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Torc Ground Anchor - Series III - Technical Details

This page gives various technical details of the manufacture and dimensions of the latest version of the Torc ground anchor - the Series III. Click for technical details of the Series II anchor.

Dimensions, Design and Technical Details

The Torc Ground Anchor Series III is available in two variants: The Torc Series III Mega (the largest and toughest version), and the Torc Series III Maxi (not quite as big, but still with the same core attack resistance). Both the Mega and the Maxi incorporate our fold-flat Torc characteristic that has been a feature ever since we started our business with the Series I anchor. This means they are both compact and unobtrusive when not in use, but large enough to take the largest chains, including 16mm, 19mm and 22mm. Most manufacturers would not share information such as follows here. We are happy to share this because we are confident in our design and manufacturing processes and are happy to be compared in fine detail with any other anchor on the market. We have always striven to be the manufacturer of the best ground anchors and that continues today, with the Torc Series III and the rest of our range.

The Torc Series III has the following features:

  • Shackle: 22mm Diameter Fully-Forged Hardened Steel, formed as a complete 'D' so two cuts would be required to defeat it
  • Maximum Vertical Clearance Below Shackle: 80mm (Mega) and 61mm (Maxi)
  • Maximum Horizontal Clearance Within Shackle: 105mm (Mega) and 95mm (Maxi)
  • Base Plate: 158mm x 100mm overall (Mega) and 139mm x 90mm overall (Maxi)
  • Base Plate Construction: Forged in one piece
  • Height to top of bridge (highest point, when folded) = 35mm (Mega) and 38mm (Maxi)
  • Fitting Area: 256mm x 149mm (Mega) and 220mm x 139mm (Maxi) (overall shackle footprint, allowing folding in both directions)
  • Fixings: Quantity 4, grade 10.9 high tensile M10 socket countersunk bolts, zinc plated, supplied with hardened chrome-steel ball bearings to defeat drilling attempts (quantity 8 fixings for the Maxi Block Wall kit - see below)
  • Fixings Protection: Quantity 4, Hardened Steel Hammer-in Plugs plus flat washers to allow precise fitment
  • Fixing Hole Centres: At the corners of a rectangle measuring 110mm x 65mm (Mega) or 95mm x 55mm (Maxi) (and another outer set for the Maxi Block Wall kit that are on the corners of a larger rectangle measuring 230mm x 160mm)
  • Finish: Electrophoretic zinc phosphate followed by powder coating: Red on the shackle, and Black on the base plate.


Many other anchors have poor quality finishes that will chip and rust prematurely. The shackle and the base plate on the Torc anchor are designed such that they are unlikely to chip each other in normal use. To provide protection after inevitable chips from the heavy chains expected to be used with these anchors, we have employed an electrophoretic pretreatment in addition to high grade polyester powder coating - if the powder coating does get chipped, there is still a rust-resistant layer beneath. This is an example of the attention to detail that we give to our products.

Fitting kits for concrete floor/injection resin/brick wall and block wall (Maxi only) all include a length of plastic tubing to help you blow dust from the holes. This is very important to achieving a good fixing, whether with chemical resin or with expanding bolts. We also include the correct size of masonry drill bit in those kits, to help you drill the right size hole! Many security products use ball bearings to hammer into the bolt heads. We do the same, but we also include an aid in the kit to help you actually do this as it is not easy otherwise, especially if you are fitting the anchor to a vertical wall! We don't want you to hit your fingers with the hammer! The Torc Series III anchors also include hammer-in hardened steel plugs to give even more protection to the fixings! How many other anchors are supplied with such comprehensive contents?

The Torc Ground Anchor is available with a choice of five fitting kits to suit your application. We provide the detailed contents of each of the fitting kits.

We claimed for years that the Torc Ground Anchor (Series I) was the best anchor on the market and we had numerous awards and reviews that supported that claim. The Series II was better, and now the Series III takes it to another level!


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