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Anti-Pinch Pin

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Very effective on my K1300
- 27/04/2022
Should have bought this year's ago. Allows me to lock 3 bikes to a tree using my 4metres of Pragmasis 16mm chain. A Pragmasis U lock locks the back wheel of the first bike to the chain, then a link goes over the anti-pinch pin through the rear wheel tube of the middle (most expensive) bike, the chain loops through the wheel of the last bike and the end goes back to the pin. The Squire SC65 locks it tightly in place. All very reassuring if you have to lock 3 bikes up on London streets.
Excellent Idea
- 10/02/2022
Used on a VFR800, through the rear wheel spindle and swingarm. (plus the chain, padlock and ground anchor),
Tea leaf has to remove the whole swingarm, or make a hell of a racket.
In practice they'd just look for something easier to nick.
Essential for securing my bike.
- 03/12/2021
Without the pin there is nothing substantial to connect my Blackbird to my chain and anchor leaving the wheels as the only option and the weakest link.
A really simple and elegant solution.
Essential security products
- 19/02/2021
I have two anti pinch pins. One through the rear wheel axle and a longer one through the frame. Both are secured to ground anchors with heavy chain. The anti pinch pin is an absolutely essential part of my security set up. Also, security for bikes are a great company to deal with.
Essential security products
- 19/02/2021
I have two anti pinch pins. One thought the rear wheel axle and a longer one through the frame. Both are secured to ground anchors with heavy chain. The anti pinch pin is an absolutely essential part of my security set up. Also, security for bikes are a great company to deal with.
- 06/12/2020
Already had a shorter pin and was looking for a disc lock for a Beemer but their brake discs are net standard. Came up with the idea of a slightly longer pin through the brake mount and an a squire padlock. Works a treat. Also has other capability as hand-held bike theft deterrent!!!
Secure and Safe.
- 13/10/2020
Having recently purchased a VFR800f I decided to upgrade the garage security, and having used Pragmasis in the past for securing my mountain bikes it was a no brainer not to use them again. A 340mm Anti Pinch Pin, 16mm x 1.2m chain with a SS65CS padlock now secures the rear wheel of the bike to a previously purchased Double Doofer ground anchor, with a Dib D-Lock through the front wheel to prevent anyone rolling the bike forward to gain better access to the anchor. The length of the chain allows me to secure the bike even with side panniers fitted and I can still slot the intermediate chain links over the end of the pinch pin to shorten the chain for when the bike is stored without panniers. I purchased the Pinch Pin with the full coating and it still goes through the rear axle without fuss. Positioning the ground anchor between the wall and the bike makes attaching the chain and lock a little awkward, however this will also be a massive headache for anyone trying to attack these items, so all in all a secure solution. Delivery was next day, everything was well packaged. Very happy bunny!
Excellent, but double check size!
- 15/09/2020
First up, ordering and feedback from David was great. I got an immediate apology on placing my order (in the late afternoon) that it would not go out the same day - but it went out the next day and arrived with no issues.

The pin itself (with rubber sleeve and washer) is a handsome thing! I can't believe I'm saying that about a security device, but I was really impressed by the quality as I unwrapped it.

Fitting it to my bike was easy (I'm using an Almax Immobiliser III chain and Squire 65 lock) but the length that was suggested (290mm) is a bit long. On my bike (a 2019 1250GS with wire wheels) I think the 250mm would probably have been better - less of the pin exposed once fitted.

Overall, very pleased indeed - just check the sizing.

Perfect for the job.
- 06/05/2020
Bought along with 16mm chain and Squire SS65CS padlock.

It is perfect for my requirements. Having nowhere suitable to fit a decent sized chain to my bike, this makes locking up the bike in the garage so quick and simple.

Pin through rear axle, attach chain, lock padlock. Must take no more than 30 seconds.

