector chain a lot of that worry has gone.

This is one serious chain we ordered the 2metre length and padlock and we are well pleased.
It goes through both bikes easily and is fairly easy to handle but it is far too heavy to take on a ride we will need to order a smaller 11mm for that.

Overall we are very happy with the product and service we received and would definitely recommend Pragmasis
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