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Squire Reminder Cable

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Squire Reminder Cable

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Accessory to a disc lock or to our Anti-Pinch Pin to reduce the chance of trying to ride away with them still attached to the bike!

Yellow colour, only. 

Approximately 110cm long when stretched, excluding the loop at each end.

Compatible with both the Squire Eiger Mini and also our RoundLock, Anti-Pinch Pin and Super Pin. Loop one end of the cable over the item and the other end over the handlebar or anywhere else that will be really obvious when you're getting ready to ride the bike.

Remove it all before riding away!!!

Beware that it is a little loose when used on anything like the RoundLock as you are just looping it over the lock, engaging it in the groove between the lock body and the socket, but then you are basically doing something very similar at the other end, on your handlebar. The latter is the end that you really don't want to fall off, of course.

When using it on an Anti-Pinch Pin, we recommend that you push the Pin through the cable before putting the Pin through the bike, so the cable sits next to the head of the Pin. That makes it far less likely that you might remove the cable but leave the Pin in the bike and still ride away, which is what we don't want! :-)

Manufacturer Squire
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