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Anti-Pinch Pin Bike Suitability

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This page gives guidance on choosing the correct Anti-Pinch Pin to protect your bike.

As a general guideline, if your bike allows you to pass a broomhandle through a structural part of the bike's frame or suspension, you are likely to be compatible with a standard or Super Pin. More clearance is required if you wish to use a Super Dooper Pin as that is made from 30mm diameter bar compared to the 24mm diameter bar used on standard and Super Pins. The Super Dooper Pin is especially beneficial when securing bikes with large diameter hollow rear axles (such as many BMW and Ducati single-sided swingarm models).

The Anti-Pinch Pin is supplied in a wide range of lengths so that you can choose one that fits closely to your bike. We also offer Pin Spacers to help fill any unwanted gap at the end of a Pin, to further deter attacks by thieves.

Most bikes are relatively straightforward and the required Pin length can be determined by using something like a broomhandle to determine the distance from one side of the bike to the other, and then adding an allowance for the thickness of the intended chain links plus a little clearance to arrive at the minimum Usable Length of Pin that will be needed. You would then round that up to reach one of the lengths that we offer, in whichever range of Pin variants you prefer.

Example 1: Free space on one side of a BMW K1200GT rear axle to the other side measures 190mm, i.e. the axle width is 190mm. If we intend to use two links of Protector 19mm chain, that adds 38mm so the minimum Usable Length we would need would be 190 + 38 + clearance = 230mm. We then select a Pin or Super Pin with Usable Length of 243mm (Nominal Length 290mm) as that is the next size we manufacture. (The decision to use the Protector 19mm chain forces us to be picking a Pin or Super Pin as the 19mm chain is not compatible with the Super Dooper Pin, sadly.)

Example 2: If we want to secure the same bike with a Super Dooper Pin and two links of Protector Titan 22mm (Bare Ended) Chain, we need the 190mm axle width plus 44mm allowance for the chain plus some clearance so the minimum Usable Length of Super Dooper Pin would be e.g. 238mm. The next available Super Dooper Pin Usable Length is 260mm so we would choose that size, for either the SS80CS or PL362 padlock type according to our preference. (Note that the Nominal Length for these two Super Dooper Pins will be different and is rather academic/unimportant, so it is far easier to always express the Super Dooper Pins in terms of their Usable Lengths, which is what we do.)

How much clearance is recommended? We would never advise choosing a Pin that matches the bike width plus chain thickness exactly as that will be very awkward to lock together, if it fits at all! Adding a minimum of e.g. 2-3mm is advisable, and perhaps a little more with thicker chains such as 22mm+. This also assumes that your bike width measurement is accurate - It needs to reflect the distance from free space on one side of the bike/axle, to the other. Beware obstructions that will interfere with fitting the chain, and with fitting the lock. You want it all to be a reasonably close fit, but you don't want it to require extreme manual dexterity and three hands to get it all together!

We have spent more than 10 years accumulating information on the range of bikes that are particularly suited to the Anti-Pinch Pin and we have a lot of experience that we can share for tricky applications. We are very grateful to many, many customers that hae helped us to amass this information. We also have many photos, also thanks to kind-spirited bikers, that we are permitted to share to help others that need to secure similar bikes.

Beware if you intend to go through the rear axle and you have a Ducati - Some of these have a stepped hollow rear axle so the hole appears to be OK but may then narrow down internally - Be sure to check that a 24mm bar will go right through! To help in some of these situations, we also offer a Ducati-Special Super Pin made from 22.2mm diameter bar. That small reduction in bar diameter makes a big difference to the support we can offer for some of these bike models. However, we do not recommend the Ducati-Special Pin is used on bikes that will accommodate the normal Pins - You are better with the largest Pin that will fit.

Rear Axle Fitting Examples

Super Dooper Anti-Pinch Pin from Pragmasis/SecurityForBikes.comThe following summarises typical measurements for a range of bikes where the rear axle has sufficient clearance to take a Pin.

We always recommend that you check your own bike as manufacturers do change things, even within a specific model or type.
BMW F800S and ST rear axle width 195mm
BMW K1200GT rear axle width 190mm
BMW K1200S rear axle width 170mm
BMW R1200GS rear axle width 180mm (we advise checking the axle width for yourself, always). Note: For Adventure/spoked wheel models, some shorter Pins must come in from the side of the bike so the head of the Pin sits in the hub recess and the chain comes in to the other side. If the Pin is going to come in from the other side, i.e. the non-recess side, it needs to be longer. We always recommend checking for yourself.

Ducati S2R, S4R & 695 Monster rear axle width 300mm (beware narrowing inside axle!)
Ducati 748 (2000+) and 998 rear axle width 250mm
Ducati 996, 998 rear axle width 300mm (beware narrowing inside axle!)
Ducati 1098 rear axle width 255mm
Hypermotard rear axle not suitable, but there is a passageway through the frame on both sides that runs between the cylinders that can be used with a 16mm chain and a suitable Pin

Ducati 848 also not suitable for the rear axle approach as it narrows significantly part-way through.

