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Anti-Pinch Pin Protection

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The Anti-Pinch Pin is available with lengths of flame retardant black heatshrink sleeving, a plastic end cap, and also with self-adhesive rubber washers to suit the specific variant of Pin. Note that larger diameter sleeving & cap & washer are required for the Super Dooper Pins.

The heatshrink sleeving can be supplied already fitted to the Pin in our factory.

This heatshrink is more relevant for situations where the Pin will be resting against the fairing or carbs etc, and may be unnecessary for rear axle fitments. We can also supply the heatshrink separately but beware that it can be a struggle to shrink it down to size if you only have a domestic hairdryer so something slightly more potent is preferable (e.g. a hot air gun or steam from a kettle, but be careful not to get burnt or scalded!). The rated temperature range for the sleeving is -55 to +135 C. We are also now including a vinyl end cap to provide protection from the very tip of the Pin. This black plastic cap is a simple push fit onto the end of the Pin and helps to avoid delicate items or finely finished surfaces from being scratched when the Pin is fitted. Beware, however, that this cap will not fit through the links on the Protector 19mm chain so it is more suited to the 16mm chain where it fits fine. If you are using the 19mm chain through a rear axle or similar one-sided situation, you can pass the Pin through both ends of the chain and then fit the vinyl cap. The Pin can then be passed through the rear axle and the lock fitted on the far side. Hence, it is possible to get the benefit of a protective covering for the tip of the Pin when using the 19mm chain, but it does restrict the way that the combination can be used.

The nitrile rubber protective washers are self-adhesive and offered in sizes to suit the standard Anti-Pinch Pin (70mm OD x 25mm ID); the Super and Super Dooper Anti-Pinch Pins (70mm OD x 35mm ID), and also for the metal Pin Washer (i.e. a rubber washer to cover one side of the steel washer!).

None of these protective products are a substitute for careful handling of the Pin!

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