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Pragmasis News, Announcements and Comments

Black Friday: Our Black Friday promotion is still live:
During checkout, please enter the following code where it says "Coupon or Discount Number": BF22
This is only valid until the end of November and it applies to product prices before shipping.

Can you Pick a Pragmasis Lock?

Pick It to Win It at Motorcycle Live 2022

Do you fancy a challenge? Come and see some of our products on the Bennetts #BikeSocial stand at Motorcycle Live at the NEC. If you can pick one of our locks, such as our very popular RoundLock, you can win it and other kit to go with it! (Terms Apply.) Pragmasis products on display and part of the Pick-It-To-Win-It challenge include various Protector Chains, the Torc and Double Doofer Ground Anchors, the RoundLock and DIB D-Lock and our Anti-Pinch Pin. BikeSocial are in Hall 3, stand 3C47. #motorcyclelive2022 runs from 19th to the 27th November 2022.

Price Promotion on the Beefy Bridge ground anchor, plus the HS1 Heavy Duty Hasp & Staple

We are pleased to offer a special discount on these products as we are over-stocked and are happy to offer a bit of help in the current UK economic situation.

  • The Beefy Bridge is now £44.95 inc VAT (cf. normally £59.95 inc VAT);
  • The HS1 is now also £44.95 inc VAT (cf. normally £64.95 inc VAT);
  • The HS1-plus-SS50CS Package Deal is now £99.95 (cf. normally £120.00 inc VAT, and RRPs totalling over £170!).

Please Note these prices can be withdrawn at any time as our stock levels become rebalanced. (Regrettably, we are unable to offer any retrospective price refunds on previous purchases. We apologies about any disappointment.)

Grown in Britain Week 2022

Grown in Britain Week

We are pleased to be supporting Grown in Britain Week. Grown in Britain is a not-for-profit that supports and encourages UK home-grown sustainable forestry and the timber industry that stems from it (if you'll pardon the pun). This is all very close to our hearts due to our longstanding involvement with our award-winning Alvecote Wood project. We were delighted that Alvecote Wood was awarded the first licence under the Grown in Britain certification scheme. We were a touch nervous when it turned out that the Queen was the second licensee! Pragmasis has supported Alvecote Wood right from Day 1 and we are happy to continue to do that. Woodland and forestry sites are often isolated in rural regions so can be vulnerable to theft and related problems. Our security products have undoubtedly given us a very helpful advantage at the Woods in the quest to keep thieves at bay! Any fellow Grown in Britain licensees are welcome to place orders for security products through this website. We are also always happy to offer advice. Shipping is free on orders above £250.

Our Stand at the APF and Arb Show 2022

APF Forestry and Arb Show

Thanks to all that came to our stand at the APF Professional Forestry and Arboriculture Show, at Ragley Estate, recently. It was great to see some customers already using our security products as well as fellow woodland owners and others that have visited our Alvecote Wood site. The photo shows Jenny and Rosie, helping me to staff the stand for the duration - Thanks very much to one and all!

Her Majesty the Queen

Her Majesty the Queen

All at Pragmasis join people around the world in expressing our sorrow at the passing of Her Majesty the Queen. RIP Your Majesty. The Queen was an incredible icon and Head of State showing tireless service for over seventy years, working right to the very end with such a strong sense of duty with her beaming smile always helping to put people at ease. We welcome King Charles III. He has big shoes to fill but he has been well-trained by an expert.

We are joining many other organisations in being closed on Monday 19th September for The Queen's funeral. We will not be despatching any orders and Parcelforce will not be delivering any sent out on previoius days. All order processing and delivery work will resume and catch up on Tuesday onwards.

Exhibiting at the APF and Arb Show 2022

APF Forestry and Arb Show

We are pleased to be exhibiting our products again and this is our first time to exhibit at the APF professional forestry and Arboriculture Show, at Ragley Estate 22nd-24th September. We will be on Stand D7b in the Static display area. We have frequently sold our security products to professional tree surgeons and we feel a strong connection with the forestry and Arb industry. We have visited this show many times over the years as a customer due to our longstanding involvement with our award-winning Alvecote Wood project. This will be new, to be one of the exhibitors. We will not be selling products at the show as there is so much variety in our range and people invariably need to think about what length of chain and what fixing would be best for any ground anchor, for instance, but we will be showing a selection of the range and will be happy to answer questions. Shipping is free on orders above £250 and we can process orders placed through this website after the show. We look forward to talking to many customers, new and existing.

