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Mini Anti-Pinch Pin

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We also offer a baby version of the Anti-Pinch Pin in shorter lengths and with a slightly smaller head, to allow high grade chains to be used with ground anchors that have insufficient space to accept the chain directly. They still use the same Squire SS65CS lock for maximum security.

Mini-Pin with Squire GA1 Anchor and Protector 16mm Chain

Adapting a ground anchor to suit a 16mm or 19mm chain

The Mini-Pin is intended to be used in situations where there is a clearance problem with a heavy duty chain, but where the issue is on a much smaller scale than on a motorbike. The Mini-Pin is just a smaller-sized variation on the normal Anti-Pinch Pin, with a 50mm diameter head (compared with the 70mm diameter of the normal Pin), and it is made in shorter lengths and offered at a cheaper price. It will fit through many ground anchors that are too small to accept a heavy-duty chain themselves.

The photo here shows a Mini-Pin being used to allow a 16mm chain to be used with a Squire GA1 anchor, which will not accept such a chain itself. If you already have an anchor such as this installed and need to use a heavier chain, the Mini-Pin and a Squire SS65CS lock may be the solution required.

Video about the Mini-Anti-Pinch Pin

This video helps explain how the Mini-Anti-Pinch Pin can help with using Protector 16mm and 19mm chains, particularly with pre-existing ground anchors that will not accept a high-grade chain directly:

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