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Package Deal: Protector 19mm Chain, Squire SS80CS-NW4 Lock

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Package Deal: Protector 19mm Chain, Squire SS80CS-NW4 Lock Reviews for the product - Package Deal: Protector 19mm Chain, Squire SS80CS-NW4 Lock (Back to product)
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Monster chain and lock
- 14/07/2021
Purchase this chain and lock combo together with the 22mm and SC100 lock.
After a theft attempt I got a bit scared and only wanted to go for the best stuff on the market.
These are big and look rock solid.
Thanks again to David for being very supportive throughout the whole purchase and delivery process.
Highly recommended!
- 01/04/2021
Product is quality.
Like everything in life, you get what you pay for.
Fantastic after sale service.
You can buy with confidence
Superb products - complete peace of mind
- 10/12/2020
I chose the Pragmasis Protector chain to fit with the Pragmasis Shed Shackle, and having the saving combining the Protector with the superb Squire 80 padlock was a no brainer.

Both chain and lock are hefty units and substantially heavy! Any attempts at cutting through would require serious cutting equipment and create a great deal of noise and commotion in the event of an attempted theft. Hopefully the presence of both chain and lock are enough of a deterrent to ward off even the seriously determined bike thieves and make them quit before attempting to remove wither and steal my bike.

The heavy duty nylon (?) sleeve encasing the Protector chain is also high quality, looks great and allows the chain to slip through my property and Pragmasis Shed Shackle without leaving a mark on either.

The Sold Secure status has helped lower my insurance premiums and both these immensely tough products offer a great deal of satisfaction in knowing my property is highly protected.

Brilliant design. Highly recommended.

[Pragmasis Comment: Thanks again for your kind words. All much appreciated.]
Not messing around!
- 16/09/2020
I got the 1.5m 19mm protector chain and SS80CS-NW4 lock, 15KG combined peace of mind.
Fantastic product
- 22/06/2020
I got the 19mm chain with the Squire SS80CS-NW4 padlock. It arrived exactly on time and it is everything they say it is. The chain is super heavy duty and the padlock matches it and more. Anytime I ever need something like this again, I'll only use this site. Also had a slight issue with my order and they were kind and honest enough to contact me before accepting the payment to make sure it was what I wanted. Will highly recommend this site to anyone in need of the products they sell.
Very good indeed
- 27/07/2019
Great advice on the phone regarding choice of product.
Extremely solid system at a very fair price.
All Chained Up
- 09/05/2019
Great product package and now I can sleep easier knowing my new bike is secure.
A security chain beast!!
- 09/11/2018
Born again biker trying to prevent my new bike from being added to the statistics so was advised to look for a 19mm chain with a decent lock.
Phoned Pragmasis following some internet research and was more than happy to order on the spot. Delivery was within 2 days and would happily recommend this product along with the service received from Pragmasis
great high grade chain
- 04/07/2018
Having suffered a motorcycle theft for the first time in a 30 year m/c career, I purchased this item to secure my replacement bike at my place of residence, a flat complex in greater London . its a heavy piece of kit so is not ideal for security on the move. Its best placed for over night protection to a fixed point . Only the most determined thief would go for the bike now and short of creating a serious racket with a high spec grinder, its going to stay where it should . serious quality. highly recommended
- 08/01/2018
Ordered in the middle of Christmas, got a response right away that it might take a bit of time for it to arrive. Quick and unproblematic delivery. 5 stars. Very satisfied.
Excellent Product
- 04/01/2018
The title of this review says all you need to know. having spent several weeks looking at various products, reviews and recommendations I kept coming back to this range of chains. so I bit the bullet and purchased a pacakage deal with the padlock.

I live in a flat so my bike is parked in an open car park to the rear. I used to jump at the sound of vehicles entering the car park or any other suspicious sound at night, which they all were. As I was constantly worried that my bike would be stolen. Since getting this product I don't even bother whatever the sound I hear. It really is that heavy duty there is no way my bike is going unless they roll up with some serious industrial construction site worthy kit! at which point everybody around would be awake. In other words this chain and lock is immense, bullet proof, indestructible etc. you get the idea.

Enough of that now lets look at the chain and lock itself.

quality; the quality is very, very good the welds are smooth and well finished as perfect as chain could be. The quality and build of the lock is also excellent.

usability; the chain and lock at this size is heavy, very heavy do not buy the 19mm as a carry round chain it is just too big, but do stick with the protector series perhaps consider a smaller 16mm chain check the weights and your carrying capability.

Cost; on the face of it the cost seems a lot. but it is not it is a one of payment and the chain will last a life time. And give you a life time of peace of mind. It is with out a doubt worth every penny.

To sum up you will only be at the point of reading this review if you are serious about security, whatever you need it for. if you're at this point then this is the product for you. so waste no more time spend the cash and buy this product, I guarantee you will not be disappointed.
Peace of mind
- 14/11/2017
I bought this package and the Torc Ground Anchor to secure a cargo e-bike when parked at home. Excellent product and quality. It gives me peace of mind when I'm at work and bike is at home. A happy customer.
Proper Heavy Chain , Real Deterrent!
- 21/10/2017
Purchased the big 19mm x 2.5 with the big Squire SS80CS-NW4 lock , my god that is a big chain, plus the beefy bridge ground anchor . If you value your wheels , this is what you need to stop the scumbags out there . GREAT PRODUCT
The Chain to End All Chains
- 09/06/2017
I ordered this chain and lock combo because I live in a high risk theft area and ride a valuable machine. The chain as absolutely monstrous and is very heavy! The lock is a real beast too. I'm very confident that my bike will be secure. I was so impressed I took the chain and lock into work (via car, too heavy for the bike!) to show some biker work colleagues. I think Pragmasis will have some more customers coming their way!
Absolutely awesome
- 16/05/2017
Purchased and fitted this package last week. Fitting instructions and the kit supplied were most comprehensive and easy to follow. I am so pleased with this and feel a lot happier that my new toy is secure when I am not riding or staring at it !! Customer support was brilliant too, cannot be faulted.
- 18/04/2017
The 19mm chain has arrived in one single day !!! Everything was as requested, even the cylinder nw4 on the padlock. The chain's like the one that e ships have, and discourages every thief just by looking at it! :)
Thanks to Pragmasis and their good work. Hello to all of you from Italy!
Unbelievable bit of kit!
- 28/03/2017
This chain is an absolute monster, as is the padlock!
Can't believe the sheer size and quality, makes my oxford chains look like mere necklaces from primark!
Would highly recommend if you have and type of motorcycle, plant or anything of high value!
Awesome 19mm Chain and Lock
- 30/01/2017
I have never seen such a big Chain and Lock! If you like to secure your bike, THIS is the absolute right thing for it! :)

The service from securityforbikes
is perfectly!!
Sleep well at night....
- 06/09/2016
...with this animal of a chain and padlock combination. I knew something was up when I went to the post office to collect my order. The guy behind the counter said "come in and get it, it weighs a ton" And yes it does, but more importantly the size, quality and heft of the chain and lock, means that I sleep well with all my bikes protected by something that even with just a glance would make most dodgy types just walk away.

Of course I haven't tested it, but it's so incredibly substantial it would need serious equipment to get through. Highly recommended if you value piece of mind. And while the product description mentions it - it's worth saying the package is absolutely non-portable. When the chain is unwrapped and loose it's like dealing with a metallic, lead filled python, while the lock is like more like a brick of lead. None of which is a complaint.

Order/despatch was quick and reliable & David on hand for advice. I've just purchased a 13mm combo for travelling.




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