New Videos

We are pleased to announce another new video about the Protector 11mm Chain:

Sold Secure Annual Audit
We are pleased to report our independent annual test audit at Sold Secure has all completed with flying colours.
All the new approval certificates are now uploaded on our certificates page.

New Videos

We are pleased to announce another new video about the Protector 13mm Chain:

And we have another new video about the Protector 16mm Chain:

Plus another new video about the Protector 19mm Chain:

And we are pleased to annouce another one about the Protector 22mm Titan Chain:

And we have another new video that previews the upcoming Super Dooper Anti-Pinch Pin:

Payment Processing Improvements
We have changed our credit and debit card processing gateway to Stripe in place of WorldPay as that was a big disappointment a switched last year. Stripe is widely recommended and is becoming popular across many large organisations. We spent months evaluating it and found that It has a far more thought-out system cf. WorldPay's that had many holes and was shockingly bug-ridden for an offering from a large financial institution.

New Videos
The following video gives an overview of the new Torc Mega and Torc Maxi ground anchors, summarising the similarities and the differences:

This video gives a quick overview of the Shed Shackle:

The next video gives a quick visual overview of the whole Protector range of chains, from the ultimate Protector 22mm Titan chain, through to the Protector 11mm:

This video explains key concepts in how we describe our security chains, including chain 'gauge', link 'pitch' and Long Link vs. Short Link:

Shed Shackle Fitting Instructions
We have updated the Fitting Instructions for our popular Shed Shackle product and these are available to view online and to download.

Production News and Stock Levels
We are pleased to report that our stock levels across most products are good. We have good stock of Keyed-Alike RoundLocks and DIB D-Locks as well as virtually all other products in our range. We believe we have finally resolved some problems with our 'new' CNC lathe that cost £5K to fix. We've been using it to develop new product ideas as well as to improve our production quality on certain existing products. The third factory unit that we took on around a year ago is now well integrated into our production and stock holding system, boosting efficiencies and stock holding across many products. Thanks to the whole SFB Team for being so patient while we have knocked holes in walls, painted floors/walls/ceilings and put up more racking all whilst keeping production and deliveries going!

Protector 22mm Titan Chain - New Design RoundLock Version
RL21A Socket Adaptor at

We are pleased to announce that, after a long process of design revision and manufacture, we have the Protector 22mm Titan chain available again with the new design of RoundLock fitting. This is now CNC-machined on our new machine, giving far higher precision and a smooth radiused outside edge, so it is also easier to handle. Click for the Protector 22mm Titan Chain-Only product listing.

Shed Shackle now Available in Black as well as Red
Black Shed Shackle at

The Shed Shackle has historically always been manufactured in a Red powder coated finish. Now there is a choice, with Black as a new option at the same price :-)

RoundLock RL21A Socket Now Available Separately
RL21A Socket Adaptor at

The RL21A socket can be used to adapt our special RoundLock to suit the Protector 19mm chains. It is now available separately, such as if you have previously purchased a RoundLock. Click for the RL21A Socket product listing.

Team News, plus Enhanced Manufacturing Premises
We are delighted to welcome Andrew as a new member of our Production & Despatch team. We are getting busier and busier so we're very glad to have another person joining us :-)

There has been more progress with shelving and racking in our factory unit. We have soooo much more storage coming online, now, that some shelves will look bare! We all know that won't last long as we have larger-than-ever production batches going through, of pretty much everything we make! It seems that the word is getting around that we make good stuff. We certainly try, for sure :-)

Stock Update
Our stock on most products is pretty good, again, including on the Protector 22mm Titan chains.

**International Shipping**
International shipping is unfortunately still impractical due to the Customs burden. This was improving but is about to get worse again, sadly, as countries have realised that the previous system was impossible for pretty much all concerned. There is now a new system coming in as of 1st July that will require us to collect VAT on behalf of consumers in EU countries, up to an order value of 150 Euros, and the Customs reporting is all changing as a result. We had a meeting with DPD and are in discussions with Parcelforce, too, to see who has the most stable system for handling all this. It is embryonic with all of them, we think, as it was all such a mess when Brexit finally happened and the carriers are trying to work it out without repeatedly having massive charges back to us sellers. We are working on it, actively, in an effort to get it resolved ASAP. We apologise for any inconvenience.