Great service from David. Great communication and fast delivery.
Anti-Pinch pin
- 07/04/2020
This is probably the third pin I've ordered, as the two previous pins were inadvertently left on the bike after removal of the lock. They are a brilliant solution and with the addition of a short chain and second pin, two bikes can be linked with one short chain when touring. Also highly recommend the closed shackle squire locks.
Finally I've found Davids advice invaluable, coupled with prompt service and delivery.
Clever, effective bit of kit
- 10/10/2019
Bought one of these after I got a 16mm Pragmasis chain and couldn't get it through the frame... what an ingenious idea. Simple and really secure. With the Squire lock and Beefy Bridge ground anchor surely an unbeatable combo?
Outstanding service and advice from David at Pragmasis as well as rapid delivery.
Strong , secure and well made.
- 01/10/2019
This is the second Anti Pinch pin that I have bought and I cannot recommend them enough. Its a really strong and quick way to secure your pride and joy. Slide the pin through the back axle, hang the two ends of your chain (already fed through the anchor)onto the pin and then secure with the Squire padlock. It takes seconds to do is really secure, plus no chance of chipping the alloys.
Simple and effective
- 16/04/2019
Have 490mm pinch pin for my Triumph Street Scrambler. Goes through just behind the engine and above the gearbox, so no just removing the wheel there. Use a Double Doofer ground anchor and chain. Keeps all the chain off the floor which is great. Have put pipe insulation over the pin to avoid damaging the engine paint etc. Just have to let the bike cool before securing! Great product for peace of mind!
make locking your bike a breeze
- 28/03/2019
I have two of these.
One for my GS fitted through the rear hub and one for the MT-07 which goes through the engine/frame.
No need to feed a chain through the rear wheel and then worry that you’ll go into the garage to find just a rear wheel.
Ok so you need a Squire SS65CS Padlock, but these padlocks are just wonderful to use and give great peace of mind with the use of a 16 or 19mm chain.
Wonderful product and service from Pragmasis
- 09/01/2019
Just received the “Super “ anti-pinch pin and I’m well pleased. Together with my 16mm Protector chain my KTM could not be more secure. Brilliant customer service from Pragmasis....thoroughly recommended!
Good product
- 13/12/2018
I have had one of these pins for a number of years now and I think it is an excellent product. I bought it to secure a Triumph Sprint 1050 ST, which it did very well. It was quick and easy to use. I cannot vouch for its theft resistance as it was never disturbed … a good thing in my book.

Downsides? I changed my bike and haven't been able to use it for a while, however the TORC ground anchor, 16mm chain, and Squire lock have all proved useful.
Great product and service
- 25/06/2018
Got this for my new 1200GS along with the Squire lock, 19mm chain and Double Doofer and it's a great setup. Locking the bike up is very easy using the pin through the rear axle and the required chain length is minimised incredibly.

David provided help and advice during the buying process and the items were dispatched quickly.
Sleep easiler at nights now
- 23/05/2018
Got this with a 19mm chain and NW4 keyed Squire lock. Fits easily to my 2018 Ducati Monster 1200S. I can sleep easier at night now. Thanks
Brilliant service and product
- 05/11/2017
These guys gave me some wonderful service, loads of advice before I made my order to make sure that I got the best product for my needs. The anti-pinch pin is a brilliant idea and fits my bike perfectly. Makes it so easy to lock my bike up to my other one without having to have huge amounts of chains.
Great product and outstanding customer service
- 02/10/2017
I've been using one of these through the back axle on my bike for years. It's a really convenient way to secure your bike to a ground anchor and with my bike there is no way to get a chain though anything solid on the bike.
Unfortunately some scumbags attacked it with an angle grinder last week. They managed to cut the padlock (which didn't open despite the shackle being cut) and then the pin. They were almost through when disturbed.
No chain or pin is going to defeat an angle grinder so all you can do is make them think twice and slow them down.
I was worried that they'd come back to finish the job but after a call to Pragmasis and getting some advice from Steve, I had a replacement pin (deliberately shorter than the original), a longer pin to go through the chassis with the washer, some more chain and a D-lock within 24 hours.

