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Anti-Pinch Pin

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Anti-Pinch Pin

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The Anti-Pinch Pin helps you to use a 16mm or 19mm chain on items that have insufficient clearance to allow the chain itself to pass through. It is designed to be used with a Squire SS65CS (and SS65CS-XLN) padlock (other padlocks will not fit). The SS65CS lock is recommended over the SS65CS-XLN.

The Anti-Pinch Pin is available in a variety of lengths - select the length you require from the drop-down list below. Note that these are all Nominal Lengths - the overall length (i.e. including the thickness of the head) is about 10mm greater and manufacturing tolerances mean these are not precise - please contact us if you have a particularly tight constraint on length.

For a Standard Pin, the Usable Length (UL) is given by Nominal Length - 44mm.

Please click for important information on Anti-Pinch Pin suitability and further details.

Note: An upgraded version (the Super Anti-Pinch Pin) and an even more upgraded version (the Super Dooper Anti-Pinch Pin) are also available that offer improved angle grinder resistance.

You might find our Reminder Cable is a useful addition to help ensure you remove the Pin before riding away!When using a cable on an Anti-Pinch Pin, we recommend that you push the Pin through the cable before putting the Pin through the bike, so the cable sits next to the head of the Pin. That makes it far less likely that you might remove the cable but leave the Pin in the bike and still ride away, which is what we don't want! :-)

We also offer optional protection products to help keep your valuable items from damage caused by these pieces of metal! A self-adhesive rubber washer that we stick on the underside of the Pin or Super Pin head, plus heatshrink sleeving that we shrink onto the shaft of the Pin, plus a plastic end cap that is pushed onto the tip of the Pin. These offer protection to the majority of the exposed metalwork of the Pin or Super Pin. We can fit all these items (select the option when adding a Pin to your shopping cart), and the component items themselves are also available separately. Beware that you should still handle the Pin carefully as these protection products will only give a certain amount of protection to your valuables. You should also avoid exposing them to any hot surfaces, such as hot exhausts or engines.

Note: The plastic protective cap doesn't quite fit through the Protector 19mm chain links and thus may not be useful in combination with that chain. We apologise for any inconvenience caused.

Note: Shorter version Pins ("Mini Pins") are available for adapting under-size ground anchors to suit larger chains and for other situations where a smaller length, smaller head (and cheaper price) are desirable. More details are available in a separate product entry.

The Pins are supplied with a black electrophoretic finish.

Please click for important information on Anti-Pinch Pin suitability and further details.

We have more explanation of Anti-Pinch Pin dimensions and terminology.

This video gives an overview of our Anti-Pinch Pin range and also introduces the Super Dooper Anti-Pinch Pin, an upgraded version:

96 Product Reviews - Average rating 5 / 5 (Click here to expand and to show more reviews)
Works Perfectly with my Pragmasis Chain and Anchor
- 10/11/2022
Ordered the pinch pin after swapping bikes with the new one having spoked wheels.
After a few attempts at threading the chain through the wheel and getting annoyed, the pinch pin was ordered.
Only a few days for delivery, kept up to date by David via emread more
Good idea
- 03/09/2022
Using a 390mm pinch pin with lock and chain, very happy with the idea and security, need to get a slightly larger ground anchor now, as the chain links won’t pass through my current ground anchor! But that’s a fault on my part, no problem with the serread more
A must for safely securing the bike [Pin Length:- 250mm ]
- 07/08/2022
Select Pin Length: - 250mm (Limited Availability)
Anti-Pinch Pin Protection Fitted: - Yes (Self-Adhesive Rubber Washer, Heatshrink and Cap all fitted)

Wheels and Disk locks can be bypassed, the wheels can be cut or removed easily. I was looking for read more
Very effective on my K1300
- 27/04/2022
Should have bought this year's ago. Allows me to lock 3 bikes to a tree using my 4metres of Pragmasis 16mm chain. A Pragmasis U lock locks the back wheel of the first bike to the chain, then a link goes over the anti-pinch pin through the rear wheel tubread more
Excellent Idea
- 10/02/2022
Used on a VFR800, through the rear wheel spindle and swingarm. (plus the chain, padlock and ground anchor),
Tea leaf has to remove the whole swingarm, or make a hell of a racket.
In practice they'd just look for something easier to nick.
Price (inc VAT): £60.00
For a Standard Pin, the Usable Length (UL) = Nominal Length - 44mm.


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