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Anti-Pinch Pin Manufacturing Details

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The Anti-Pinch Pins are all made from a thick steel bar that is welded to a 70mm diameter head. The welded joint is designed to make it stronger than the steel bar with the aid of CNC-machined weld preps on the relevant surfaces.

A recess is CNC-machined at the non-headed end of the bar in order to accommodate the appropriate padlock, which fits on perpendicularly. The head is also CNC-machined, before and after welding.

The Pin assembly is case hardened with a carbonitriding process, and finished with a tough black electrophoretic process.

Lock pull-off tests confirmed theoretical calculations that even heavy duty bearing pullers are unlikely to achieve anything at all - the shear area involved in the Pin itself is too great and the lock body is also extremely strong with the shackle giving further reinforcement (the SS65CS is CEN 6 rated, with a 10 tonne shackle retention).

The Super and Super Dooper Pins have drilled holes along the axis for 100mm from each end, with tungsten carbide rods fixed in resin within. They also have thicker heads, as shown in the following images.

Click the image for a larger version. (Opens in a new window.)

Click the image for a larger version. (Opens in a new window.)

The actual manufacturing process is more complicated than suggested by the summary here, particularly for the Super and Super Dooper Pins. It has also evolved over the years we have been producing the product, making our current range the toughest we have ever offered. We apply this philosophy of successive improvements across our whole product range.


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