**COVID-19** We are unable to accept any visitors into our building due to COVID restrictions. *No exceptions* "Click and Collect" style orders can be collected literally from our car park, only. We are sorry there must be no exceptions and no entry into our building will be permitted. We can't even allow use of our lavatories at present. All order collection arrangements must be made in advance via e-mail/phone and must be fully paid in advance. Visitors collecting orders must please wear a face covering. We strongly recommend placing an order for courier delivery. We apologise, sincerely, for any and all inconvenience.

New CNC Lathe and Bar Feed at

New CNC Lathe: We are pleased to report that we have made a major investment in new machinery, with a high-grade CNC Lathe and automatic Bar Feeder. These have just been installed at the end of August and we will be reading a lot of manuals in order to get familiar with it all. This combination will allow us to

Sub Major Bury-in Concrete Ground Anchor Product Launch: We are pleased to announce the launch of yet another new ground anchor: The Sub Major is our first full concrete-in ground anchor and it has already achieved the highest-ever Sold Secure certification of any ground anchor: Ground Anchors Diamond. These are now in stock and available to buy.

Torc Ground Anchor Series III Product Launch: We are proud to announce the culmination of more than 18 months of work: The new Torc Mega and Torc Maxi ground anchors. The Series III anchors replace and upgrade the Series II anchors that have continued our tradition of top-quality ground anchor manufacture. These new Series III Mega and Maxi anchors are in stock, in bulk, and ready to ship, now. Various photographs and videos will be updated with new versions and more details will be provided ASAP. We apologise for the inconvenience while we've been out of stock on the Series II anchor - We've been working on these new anchors and our plans to have a clean switchover were thwarted by Corona Virus. The Series III anchors are available to order, now. Sold Secure approval has been confirmed. Police approvals have also been confirmed.

Corona Virus: We are continuing to work as normally as we can through the current Corona Virus outbreak. We have good stock levels on most products and are normally despatching orders promptly. Shipping can be Delayed at present because of the volume that is going through the couriers and through Royal Mail. Royal Mail, especially, is running slowly at present so we recommend using a courier service in preference if there is any urgency in your order (and Royal Mail ha've just put up their prices, too!). Shipping to some non-UK destinations continues to be slow due to local restrictions. Please Also Note that Squire are working with only a skeleton staff and custom-Keyed Alike orders using their locks can be delayed as a result. We do have a stock of pre-Keyed Alike locks that can be used to supply two or more locks on the same key. Please also note that we are not able to accept any visitors to our premises during this period of restrictions. This is to protect our staff and any visitors as well as to follow government guidelines.

Renewable Energy: In these troubled and scary times, we are pleased to renew our commitment to 100% renewable energy to our manufacturing units, and we've got certificates to prove it! It can be difficult to think about longer-term things when the world is a scary place, but it is important to try to keep these things going so we all have a good future to look forward to. We are continuing to 'Make a Difference' in several ways. Certificate for Unit 6 Renewable Energy, and Certificate for Unit 7 Renewable Energy.

Torc Ground Anchors have just gone out of stock. We have another batch that has been delayed at our powder coaters due to a temporary shutdown that was, itself, triggered by certain large manufacturers (e.g. JCB) stopping production. That powder coating situation is expected to resolve in due course but we are also progressing alternative arrangements through manufacturing more metalwork and getting that coated elsewhere. Difficult times, but we are working through it all. Meanwhile, we have plenty of stock of our alternative Beefy Bridge and Double Doofer ground anchors.

UK Deliveries are presently broadly operating as normal but this may change on an area-specific basis.

Delivery Restrictions apply to some countries such as Italy, the Czech Republic and Bulgaria. International transit times may be longer than normal due to reduced availability of air freight services, etc.

We apologise for any inconvenience caused but hope the country will soon be coming back to normal. It's a team game. Let's beat the virus together!

Price Rises Imminent: We have been holding off several price increases for as much as 2 years but we have no choice but to make some changes as a result of multiple increases from our suppliers, particularly through last year and recently. Pricing will change on multiple products, I'm afraid.

New Website: We are pleased to publish our new website. This is a fully 'responsive' design, meaning that it scales cleanly for a wide variety of device types. We are also introducing what we believe to be an industry first by providing quite comprehensive selection advice for our range of security products. This new feature has been implemented by means of several new web pages, providing straightforward guidance and a suggested shopping list to help you select which products may be helpful for your situation. This section will be improved and we welcome feedback and suggestions for further development.

