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About Pragmasis and SecurityForBikes

Pragmasis Manufacturing BaseSteve Briggs of Pragmasis: Manufacturers of Sold Secure and Police approved security chains, ground anchors and more - We make stuff here in the UK and are proud of it!

Pragmasis started out in 2003 after an attempted theft of our motorcycles left us looking for new security – but we couldn’t find anything that met our criteria.  We went on to design, manufacture and retail the award-winning Torc ground anchor, the Protector range of security chains, the Shed Shackle, the Anti-Pinch Pin and more innovative and practical security products.

Quality, reliability and customer service are our priorities and always have been. We manufacture in the UK to strict specifications so we can sleep at night, confident that we are producing top-quality products in a reliable and ethical way, and at the same time, we are supporting local companies and the UK manufacturing industry.

We do not rubbish other companies' products but allow our products to be judged as they are, with independent certifications from Sold Secure and the Police for corroboration. We do not give thieves instructions on how to steal, even when we know how to defeat many products that are on the market. We do not pretend to be a customer when we make comments on Internet forums. We trade and behave honestly.

We offer no-nonsense explanations of the strengths and weaknesses of our products so you can make your own decision as to what might suit your needs. We do not pretend that every product is the best. We do not resell products from all and sundry just to make more money. We only sell products that we are happy with. Profit is not the main driving force!

We respect our customers and we respect the environment, and we have good environmental credentials. As well as using renewable energy in our own home and office (solar panels and wood-burning stove), we are also active in the field of wildlife conservation.

Indeed, much of the reason for running the security business has been to help fund another passion of ours: an ancient woodland wildlife site close to our home called Alvecote Wood – full of ancient trees, coppice, ponds, wildflower meadows and a new 9-acre native woodland called Betty’s Wood.  We love our planet, and put both our money and time where our mouth is in trying to preserve this beautiful wildlife site for future generations.

Steve Briggs on a BikeSarah showing how it's done!

Sarah Walters was the other director of Pragmasis and as well as having been married to Steve Briggs, she got him into bikes ...and then bike security! Sarah is pictured above on the right, with Steve in the photo on the left. Sarah made a big mark in her career as a doctor. This is because she suffered from cystic fibrosis, a serious health condition. Indeed, she was given just two years to live when she was twelve! Very sadly, I'm afraid Sarah passed away on 8th April 2018 after complications associated with cystic fibrosis. She would have been 60 in October. Her health problems repeatedly made her life difficult at times but they also shaped her character. She was the first person in the UK with cystic fibrosis to qualify as a doctor and to go on to become a consultant and a Fellow of two Royal Colleges of medicine. She was awarded an OBE in 2004 for Services to Medicine and she continued for many years to help many other people with cystic fibrosis and with other serious medical conditions, sometimes by showing them there is a life with serious illness and you can achieve things to be proud of. There is more information about Sarah and cystic fibrosis on her personal web site:


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