Steve and his team are brilliant. Customer service is second to none. Everything arrived, well packed the next day. I can't recommend this company highly enough.
- 18/09/2017
This pin is formidable.Its solid and will need a whole load of noise to cut through. Pairing it with a 19mm chain and a beasty ground anchor will see thieves move on to somehting easier.
Ducati security
- 31/08/2017
I bought the 16mm x 1.0m chain and padlock as a package and added the Panigale 899 special Anti-Pinch Pin for my Ducati Multistrada 950 as the spindle diameter is smaller than the standard 24mm pin. It all fits well and is quick to take on and off. Very pleased with it. The way I have it all installed would be difficult to apply large cutting tools so I'm confident they would look somewhere else.
Anti Pinch Pin for R1200 GSA
- 21/08/2017
I had seen a few reviews on you tube and emailed the guys for some advice on size and fitting etc received a very helpful reply the following day and bought the pin (290mm) 16mm chain (1.5m) and padlock.

All looks very sturdy, great service ordered on Friday morning and arrived the following Monday. Expensive when compared to other chains but we have all seen the you tubes of lesser chains being hand cropped in 1 to 2 mins.

I tried both the recommend ways for fitting with a ground anchor cemented into the garage floor started with feeding the pin through one end link then putting the pin through the wheel (facing left to right) other end link and then padlock doing it this way the 290mm pin was only just long enough to get a link on at each end with the padlock, I then tried feeding the pin through the wheel right to left and putting the two end links on one end with the padlock, this made fitting and access to the padlock much easier, could have probably got away with a slightly shorter chain maybe 1.3/1.4m but the extra length will be useful if I have to leave it chained to something outside.

Put the pin through some pipe lagging to protect the centre part of the rear wheel.
Simply brilliant - and the service A1!
- 19/06/2017
The anti pinch pin combined with the Squire SS65CS padlock (nice bit of kit) is an example of the best ideas being simple! It's a brilliant idea, far easier than wrapping 19mm chain around an axle (even if a gap exists to do so).

Something else to mention is the service received from David and Steve, who run the show. Orders handled professionally, and enquires dealt with promptly and with courtesy.

A big *thumbs up* - will recommend to others.
Just the job...
- 09/06/2017
Needing to secure my new Ducati against the ne'er-do-wells, I purchased an Anti-Pinch Pin, 16mm chain and Squire SS65CS padlock as a package. These are a fantastically strong set of products. What makes them better is it only takes around 30 secs to fit again after a ride. Pragmasis staff were really helpful advising which of the pinch pins was needed for my bike and the length of chain required. Top marks.
Fits perfectly!
- 24/04/2017
The perfect solution to the problem of fitting a decent chain through the frame of my Ducati Monster 796! The 390 mm pin fits perfectly through the frame in front of the engine casing, and will hopefully act as a serious deterrent for the toe-rags!
Anti-Pinch Pin
- 01/04/2017
What a great device. Simple but extremely effective going through wheel and driveshaft and secured by 2 metre long 16mm chain with Squire SS65CS padlock and secured to ground with the Torc Anchor. Excellent delivery time of less than 24 hours from order to receipt.
Quality product.
- 11/03/2017
Well, it was about time to up my security and those kind people at Almax showed me what not to buy by destroying £1000s worth of chain. After a month of reviews and YouTube videos the end result was going to be either a 16mm Almax or a 16mm Pragmasis chain. What swung it for me was the Anti Pinch Pin which would work well with my hollow axled BMW GSA LC. So, I purchased a 2 metre 16mm chain and a pair of Squire padlocks to complement the Anti Pinch Pin. Very heavy but the bike isn't going anywhere without me.

The service was spot on, Stephen & David communicated quickly and efficiently throughout.

Top marks guys.
Excellent service
- 28/02/2017
I ordered a chain and pin to secure my bike. I had seen on forums that this was the best way to secure the bike using a ground anchor. I placed the order but got it wrong. I phoned and they talked me through everything in needed and saved me £200 as a result. Products shipped and arrived next day. Fantastic service thanks.
Great Stuff!
- 27/10/2016
490mm Anti-pinch pin + 16mm chain + squire SS65CS.

Bought these items to secure a Yamaha MT-09 Tracer to an existing ground anchor. The Tracer doesn't have any way to pass such a large chain through the frame so the APP is an ideal solution for this bike.

The service from Pragmasis was brilliant; telephoned in to discuss the APP and subsequently placed an order. Goods arrived next day! I stupidly ordered the wrong chain length - another quick phone call and a return and replacement was sorted. These guys were really good to deal with and, on the basis of my experience, thoroughly recommended.
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