Does Good Quality Security Make a Difference? Another insightful article about the benefits of good quality security from the Bennetts BikeSocial Test Team. In this article, John Milbank discusses the statistics and looks deeper into actual theft data from Bennetts Insurance policies. Their data shows that using good quality security can significantly reduce the chances of a bike being stolen.

Anti-Pinch Pin and Super Pin Protection: We can now provide an application service for the heatshrink and rubber protection products for the Pins. The rubber washers are self-adhesive and straightforward to apply yourself, if you wish, but the heatshrink is really quite awkward if you don't have a proper heat gun. We can apply all of these for you at the time of ordering a Pin for a modest extra charge, saving you the hassle. Just choose the option when adding the Pin to your shopping cart and we will do the rest.

Anti-Pinch Pin and Super Pin: We are now using a black electrophoretic finish in addition to a zinc pre-treatment on some of our Pins. We are now offering self-adhesive rubber protective washers for the Pin heads and for the Pin Washer, plus the other individual protection components are now available as separate items (Heatshrink Only and Protective Caps Only).

Bennetts Explain Insurance, Security and Discounts: Bennetts Insurance are one of the largest UK motorbike insurers and this article explains how underwriters view security and discounts. We've been pushing this topic, the underpinnings of the "Approved Locks List" that insurers refer to in their quoting systems, for about 5 years! It has been woefully incomplete and out of date on many sites, including 'comparison' sites, so we've been delighted and impressed that the BikeSocial Test Team have helped to push through updates, despite virtual apathy amongst many underwriters. This is a significant step forward in helping to encourage policy holders to select and use good quality security to protect their property. Well done Bennetts!

Upgraded D-Shackle Now Available for the Torc Series II Ground Anchor: The standard D-Shackle supplied with the Torc Ground Anchor is 20mm thick hardened steel. We can now offer an upgraded shackle that has the exposed section made out of 22mm thick hardened steel. This better supports extreme security chains such as our Protector 22mm Titan. Please note that this shackle can only be substituted when the anchor is being initially installed and it cannot be swapped after installation. The shopping cart supports ordering the upgraded D-Shackle.

DIB D-Lock - New Shackle Size Now Available: We are pleased to announce availability of the new 300mm shackle option for the DIB D-Lock. We can also supply these as shackle-only, to allow flexibility for owners with existing DIB D-Locks.

Anti-Scrote Skewers: We are now using a black electrophoretic finish in addition to a zinc pre-treatment on some of the Anti-Scrote Skewers.

Sold Secure Annual Audit: I'm pleased to report that we had our annual test session at Sold Secure and all products passed at their normal certification levels usual! The new approval certificates are all visible and downloadable from our Certificates page.

Milton Keynes Bike Show: We are pleased to be exhibiting our products at, and also sponsoring, the MK Bike Show on Sunday 23rd June, at Stadium MK in Milton Keynes. Free Parking and Free Entry. We will be sponsoring the Inner Concourse. We will be showcasing a range of our products and will be happy to answer questions and give security advice. The MK Bike Show will be raising money this year for the Thames Valley Air Ambulance. You can donate to the Air Ambulance on the day or through the post on our Facebook page. Come and say Hi! We will be pleased to see you :-)

Stephen's Story Ride-Out SSRO: We were pleased to sponsor the Stephen's Story Ride-Out bike ride in aid of the Teenage Cancer Trust on 12th May. Our sponsorship certificate is viewable here. Stephen Sutton was diagnosed with incurable cancer when he was juat 15. He realised he could not follow his dream of becoming a doctor so decided to help others in a new way: He created Stephen's Story on Facebook and, through that, inspired and motivated thousands of others with his enthusiasm and verve for life. To date, his campaign to help the Teenage Cancer Trust has raised well over £5million and the SSRO ride-out is one of many events organised by his mother, Jane Sutton, to expand and enhance Stephen's legacy. We exhibited our products and were happy to answer questions at the SSRO ride-out but were mostly there to support a very worthy cause, with more than a little in common with my wife, Sarah, and her battle to inspire others in spite of her diagnosis with terminal Cystic Fibrosis when she was just 10. I think Stephen Sutton and my wife Sarah would have got on great!

