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Anti-Pinch Pin - Mini-Pin

Anti-Pinch Pin - Mini-Pin
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Anti-Pinch Pin - Mini-Pin

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The Anti-Pinch Pin helps you to use a 16mm or 19mm chain on items that have insufficient clearance to allow the chain itself to pass through. It is designed to be used with a Squire SS65CS (and SS65CS-XLN) padlock (other padlocks will not fit).

The Mini-Pin is a variation on the same idea, with a smaller head (50mm diameter cf. 70mm) and made in shorter lengths. The bar (i.e. the 'pin' part), the lock recess, and therefore the requirement for a Squire SS65CS lock, are all identical to the larger Anti-Pinch Pins.

The Mini-Pin is available in a variety of lengths - select the length you require from the drop-down list below. Note that these are all nominal lengths - the overall length (i.e. including the thickness of the head) is about 10mm greater and manufacturing tolerances mean these are not precise - please contact us if you have a particularly tight constraint on length.

Please click for important information on Anti-Pinch Pin suitability and further details.

The Mini Pins are supplied with either a zinc plated or black electrophoretic finish.

One of the photos shows how the Mini-Pin can be used to adapt a Squire GA1 concrete-in ground anchor to suit a 16mm chain. If you have such an anchor already installed and do not want to replace it, the Mini-Pin may allow you to use a higher-grade chain than would otherwise fit through the existing anchor.

We also offer protection products to help keep your valuable items from damage caused by these pieces of metal! Heatshrink sleeving plus a plastic end cap offer protection to the shaft and tip of the Pin. We can fit these for you, including shrinking the sleeving onto the Pin, or the component items are available as separate products. (The rubber protective washers are not available in the smaller size for the Mini Pin. We apologise for any inconvenience caused.)

Note: The plastic protective cap doesn't quite fit through the Protector 19mm chain links and thus may not be useful in combination with that chain. We apologise for any inconvenience caused.

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Worth the wait ;)

- 10/03/2017

Got this one (120mm) and the pin washer to secure my 07 blade.
Pin goes through the hole in the swing arm (check the pics in the gallery).
It's a lot simpler (and secure) than passing the chain through the wheel.
Just make sure you follow David's instr...

Excellent Product

- 20/01/2017

I use the anti pinch pin, Torc anchor and 19mm chain to secure my bike.

Quality of product and customer service from Pragmasis the best you can buy.

Very Clever solution

- 18/01/2017

I bought a short link chain which had link diameter bigger than 22 mm so no hope of fitting a squire or any closed shackle padlock over both ends. The mini anti pinch pin though I don't think intended for this use was an excellent suggestion by David and ...

Problem Solved

- 27/05/2016

Allot of bikes these days have no gaps between the bodywork and the frame. So how do you lock the bike to a ground anchor to maximise security. Easy, you get an Anti Pinch Bolt! Where there's a will there's a pinch bolt solution, or at least there was for...

Excellent Product

- 28/02/2016

I've got a couple of eyebolts in the wall that weren't large enough to accommodate my new 16mm chain. The mini-pin has solved the problem so neatly that I've just bought another. I've now got secure parking for two bikes, plus a spare pin to take with me...

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