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Anti-Pinch Pin Protective Cap Only

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Anti-Pinch Pin Protective Cap Only

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Plastic cap to cover the tip of the shaft of our standard and Super Anti-Pinch Pins (only), to protect valuable items that are being secured.

Beware: You still need to handle the Pin and any chains carefully as this will only provide a certain amount of protection.

This is a single push-on vinyl cap that can be used in conjunction with the heatshrink sleeving and rubber washers to cover the majority of the Pin, reducing the chance of damage to valuable items. It is 22.2mm inside diameter x 13mm long, to suit the Anti-Pinch Pin, Super Pin, and Mini Pin.

Note: This cap is not large enough to fit the new Super Dooper Anti-Pinch Pin. Those Super Dooper Pins are supplied with the heatshrink and cap  etc already fitted.

Note: This cap will not quite fit inside the Protector 19mm chain, meaning that you'd potentially have to remove the cap and replace it after sliding the chain over the tip of the Pin, which is a bit of a pfaff. Hence, it is not ideal in combination with the 19mm chain. You may prefer to avoid using the cap in such situations, perhaps applying some insulating tape instead. This is not ideal and we apologise for the inconvenience, but it is down to the dimensions of the chain link and the fact that it has little clearance against the Pin.

You should keep the cap clear of any hot items and especially hot exhausts or other engine parts.

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