Team News: I am delighted to welcome Mrs Jenny Kelsey as a new Director of Pragmasis Limited. Jenny has been working with the business for almost a year. She joined us shortly after my wife, Sarah, very sadly passed away on 8th April last year. Sarah and I have known and respected Jenny for about 10 years so she was a fantastic person to come on board and help me to get through a very difficult year. She has helped in too many ways to count, including through last year as our busiest year, ever, at Alvecote Wood. Jenny brings a wealth of experience from her previous professional roles and has been learning all aspects of our business. She has proved herself to be a brilliant team player and a very effective and resourceful manager, plus she's pretty good on a lathe and likes driving the tractor - How cool is that?! She is a very valuable asset to our team and, now that she is officially appointed as a Director, she now has executive and legal authority. This means she can help me to manage and develop the business and the woods far better, as we move into the future. Congratulations and thanks again again, to Jenny!

Police Secured-by-Design National Training Event: We are pleased to be exhibiting at the Police Secured by Design National Training Event again. This conference updates Police Crime Reduction Officers from all over the country on the latest crime trends and deterrents. We are showing many of our SBD-approved products and supporting this annual conference for the eighth year running. Click for more info about Secured by Design.

Super Anti-Pinch Pins now Available: The Super Pins are in stock and available to order. They are much more complicated to make than the standard Pins, but they are significantly tougher against grinders, taking approximately double the time to cut in our tests. More information on the Pinch Pins page.

Threat to Alvecote Wood Ancient Woodland: We own Alvecote Wood and have been developing it as a conservation site for over 10 years. It is now under threat from a proposed development of 1,540 houses. Please put in an Objection to the Planning Application before 16th February as that is when the public consultation period ends. There is more information on the Alvecote Wood website.

Super Anti-Pinch Pins and normal Pins - New Batch: We have been working on a batch of the upgraded Super Anti-Pinch Pin. The Super Anti-Pinch Pin has special tungsten carbide inserts plus a thicker and double-welded head to increase resistance against grinder attacks and others. We apologise for the delay in making these. We have sold out, twice, between making some and getting them properly on the website! These are specialist items and we are in the early stages of developing the manufacturing process so we apologise for all delays. Stock is now available and it will be detailed on the website ASAP. Feel free to contact us to check the situation.

DPD Shipments: We have switched to using DPD for many of our shipments. DPD provide much more control for the recipient of each parcel, which is much easier and therefore much more reliable for everyone concerned. The despatch confirmation e-mail will come from DPD and that will give you the option to choose a different day for delivery, to redirect a parcel to a neighbour, to a local DPD Shop, etc.

Alvecote Wood 2019 Calendar - Now Available (while stock lasts): Perhaps nothing to do with security, but definitely related to our environmental passions, we've got the new Alvecote Wood Calendar available to order through this website. This is entirely composed of Sarah's wonderful photos taken in and around our woods.

Protector Titan 22mm Chain - Now Available: We are pleased to have the upgraded Protector Titan 22mm chain available for purchase. Bennetts Insurance have conducted many chain tests recently and they found the Titan to be the toughest chain ever:
Click for the Bennetts league table.
Click for the Bennetts review of the new Protector 22mm Titan chain in conjunction with our RoundLock.
Click for the Bennetts review of the new Protector 22mm Titan chain in conjunction with the Squire SS80CS padlock.

Sold Secure Annual Audit - All Products Passed: We have had all our Sold Secure-approved products re-tested as part of the routine annual audit process and everything passed with flying colours (as expected). The Protector 13mm chain has now been regraded up to Motorcycle Gold standard, whereas is was previously Motor Scooter Silver. This can be especially helpful for people using the 13mm chain for portable security for motrocycles, as it should now be considered sufficient by insurance companies. Please note that we still advise at least a 16mm chain for motorcycle home security, since bikes invariably spend more time at home and a thief often has more time and less chance of detection in such a scenario.

Update: Ultimate version of the Protector 22mm Titan Chain! The new 22mm Titan chain is now in stock in both variants: with an elongated end link to allow it to be used with the Squire SS80CS or Abloy PL362 locks, and with special machined end plate attachments to allow it to be used with our RoundLock. The latter approach will be noticeably cheaper, but still very tough against attack as the machined plates provide significant protection to the RoundLock as a result of it sitting in recesses on both sides of the plates. We will have more details soon. We apologise that this has taken such a long time.

Desperately Sad News: I'm very sorry to give the desperately sad news that my wife Sarah passed away peacefully on 8th April 2018, after illness and complications associated with her longstanding Cystic Fibrosis disease.

