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Security and crime prevention - General
Security and crime prevention - Bicycles
Security and crime prevention - Motorcycles
Security and crime prevention - Off-road motorcycles
Security and crime prevention - Caravan
Security and crime prevention - Street Furniture
Advanced motorcycle training - Road
Advanced motorcycle training - Track
Advanced car driving - Road
Advanced car driving - Off Road
Motorcycle organisations
Local Engineering Subcontractors

Security and Crime Prevention - General

Contact your local Crime Prevention Officer:

Government advice on crime reduction measures and initiatives.

CrimeStoppers is a charity dedicated to reducing crime, including for anonymous reporting of crimes.

Listings of products approved by Sold Secure

The Crime Prevention Website has a wide range of crime reduction advice relating to a variety of situations and delivered in a friendly and informative way.

Security and Crime Prevention - Bicycle

See our dedicated section about cycle security advice.

There is also a detailed and helpful review of our Protector chains and various locks on BikeLockWiki.

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Security and Crime Prevention - Motorbike

Home Office Steer Clear of Bike Crime Leaflet

Home Office Top Ten Motorbike/Scooter Tips

Thames Valley Police have a page giving advice on motorbike security. This includes the following set of quick security tips:

  1. Get a security device, use it and make sure you keep your keys with you.
  2. Always put the steering lock on.
  3. Try to use a designated motorcycle parking place with a stand and security loop.
  4. If you have a garage, fit strong locks and invest in a ground anchor.
  5. Mark the main areas of the motorcycle with either the registration number or your post code, and keep a record of what you have marked.
  6. Purchase a good immobilizer, preferably one that is approved by your insurance company and is either Thatcham or Sold Secure approved.
  7. Cover your motorcycle if at all possible.
  8. Do not leave items such as helmets or other possessions with your bike.
  9. Keep your keys safe and hidden at home.
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Security and crime prevention - off road motorcycles

Trials, Moto Cross and Enduro bikes are more difficult to trace when stolen, so they attract more interest from the thieves.

These bikes are not normally registered with the DVLA but you can register them, and it is free to do so. This means that both the engine and frame numbers will then show up on both the police and DVLA systems. The motorcycle will be issued with a "Q" plate but you do not have to fit it providing that it remains off-road as intended.

Give the DVLA a call and make your bike just a little bit more secure.

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Security and Crime Prevention - Caravan

Home Office Top Ten Caravan Tips

The Caravan Club offers advice and services to caravan users. (Note: some content is restricted to club members only.)

More general caravan security advice from Calor

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Security and Crime Prevention - Street Furniture

We are pleased to be associated with the Cyclehoop bicycle stand, which is an innovative design that clamps onto signposts and can be installed in minutes. This stops locked bicycles being lifted over street signposts and is being trialed by multiple councils in London.

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Advanced Motorcycle Rider Training - Road

The following road riding training organisations are all run by current or retired Police officers. These Police-trained experts are able to give advice on your riding to improve your safety and your confidence. Your enjoyment increases as a result! Remember: The single most effective performance improvement you can make is to train the rider!

BikeSafe is a national initiative that provides genuinely friendly and constructive advice from Police motorcyclists supervising members of the public. Highly recommended.

Mick Wheatley's 4-day OxOCN NVQ Level 3 Course is highly recommended.

UK Advanced-Ride Drive Advanced Motorcycle Training have similar Police-trained instructors, offering training for normal road riders and for instructors.

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Advanced Motorcycle Rider Training - Track

The California Superbike School is the best track training school in the world. Get personal instruction on track riding from current and ex-racers following the legendary Keith Code style of explanation and teaching. Many race techniques (but not all!) translate to road riding and can further improve your skill, safety, and enjoyment. Remember: The single most effective performance improvement you can make is to train the rider! Highly recommended.

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Advanced Car Driver Training - Road

The Ride Drive organisation of Police-trained instructors provides advanced car driving instruction for drivers of normal runabouts up to supercars.

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Advanced Car Driver Training - Rally & Off-Road provide expert and friendly tuition on car control for all drivers from the nervous novice to competition veterans. Highly recommended.

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Motorbike-Related Clubs and Organisations

The Ixion mailing list has a great depth of expertise in road and track riding and freely given advice on all things motorbike, and a lot of things that are nothing to do with motorbikes at all! Highly recommended. (Not for the squeamish or easily offended!)

The British Motorcyclists' Federation, or BMF, works to protect the interests of motorcyclists everywhere.

The Amateur Motor Cycle Association, or AMCA, promotes off-road motorcycle sports including motocross, enduro, trials and scrambles.

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Engineering Subcontractors

The following organisations are highly recommended subcontractors and suppliers that we are proud to use for various aspects of our manufacturing. Support British engineering!

Armstrongs Blacksmiths & Engineers: ISO9002 certified industrial blacksmiths and engineers - The proprietor of this subcontractor won the first international blacksmiths' competition and has provided very valuable guidance on several aspects of our manufacturing processes, as well as the team manufacturing various difficult components used in our products.

CW Fasteners: Broad range fastener and anchor stockists and suppliers offering an unusually deep stock of high grade engineering fixings, tools and comsumables. Supporting high calibre suppliers!

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