Ducati Panigale and similar: This bike has a rear axle that has a minimum internal bore of 22.8mm so our standard, 24.0mm diameter, Pin will not fit. We have introduced a Ducati Panigale Special Pin to help owners of this bike. That Pin is made from 22.2mm diameter steel bar and with different machining on the Pin head to suit. This is also produced in a special 420mm nominal length, again to get the best solution for this popular bike. Please note that this special Pin is not recommended for use with the Squire SS65CS-XLN lock because the shoulder on the machined lock recess is shallower, due to the thinner bar, and the overlap between that shoulder and the body of the 'XLN' lock is somewhat reduced as a result. This combination is still considered to be secure, but certain types of criminal attack could leave the lock jammed onto the edge of the shoulder, making it really difficult to unlock after an attempted theft. This is much less of a concern when this special Pin is used with the standard SS65CS lock, so that is the combination we recommend. It may be that this special Pin is also useful for some other bike models. We are compiling information as our experience increases.

Ducati bikes do vary within a model and even within a model year in terms of any narrowing through the rear axle. It is especially worthwhile to try to check that any narrow section part-way through the axle will still clear the shaft on the intended Pin. The following website may help: (that, and related pages).

Super Dooper Anti-Pinch Pin from Pragmasis/SecurityForBikes.comHonda VFR800 FiW/X/Y/1/VTEC models, Pin Nominal Length 340mm (OK for 16mm and also for 19mm chains). Ditto VFR750

KTM 1290R Superduke 340mm Pin Nominal Length.

Triumph T595 Daytona (single-sider) rear axle width 295mm. (All Triples and Daytonas with single-sided swingarms are thought to use the same axle)

Always measure your bike to be sure, and ask us if you are in doubt!

Alternative Fitting Examples

Various examples follow where a Pin has been used to poke through the heart of the bike, behind the engine cylinder block for instance. Opposite ends of a chain can then be looped over the each end of the Pin.

Beware that the following list expresses Pins as the Nominal Lengths of a Standard Anti-Pinch Pin. Nominal Length is not the same as a Pin's Usable Length, and the following all need adjustment if you intend to use a Super Pin or a Super Dooper Pin. Be sure you are choosing the right length of Pin for your requirements!
Aprilia SL1000 Falco = Standard Pin Nominal Length 390mm through frame
Harley Davidson Fat Bob 440mm Nominal Length Standard Pin .
Honda CBF1000 = 490mm Nominal LengthStandard Pin on skew angle through dogbone links
Kawasaki ZX6R =Standard Pin Nominal Length 490mm (some years OK, e.g. 2008; not all models! Please check the bike!)
Anti-Pinch Pin through the body of a Suzuki TL1000SVKawasaki Z1000SX 2015 = Mini Pin Nominal Length 120mm ('up and back' through a hole in the frame above the oil filler, with both ends of the 16mm/19mm chain on the Pin; Beware if awkward when the engine is hot?)
KTM 520 EXC, 525 EXE and 560 SMR =Standard Pin Nominal Length 340mm (fine with 16mm and 19mm chains)
KTM LC4-based bikes fine with 390mm Nominal Length Standard Pin (640, 625, 660, Duke, probably new 690)
KTM Super Duke suits either a 390mm or 440mm Nominal Length Standard Pin, dependent upon preferred routing
KTM 950 Adventure S and SE =Standard Pin length 490mm Nominal Length (440mm can be very tight)
Suzuki DRZ400 =Standard Pin Nominal Length 390mm
Suzuki GSXR600 K2 diagonal rear suspension fitting (see photos) 300mm minimum Usable Length
Suzuki GSXR600 K7 =Standard Pin length Nominal Length 440mm (ideal for 16mm and 19mm chains), through swingarm
Suzuki SV650 =Standard Pin Nominal Length 440mm
Super Dooper Anti-Pinch Pin from Pragmasis/SecurityForBikes.comSuzuki TL1000SV through the body of the bike (see photo above-right) approx 380mm Usable Length
Triumph Street Triple 2011 through bracing on swingarm Standard Pin Nominal Length 440mm
Triumph Bonneville T120 2021 490mm Nominal Length Super Pin across the gerarbox with a 19mm chain (see photo to the right)
Yamaha TDR250 =Standard Pin 440mm Nominal Length (plenty for 16mm and 19mm chains)
Yamaha XT600E =Standard Pin Nominal Length 390mm
Yamaha Fazer 1000 =Standard Pin Nominal Length 440mm (snug fit for 16mm chains)
Always measure your bike to be sure, and ask us if you are in doubt!

Thanks to many people that have helped us to evolve our list of compatible fitments. We have more info available upon request.

Swingarm Bracing

Several newer sportsbikes with braced swingarms have large holes through the swingarm structure that the Pin will pass through, and that can sometimes accommodate a 16/19/22mmmm chain directly (so a Pin would not be needed, unless for convenience). Beware the exhaust obstructing access, though.

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