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Torc Ground Anchor - Series II - Certification and Independent Testing

This page gives more detail on independent testing and certification of the Torc ground anchor. Another page provides more technical information and dimensions.

Cycling Plus Magazine "Toughest Security Test Ever": Our Protector chains and Torc ground anchor are awarded Best Buys and Editor's Choice. "The toughest anchor on test and at a price that's cheaper than most of the competitions'. Unbeatable security. 10 out of 10. Editor's Choice" [Torc Series II ground anchor]; Cycling Plus, October 2010, p74

High quality - Independent Certification

There are lots of security devices on the market and it can be confusing to decide which ones are good and which ones aren't. One way of doing this is to ensure that any device you fit is tested by an independent organisation such as Sold Secure or accredited by the Police - the Torc ground anchor has both!

Sold Secure testing is carried out using methods in current use by thieves, and certification for products is updated on an annual basis to ensure that protection remains effective against ever-changing methods of attack.

There are three standards of award - Gold, Silver and Bronze, and six categories of award (bicycle, motorcycle, ATV, caravan and trailer, and car and commercial equipment). The methods of attack vary according to the category, so it is important to choose a ground anchor that is Sold Secure Gold for the category of equipment you wish to secure.

The Concrete Floor and Injection Resin fitting kits are Sold Secure approved in the following categories:

  • Caravan Gold (this is the highest standard there is, signifying a much tougher attack than for any of the others)
  • Motorcycle Gold
  • ATV Gold (e.g. quad bikes)
  • Car Gold
  • Commercial Gold (including plant, agricultural equipment, etc)
  • Bicycle Gold

(These above kits are not suitable for overhead/inverted use, but they are fine on vertical as well as horizontal surfaces.)

The Brick Wall and Block Wall and Concrete-In and Van/bike safe fitting kits all have Sold Secure accreditation in the following categories:

  • Motorcycle Gold
  • ATV Gold (e.g. quad bikes)
  • Car Gold
  • Commercial Gold (including plant, agricultural equipment, etc)
  • Bicycle Gold

Don't take our word for it: You can check our current approval status on the Sold Secure web site!

Police approved ground anchorThe Police run an initiative called Secured-by-Design (SBD) that accredits products that achieve required standards of crime prevention. The Torc ground anchor is approved by SBD. All fitting kit options are Police Preferred Specification.

You can also read our testimonials to find out what customers think of our product.


We have our Sold Secure and Secured-by-Design certificates available online so you can print your own copies, should you need them to prove certification for your insurance company etc.

Warning: Beware Inaccurate or Misleading Claims

Don't be fooled by inaccurate claims of Sold Secure approvals. Many suppliers claim approval that is incorrect or that relates to some test that happened years ago, sometimes to a different design. Sometimes the product has failed a more recent test, but they don't tell you! You can check our current approval status on the Sold Secure and on the Police Secured-by-Design web sites. Also beware suppliers giving misleading information about how strong the bolts are: The bolts generally aren't the issue as the concrete or brickwork is invariably the weak point! We deliberately use a 4-bolt fixing spread over a wide area to compensate for the substrate. Any single-bolt, or two-bolt fixing is necessarily more reliant on the quality of the substrate, even if it uses big bolts. Also, using a big bolt often forces you to hire an industrial drill, and for what? To keep the manufacturing costs down or to perpetuate a poor design! Much better to have a decent multi-bolt fixing spread over a wide area. This is not rocket science: It's common sense!


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