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Protector 25mm Titan Chain Only

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Protector 25mm Titan Chain Only

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*New* Ultimate Security chain! The biggest and beefiest production security chain in the world, as far as we know! Guaranteed impossible to bolt-crop by hand (select length below) and a significant challenge even for angle grinders.

European Boron steel.

Sold Secure Motorcycle ("Powered Cycle") Diamond. Approx 20kg for a 1.8m length (chain is approx 11kg/m).

Please beware that this is an extremely heavy duty chain and it is suitable for only the most severe security applications. It is almost twice the weight of our 19mm chain, and that is already heavy duty! Please do not order this unless you are confident that you really need such an extreme chain, and that you are going to be able to handle it and fit it through whatever item(s) you need to secure. It is a beast! We reserve the right to make a restocking charge if you order it and then need to return it.

The chain is supplied with usually bronze colour sleeving, and the chain itself is finished with a black electrophoretic anti-corrosion finish.

Price and weight given are for the package including a 1.8m long chain - Please select alternative lengths below and the price displayed will be adjusted automatically.

Beware: This chain will only fit certain padlocks. Our Package Deals include this chain combined with a specially-manufactured Squire SS80CS-XLN padlock - the standard SS80CS and smaller locks will not fit!

Noose chains are not available for the Protector Titan 25mm because they become so unwieldy.

Click for more technical info on the Protector range of security chains.

The following video gives an overview of the Protector Titan 25mm chain (opens in a new window)

Noose chains are not available for the Protector 25mm chains because they become so unwieldy.

The next video gives a quick visual tour of the whole Protector range of chains, from the ultimate Protector Titan chains, through to the Protector 11mm (opens in a new window)

And this video shows how to fit the lock to the chain (with a non-Noose chain) (opens in a new window)

Manufacturer Pragmasis
Price (inc VAT): £249.95
Nominal length, subject to manufacturing tolerances.
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