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Anti-Pinch Pin

Anti-Pinch Pin Rear Axle Fitting on a Triumph with 0.7m ChainThe Anti-Pinch Pin is a simple idea that seeks to address the common problem of people being unable to route a decent-sized chain through a lot of modern bikes and other valuable objects. Hence many people either put the chain round the wheel, and obviously wheels can be removed and the bike can then be stolen, or they don't bother with a chain at all (and the whole bike gets removed...).

Rather than needing space to take the chain, the Anti-Pinch Pin is like a giant drawing pin or rivet and only the pin part of it, a 24mm diameter hardened steel bar, needs to go through the bike. You loop the chain onto one or both ends of the Pin, with a Squire SS65CS padlock clamping sideways onto a recess at the non-headed end of the Pin. There is a large head at the other end that can prevent the thing being pulled through the bike.

Another option is to route the chain from the head end of the Pin, under the bike and through the ground anchor and back up to the other end of the Pin. Attempting to pull the Pin through the bike will then make no difference as it forms a continuous loop with the chain.

One bonus with this applies to many Ducatis, BMWs, Triumphs, MV Agustas, Honda VFRs etc, that have hollow rear axles: If the hole through the axle is big enough to take a broomhandle, it'll probably be perfect for the Anti-Pinch Pin and you then get the advantage of basically preventing the rear axle and thereby the whole swingarm being removed and you can use a shorter chain, which is cheaper and easier to handle. (The swingarm is much harder to take off than a wheel, requiring the engine to be removed first on many bikes!) Using the Anti-Pinch Pin with a short chain and ground anchor & lock can give owners of such bikes improved security at a great price!Anti-Pinch Pin Rear Axle - Pin Head

Super Anti-Pinch Pin: With the advent of 19mm and thicker chains, we developed the upgraded Super Anti-Pinch Pin, which has extremely tough Tungsten Carbide inserts to provide a significant increase in the deterrent against angle grinder attacks. Grinders are not commonly used as they are so noisy and obvious but we can offer the Super Pin as an option when they are a concern.

New: Super Dooper Anti-Pinch Pin Now Available: We have been working on an even higher-grade version of the Pin for some time to suit the Protector 22mm Titan chain and similar extreme-security offerings where angle grinder attacks are a threat. The Super Dooper Anti-Pinch Pin is now available. Please see below for more information.

Video about the Anti-Pinch Pin

This video helps explain our Anti-Pinch Pin and how it can help with using Protector 16mm and 19mm chains:

Anti-Pinch Pin Dimensions

Click the image for a larger version. (Opens in a new window.)

Note that dimensions are nominal. Pins are sold by Nominal Length, which is the measurement from under the head to the very tip of the Pin (like the measurement for a bolt). The Usable or Effective Length is the measurement from under the head to the lock.

For a Pin or Super Pin, the Usable or Effective Length = Nominal Length - 44mm.

For a Super Dooper Pin, it is more complicated as the 'Dooper' Pins are available for different locks that have different thicknesses. Hence, for the Dooper Pins, we list them primarily by Usable Length to keep it simple!

Super Anti-Pinch Pin

Angle grinder attacks are still rare, but they are increasing and the Anti-Pinch Pin might be vulnerable to such an attack. Hence, we have developed upgraded versions of the Pin that use tungsten carbide inserts to deter grinder attacks.

Tungsten carbide is a specialist material that is much harder to cut with a grinder as it wears the cutting disc and saps battery power. In our tests, it approximately doubles the time required to cut through a Pin.

Tungsten carbide, on its own, is quite brittle so that is why we can't simply make a Pin out of solid carbide! It would be virtually impossible to cut, but a thief could probably snap it with one good hammer blow! Therefore, we use a rod of carbide inserted into a drilled hole up the middle of the Pin and we surround it with a resin fixing. The resin holds the carbide in position and supports it so it can do its job.

Note: The carbide only reinforces 100mm from each end of a Super (or Super Dooper) Pin! The carbide rods are 100mm long, regardless of the length of the Pin, so there is a section in the middle of the Pin that is not protected with carbide. Our reasoning is that the very middle of a Pin is invariably going through the bike so a thief would not have the opportunity to try to cut the Pin at that point. It is important that you keep this in mind, though, if you have a non-standard application where the middle of the Pin would be exposed.

