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Beef-Up Kit - Improve Your Shed Security at Minimal Cost!

Beef-Up Kit ContentsThe Pragmasis Beef-Up Kit is incredibly simple but solves a very common problem - shed doors being fitted with hinges that are only held in place with wood screws. Ditto a hasp & staple on the other side of the door, where it is also fixed with just wood screws.

Wood screws can be pulled out very easily!

A thief can simply use a crowbar, a screwdriver, or even the spade you left leaning against the side of the shed, to lever the hinges or the hasp or the staple away from the wood. You may have a good quality hasp & staple and a good padlock, but if they or the hinges are only fitted with wood screws, your property is not protected. (Note: Our HS1 Heavy Duty Hasp & Staple has 8 coach bolt fixings so it doesn't need help from the Beef-Up Kit, but that may still be relevant if the hinges on the same door are only fixed with wood screws!)

This problem is easy to solve!

The Beef-Up Kit provides a selection of fixings to help you replace some of the wood screws with coach bolts. If you have a coach bolt securing each side of each hinge, and coach bolts/machine screws securing each side of the hasp & staple, with a nut on the inside of the shed in each case, the fittings can no longer be easily torn from the wood. The thief no longer has an easy way into your shed (assuming you have a good quality hasp & staple and a decent padlock fitted and locked!).

The Beef-Up Kit contains the following:

  • M6 x 60mm long coach bolts, fully threaded, zinc plated (qty. 6)
  • M6 x 60mm countersunk head machine screws, fully threaded, zinc plated (qty. 2) (Note: These screws have a slot head, so they must be protected by the hasp or staple when locked, in order to be secure.)
  • M6 nuts, zinc plated (qty. 8)
  • M6 spring washers, zinc plated (qty. 8)
  • M6 flat washers, zinc plated (qty. 8)
  • 8.0mm HSS drill bit
  • Fitting instructions and guidance

The Squire No. 8 hasp & staple, for example, is fundamentally good quality, but it is supplied with a coach bolt for secure fitting of the hasp side only! Wood screws are supplied for fitting the staple side. The Beef-Up Kit includes a suitable machine screw that will replace one of the wood screws used to fit the staple side of the Number 8, so both sides are properly bolted through. The No. 8 is still not as strong as our HS1 hasp, but it is one of the better budget cost hasps, providing it is fitted with a Beef-Up Kit or equivalent. Note that the wood screws used to fix the staple in the Squire product are concealed behind the hasp when it is locked but there is not enough room to fit coach bolts in their place. Since the hasp covers these screws when it is locked, the machine screws supplied in the Beef-Up Kit, with slot heads, are secure. As mentioned above, they should not be used in situations where a thief has access to the screw heads, even though they do have a nut on the inside of the shed.

Typical Installations

Below are some example applications of the fittings supplied in the Beef-Up Kit:

Maxi Shackle Securing Bicycles to a Blockwork Wall
Above is an example shed door hinge where some of the wood screws have been replaced with coach bolts. This is the kind of thing you should have if you want your shed to be secure.

Maxi Shackle Securing a field gate to a metal post
Here is a hasp and staple with a coach bolt securing each side. The item was originally fitted with anti-tamper wood screws, which illustrates a common misconception that they really make much difference - They Don't! The thief doesn't need to unscrew them as it is easier and often faster to pull them out of the wood with a crowbar! It is the coach bolt on each side that is providing the security here, now, and not the anti-tamper wood screws - they just hold the thing straight!

Rear view of a Maxi Shackle Securing a field gate to a metal post
This is the inside view of one of the coach bolts. (The inside end of a machine screw would look the same.) The nut can't be readily pulled through the wood. It doesn't particularly need to be tight. Providing it is there, your security is much improved!


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