Sarah on her R1 at Cadwell racing circuitSarah at the top of Clent Hills on a group cycle rideSarah being awarded her OBE in 2004

Sarah was given 2 years to live when she was 12. Despite being very ill as a child, she became the first person in the UK with Cystic Fibrosis to qualify as a doctor in 1985, went on to become a fellow of two Royal Colleges of Medicine, and was awarded an OBE by the Queen for Services to Medicine in 2004.

The doctors' journal, the BMJ, printed this obituary.

Sarah was the other Director of Pragmasis and has been a lynchpin throughout the evolution of the company since we set it up in 2003. She stopped me making several designs that, in hindsight, looked terrible! By working together, we created and evolved many of our products into the range we have today. Sarah took all the product photographs and filmed and edited all the videos to date. She also spent more time than I'm sure she would care to remember, entering data into our Sage accounts package, all in support of me and our business.

Sarah was an amazing person that showed remarkable drive and determination throughout her life. She was easily the most inspirational person I have ever met and she inspired me and many, many others and will continue to do so.

Sarah, very happpy with her camera at our Alvecote Wood conservation site

Some things have been delayed as a result of Sarah's illness and subsequent events (e.g. the new 22mm chain, the Super Anti-Pinch Pin, etc). I apologise for any inconvenience caused but I had to be with my wife while she was in hospital and her funeral was a big event that took a lot of organising, with many, many other tasks to deal with after that. We've been extremely grateful to the rest of our team, who have continued to ship orders largely as usual. Sarah has historically done all our Facebook and Twitter activity so I am sorry this has not always been updated as often as we would like.

Funeral Arrangements: Sarah's funeral was on Monday May 14th and the business was closed on that day. We opened again on Tuesday 15th May, I can't say "as normal" as there is a huge hole in our team. We continue to try to adjust.

Coming Soon: Ultimate version of the Protector 22mm Titan Chain! The new 22mm Titan chain is nearly here! We have been working on this for several months, trying to make it as tough as we can. The new chain will be a short link chain. All our other chains are a long link design, which is great in terms of stopping bolt croppers whilst reducing weight and cost and retaining versatility in how they are used. However, a long link chain is not so good against grinder or hammer attacks, in our experience. Grinders are becoming more of a problem, so we have developed a high grade short link chain to offset this growing problem. The disadvantage with short link chains is that you can't interlock the links as you can on a long link. This means you need either a special elongated end link on one end of the chain, or you need to attach special plates to both ends of the chain. We will be offering the new 22mm Titan chain with a choice of both options. The elongated end link will allow it to be used with the Squire SS80CS or Abloy PL362 locks, whereas the special machined end plate attachments we have developed allow this new chain to be used with our RoundLock. The latter approach will be noticeably cheaper, but still very tough against attack as the machined plates provide significant protection to the RoundLock as a result of it sitting in recesses on both sides of the plates. We will have more details soon. Manufacture of the first production batch is almost complete. We apologise that this has taken a long time. Further details soon.

Spring Promotion: We are currently offering a £5.00 (inc VAT) reduction on the price of the Torc Series II ground anchor and on the Beefy Bridge ground anchor and also on the Anti-Scrote Skewer. This offer will not last for long so grab one quick! We are sorry this offer is not available retrospectively and is liable to be withdrawn without prior notice. Buy online here.

Coming Soon: The Super Anti-Pinch Pin! We have been busy on a grinder-resistant version of our Anti-Pinch Pin. A pre-production batch is almost complete. More details soon.

New Product Launch: DIB D-Lock Spare Shackles: Uniquely in the market, we are offering spare shackles for our DIB D-Locks. These are only available in 130mm and 190mm sizes, however. This means you can buy the flexibility of being able to use a DIB D-Lock in two sizes, e.g. a 260mm and a 130mm, much cheaper than paying the full price for two complete locks. You will only have a single lock body, though. More information and buy online here.

New Product Launch: DIB 260mm D-Lock: We are pleased to launch a third size option for our popular DIB Heavy Duty D-Locks. This complements the original compact sizes of 130x87mm and 190x87mm internal clearance, with a conventional size version of 260x87mm internal clearance. There is more detailed information here.

Happy New Year: We hope that everyone has a Happy and Healthy 2018!

Archive News: Click for News articles from 2017 and Prior.


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