In addition to the tungsten carbide reinforcement, the Super and Dooper Pins also have thicker heads than the standard Pin.

Click the image for a larger version. (Opens in a new window.)

Click the image for a larger version. (Opens in a new window.)

Click the image for a larger version. (Opens in a new window.)

Manufacturing Details

Anti-Pinch Pin through GSXR rear suspension with 0.7m chainThe standard Anti-Pinch Pin is made from 24mm diameter steel bar that is welded to a 70mm diameter flat head, or to a 50mm diameter head on the Mini-Pin. A recess is machined at the non-headed end in order to accommodate the SS65CS padlock (only), which fits on perpendicularly.

The Super Dooper Anti-Pinch Pin is made from 30mm diameter steel bar, also with a 70mm diameter flat head.

The Super and Super Dooper Pins have drilled holes along the axis for 100mm from each end, with tungsten carbide rods fixed in resin within. They also have thicker heads.

The Pin assembly is case hardened with a carbonitriding process, and either bright zinc plated or finished with a black electrophoretic process.

Lock pull-off tests confirmed theoretical calculations that even heavy duty bearing pullers are unlikely to achieve anything at all - the shear area involved in the Pin itself is too great and the lock body is also extremely strong with the shackle giving further reinforcement (the SS65CS is CEN 6 rated, with a 10 tonne shackle retention). See below for independent approvals.

The manufacturing process for the Pin and for the Super Pin is more complicated than suggested by the summary here, particularly for the Super and Super Dooper Pins. That's why they took a while for us to develop them!

Lock Suitability

The Anti-Pinch Pin and Super Pins are designed to fit the Squire SS65CS padlocks, only! If you already have exactly that type of lock and a suitable chain & anchor then you can buy the Pin on its own; if you have a different type of lock then you are likely to need an SS65CS lock as well as the Pin.

The Super Dooper Pins are available in alternative versions that are machined to suit either the Squire SS80CS or the ASSA Abloy PL362 locks. They are not interchangeable and the Squire SS65CS is too small to fit the larger bar for the 'Dooper' Pins.

Anti-Pinch Pin through the body of a Honda RVFChain Suitability

If you already have a 16mm or 19mm Protector chain then you're sorted if you wish to use a normal or Super Pin! 16mm and 19mm chains from other vendors are also generally compatible but you should check that the internal dimensions of the chain links will clear a 24mm diameter bar.

If you want to use a Super Dooper Pin, you will need a chain that will clear a 30mm diameter bar, such as our Protector 22mm Titan chain.

Bike Suitability

We are accumulating information on the range of bikes that are particularly suited to the Anti-Pinch Pin - However, if your bike/quad/etc allows you to pass a broomhandle through a structural part of the bike's frame/suspension, you are likely to be compatible. Beware if you intend to go through the rear axle and you have a Ducati - Some of these have a stepped hollow rear axle so the hole appears to be OK but it narrows internally - Be sure to check that a 24mm bar will go right through! See below for a special Pin designed for the Panigale 899!

The Anti-Pinch Pin is supplied in a wide range of lengths so that you can choose one that fits closely to your bike. The Mini-Pin is available in shorter lengths.

Note: The quoted length reflects the length of the Pin from under the Pin head. The padlock area and two x 19mm chain links usually require an overhead of 85-90mm, so you should typically choose a Pin that is the next size up from your bike's axle width etc plus 90mm.

Standard stock lengths are: 120mm (Mini-Pin), 160mm (Mini Pin), 200mm (Mini-Pin), 200mm, 250mm, 290mm, 340mm, 390mm, 440mm, and 490mm (and 550mm/650mm also produced in small quantities so availability can be limited). The Super Pin is only available in a subset of these lengths. Note that these are all nominal lengths - the overall length (i.e. including the thickness of the head) is about 10-15mm greater and manufacturing tolerances mean these are not precise - please contact us if you have a particularly tight constraint on length. Likewise, please contact us if you have a requirement for a non-standard length. It is not practical to produce a custom length except as part of a normal production batch so there can be a waiting period if you need something non-standard.

