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Anti-Pinch Pin

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Anti-Pinch Pin from Pragmasis/SecurityForBikes.comProtecting your motorbike from being stolen by thieves with a large, secure chain is critical, but many bikes don’t have enough space on them to thread a sturdy chain. Some motorcyclists use thinner chains that are far easier to cut, whilst some put a thicker chain just through a wheel (but this doesn't stop a thief from taking the bike and leaving the wheel behind!). That can also leave the wheel vulnerable to damage from the chain.

Our Sold Secure Certified Anti-Pinch Pin continues to be a simple but effective solution to this problem since it was first launched in 2007. Our thick steel bar will often fit through the main chassis of the bike, or through your rear wheel axle if it is hollow and large enough (e.g. on many BMWs, Ducatis, etc). You can then use a much thicker chain that you slide onto the Pin with the combination secured with a compatible padlock locked onto the recess machined on the shaft. The Pin - also backed by Police Approval - becomes an extension of the chain loop and you have now created a much stronger deterrent against any potential thief!

Super Dooper Anti-Pinch Pin from Pragmasis/SecurityForBikes.comThe Pin is also very popular for people that find that passing a heavy chain through the heart of the bike is too awkward - The Pin can simply make it easier for you to obtain the required level of security. If that helps you to use your security, every time you should, then the Pin is worthwhile even for bikes where you could manage without!

We offer Pins in several lengths and variants to suit a variety of situations, with different padlocks required according to the variant chosen.

Note that some bikes have particular requirements and unfortunately some are not campatible at all, despite the wide range of options we manufacture. Check our Bike Suitability information to ensure an Anti-Pinch Pin will work for your circumstances.

Anti-Pinch Pin from Pragmasis/SecurityForBikes.comIf your bike doesn't need a Pin at all because you can thread your intended chain through the heart of the bike (not just the wheel!), and if that is practical for you to do it every time, then you likely don't need a Pin and maybe better off not using one. If, however, your bike doesn't have sufficient clearance for the chain you require, or if it is plain awkward to thread it through, then one or other variant of Anti-Pinch Pin might help. We have been manufacturing the Pin for over 15 years in an effort to help bikers lock their bikes properly. We have always hated selling a big and beefy top-quality chain to a customer that is unable to use it properly because the chain is simply too big to fit. Conversely, we don't like to encourage customers to downgrade the chain they choose purely because of a mechanical incompatibility. Far better, in our opinion and when geometry allows, to offer a more refined and often more ergonomic option: The desired chain with a Pin working as an adaptor to get round the problem with dimensions.

This video gives an overview of our Anti-Pinch Pin and also introduces the Super Dooper Anti-Pinch Pin, an upgraded version described below.

Anti-Pinch Pin Variants

Alongside our original Anti-Pinch Pin, we have other variants that offer even higher security.

Each variant is only suitable for use with certain locks and chains. Other locks will not fit! Chains must have the required internal clearance to fit over the shaft. This typically means a minimum chain gauge (steel thickness) of 16mm.

Super Anti-Pinch Pin

The Super Anti-Pinch Pin features extremely tough Tungsten Carbide inserts that significantly increase resistance against angle grinder attacks, plus a thicker head. Grinders are not commonly used as they are so noisy and obvious but we can offer the Super Pin as an option when they are a concern. The padlock required for the Super Pin is still the Squire SS65CS or SS65CS-XLN, the same as is required for the standard Anti-Pinch Pin. The Super Anti-Pinch Pin is recommended for use with a 19mm gauge chain.

Super Dooper Anti-Pinch Pin from Pragmasis/ Super Dooper Anti-Pinch Pin

The Super Dooper Anti-Pinch Pin is our latest design, featuring the same great Tungsten Carbide inserts as the Super Anti-Pinch Pin but with the steel shaft thickness upgraded from 24mm to 30mm, an even thicker head and a choice of two even-tougher padlocks (the Squire SS80CS or the ASSA Abloy PL362). The extra material thickness of the Super Dooper Pin increases a potential thief's cutting time significantly and its physical appearance provides an extreme deterrent that will hopefully discourage a thief from even trying!

Bennetts BikeSocial have done an in-depth review of our Super and Super Dooper Anti-Pinch Pins (link opens in a new window).

John Milbank, Chief Product Tester at Bennetts BikeSocial, says of our Super Dooper Anti-Pinch Pin:Bennetts BikeSocial review of Pragmasis Anti-Pinch Pin
"Yes, anything can be defeated, but the Pragmasis Anti-Pinch Pin makes the formidable 22mm chain the only really viable point of attack when attempting to steal a bike. Lock it with the chain out of reach against a wall and any thief really will struggle to beat it. And it?s really quick and easy to use? thoroughly recommended."
"An outstanding piece of security kit!"
"Angle Grinder Resistance: OUTSTANDING"
BikeSocial "Recommended"

The Super Dooper Pin pairs brilliantly with our Protector Titan 22mm Bare Ended Chain for an ultimate security deterrent (when used with an appropriately impressive ground anchor such as our Sub Major or Torc Mega).

Please note that the Protector 19mm chain is not compatible with the Super Dooper Pin (the 16mm chain has sufficient internal clearance within the chain links, but the 19mm doesn't).

Anti-Pinch Pin Dimensions

Check our Anti-Pinch Pin Dimensions page to see a full explanation of the measurements and terminology associated with the standard Pin, Super Pin and Super Dooper Pin.

Technical Details & FAQs

Click to see Manufacturing Details for our Anti-Pinch Pin range.

Bike Suitability

Super Dooper Anti-Pinch Pin from Pragmasis/SecurityForBikes.comClick to see guidance and multiple examples on Bike Suitability for the Anti-Pinch Pin. The Anti-Pinch Pin Dimensions page also gives very useful information on the width of bike that each Pin, and each Pin type, can accommodate whilst also allowing for different chain options.


The Anti-Pinch Pin is approved by Sold Secure to Motorcycle Gold standard (certificate downloadable). The Anti-Pinch Pin is a European Registered Design.

Protecting your Bike

The Anti-Pinch Pin is made of hardened steel and it could thus cause cosmetic damage to delicate items and cosmetic surfaces if not handled carefully. We offer Anti-Pinch Pin Protection products to help help protect your bike; not the Pin!

Mini Anti-Pinch Pins also Available

We also offer a baby version of the Pin called the Mini Pin. Click for more information about the Mini Anti-Pinch Pin.

Anti-Pinch Pin Washer

Anti-Pinch Pin Washer fitted to a PinIn situations where the head of the Pin could be pulled through an opening and you want to use the chain on one end of the Pin, only, we can supply a specially-made washer that is 120mm diameter and therefore much larger than the 70mm diameter of the standard Pin heads. This Pin Washer can effectively enlarge the head of the Pin so it is harder to pull through the opening. As mentioned on our Anti-Pinch Pin Protection page, we also offer a self-adhesive rubber washer to protect finished surfaces from this steel Pin Washer. Note: Not suitable for the Super Dooper Pin!

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