Rear Axle Fitting Examples: Anti-Pinch Pin through the body of a Suzuki TL1000SV
BMW F800S and ST rear axle width 190mm + 90mm = Pin length 290mm (minimum - even slightly shorter is too short!)
BMW K1200GT rear axle width 190mm + 90mm = Pin length 290mm
BMW K1200S rear axle width 170mm + 90mm = Pin length 290mm
BMW R1200GS rear axle width 160mm + 90mm = Pin length 250mm (we advise checking the axle width for yourself if you will use a 19mm chain). Note: For Adventure/spoked wheel models, a 250mm Pin must come in from the **left** of the bike so the head of the Pin sits in the hub recess and the chain comes in to the right of the bike. If the Pin is going to come in from the right, as is more usual, it needs to be a 290mm length. We recommend checking for yourself.

Ducati S2R, S4R & 695 Monster = Pin length 390mm (beware narrowing inside axle!)
Ducati 748 (2000+) and 998 rear axle width 250mm + 90mm = Pin length 390mm
Ducati 996, 998 = Pin length 390mm (beware narrowing inside axle!)
Ducati 1098 rear axle width 255mm + 90mm = Pin length 390mm
Hypermotard rear axle not suitable, but there is a passageway through the frame on both sides that runs between the cylinders that can be used with a 16mm chain and a 390mm long Pin

Ducati 848 also not suitable for the rear axle approach as it narrows significantly part-way through.

Ducati Panigale 899: This bike has a rear axle that has a minimum internal bore of 22.8mm so our standard, 24.0mm diameter, Pin will not fit. We have introduced a Ducati Panigale 899-special Pin to help owners of this bike. That Pin is made from 22.2mm diameter steel bar and with different machining on the Pin head to suit. This is also produced in a special 420mm nominal length, again to get the best solution for this popular bike. Please note that this special Pin is not recommended for use with the Squire SS65CS-XLN lock because the shoulder on the machined lock recess is shallower, due to the thinner bar, and the overlap between that shoulder and the body of the 'XLN' lock is somewhat reduced as a result. This combination is still considered to be secure, but certain types of criminal attack could leave the lock jammed onto the edge of the shoulder, making it really difficult to unlock after an attempted theft. This is much less of a concern when this special Pin is used with the standard SS65CS lock, so that is the combination we recommend. It may be that this special Pin is also useful for some other bike models. We are compiling information as our experience increases.

Ducati bikes do vary within a model and even within a model year in terms of any narrowing through the rear axle. It is especially worthwhile to try to check that any narrow section part-way through the axle will still clear a 24.0mm diameter bar.

Honda VFR800 FiW/X/Y/1/VTEC models, Pin length 340mm (OK for 16mm and also for 19mm chains). Ditto VFR750

Triumph T595 Daytona (single-sider) rear axle width 295mm + 90mm = Pin length 390mm (All Triples and Daytonas with single-sided swingarms are thought to use the same axle)

Always measure your bike to be sure, and ask us if you are in doubt!

Alternative Fitting Examples:
Several newer sportsbikes with braced swingarms have large holes through the swingarm structure that the Pin will pass through, and that can sometimes accommodate a 16/19mm chain directly (so a Pin would not be needed, unless for convenience). Beware the exhaust obstructing access, though. Various other examples follow:
Aprilia SL1000 Falco = Pin length 390mm through frame
Harley Davidson Road King with a 625mm(+) Pin through the centre of the frame; Fat Bob 440mm Pin.
Honda CBF1000 = Pin length 490mm on skew angle through dogbone links
Kawasaki ZX6R = Pin length 490mm (some years OK, e.g. 2008; not all models! Please check the bike!)
Kawasaki Z1000SX 2015 = Mini Pin length 120mm ('up and back' through a hole in the frame above the oil filler, with both ends of the 16mm/19mm chain on the Pin; Beware if awkward when the engine is hot?)
KTM 520 EXC, 525 EXE and 560 SMR = Pin length 340mm (fine with 16mm and 19mm chains)
KTM LC4-based bikes fine with 390mm Pin (640, 625, 660, Duke, probably new
KTM Super Duke suits either a 390mm or 440mm Pin, dependent upon preferred routing
KTM 950 Adventure S and SE = Pin length 490mm (440mm can be very tight)
Suzuki Bandit 1250S = Pin length 650mm (limited availability in this length)
Suzuki DRZ400 = Pin length 390mm
Suzuki GSXR600 K2 diagonal rear suspension fitting (see photos) 300mm + 90mm = Pin length 390mm
Suzuki GSXR600 K7 = Pin length 440mm (ideal for 16mm and 19mm chains), through swingarm
Suzuki SV650 = Pin length 440mm
Suzuki TL1000SV through the body of the bike (see photos) approx 380mm + 90mm = Pin length 490mm
Triumph Street Triple 2011 through bracing on swingarm Pin length 440mm
Yamaha TDR250 = Pin length 440mm (plenty for 16mm and 19mm chains)
Yamaha XT600E = Pin length 390mm
Yamaha Fazer 1000 = Pin length 440mm (snug fit for 16mm chains)
Always measure your bike to be sure, and ask us if you are in doubt!

Thanks to many people that have helped us to evolve our list of compatible fitments. We have more info available upon request.

Anti-Pinch Pin - Bare

Protecting your Bike

The Anti-Pinch Pin is available with lengths of flame retardant black heatshrink sleeving, a plastic end cap, and also with self-adhesive rubber washers of different sizes.

The heatshrink sleeving is supplied un-shrunk and separate from the Pin, normally. It is more relevant for situations where the Pin will be resting against the fairing or carbs etc, and is generally unnecessary for rear axle fitments. This can be a struggle to shrink it down to size if you only have a domestic hairdryer so something slightly more potent is preferable (e.g. a hot air gun or steam from a kettle, but be careful not to get burnt or scalded!). The rated temperature range for the sleeving is -55 to +135 C. We are also now including a vinyl end cap to provide protection from the very tip of the Pin. This black plastic cap is a simple push fit onto the end of the Pin and helps to avoid delicate items or finely finished surfaces from being scratched when the Pin is fitted. Beware, however, that this cap will not fit through the links on the Protector 19mm chain so it is more suited to the 16mm chain where it fits fine. If you are using the 19mm chain through a rear axle or similar one-sided situation, you can pass the Pin through both ends of the chain and then fit the vinyl cap. The Pin can then be passed through the rear axle and the lock fitted on the far side. Hence, it is possible to get the benefit of a protective covering for the tip of the Pin when using the 19mm chain, but it does restrict the way that the combination can be used.

The nitrile rubber protective washers are self-adhesive and offered in sizes to suit the standard Anti-Pinch Pin (70mm OD x 25mm ID); the Super Anti-{inch Pin (70mm OD x 35mm ID), and also for the metal Pin Washer (i.e. a rubber washer to cover one side of the steel washer!).

None of these protective products are a substitute for careful handling of the Pin!

Mini Anti-Pinch Pins also Available

We also offer a baby version of the Pin in shorter lengths and with a slightly smaller head, to allow high grade chains to be used with ground anchors that have insufficient space to accept the chain directly. They still use the same Squire SS65CS lock for maximum security.

Mini-Pin with Squire GA1 Anchor and 16mm Chain

Adapting a ground anchor to suit a 16mm or 19mm chain

The Mini-Pin is intended to be used in situations where there is a clearance problem with a heavy duty chain, but where the issue is on a much smaller scale than on a motorbike. The Mini-Pin is just a smaller-sized variation on the normal Anti-Pinch Pin, with a 50mm diameter head (compared with the 70mm diameter of the normal Pin), and it is made in shorter lengths and offered at a cheaper price. It will fit through many ground anchors that are too small to accept a heavy-duty chain themselves.

The photo here shows a Mini-Pin being used to allow a 16mm chain to be used with a Squire GA1 anchor, which will not accept such a chain itself. If you already have an anchor such as this installed and need to use a heavier chain, the Mini-Pin and a Squire SS65CS lock may be the solution required. Pin Washer fitted to a Pin

Anti-Pinch Pin Washer

In situations where the head of the Pin or Mini-Pin could be pulled through an opening, and you want to use the chain on one end of the Pin, only, we can supply a specially-made washer that is 120mm diameter and therefore much larger than the standard Pin heads - and this can effectively enlarge the head of the Pin so it is harder to pull through the opening. As mentioned above, we also offer a self-adhesive rubber washer to protect finished surfaces from this steel Pin Washer.


The Anti-Pinch Pin is approved by Sold Secure to Motorcycle Gold standard (certificate downloadable). The Anti-Pinch Pin is a European Registered Design.

Video about the Mini-Anti-Pinch Pin

This video helps explain how the Mini-Anti-Pinch Pin can help with using Protector 16mm and 19mm chains, particularly with pre-existing ground anchors that will not accept a high-grade chain directly:

Read our great customer testimonials and magazine reviews.

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