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Double Doofer Removable Ground Anchor

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Double Doofer Removable Ground Anchor Reviews for the product - Double Doofer Removable Ground Anchor (Back to product)
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Double Doofer
- 28/05/2022
A superb product and customer service. My order arrived very quickly, with excellent packaging and instructions with the most detailed, clear and thorough instructions. I have now easily fitted one Double Doofer into a 25cm thick concrete shed base and the anchor inspires confidence. The tools included to aid fitting are absoloutely fit for purpose. I would not hesitate to recommend this superb company.
Serious bit of kit........
- 09/05/2022
Ordered this, a 19mm chain and Roundlock and a Torc Maxi (for an existing chain and lock) following a conversation with David...... duly delivered on time by Parcelforce and up and running within an hour.

Double Doofer Ground Anchor
- 20/02/2022
I have this fitted in a rented garage so that I can remove it if necessary. Super solid fixing and I have a 19mm protector chain with roundlock for it which fits like a glove. The usual top end, heavy duty motorcycle security from Pragmasis and the usual top end customer service from David.

Highly recommended.
Double doofer securing my bike in my first home
- 23/01/2022
This is an awesome piece of kit. It arrived with everything I needed for installation and installing was easy! Even in the 60 year old concrete floor... I borrowed an SDS drill and it's owner for help help install, both of which I recommend. The chucks on the SDS were more secure and held the bit better than the straight shank (which I also ordered and tried out).

Instructions were really clear and helpful, and now my bike is feeling snug as a bug in the garage of my first home.

Going to order a new chain from Pragmasis soon, as the quality of the double doofer has impressed me so much.
A clever product
- 05/01/2022
The fabrication, materials and finish on this, is top notch, love the double protection you get from the base plate and the anti theft cover too, nice touch. You get everything you need to install this, you just need a decent drill to drive the supplied bit.
Great product
- 19/10/2021
Very easy to install, I wanted an anchor that I could easily move at a later date. Installed within 30 minutes with the fitting kit supplied.
Double Doofer
- 19/07/2021
Great piece of kit, easy to install,sleep easier knowing bike is locked to this
Looks the business
- 24/06/2021
Fantastic design, clear concise installation instructions and a perfect fit for my 16mm chain, can’t fault.
High Quality
- 04/06/2021
This is a very solid and heavily made ground anchor with a well thought out design. Easy to fit. Good instructions. Great service from Pragmasis staff.
Double Doofer
- 16/04/2021
Excellent quality anchor and super easy to install. Great customer service by Pragmasis.
Easy to install, and relocate.
- 20/03/2021
I'm planning some building works later this year. While that's taking place my bike will have to move its stored location. The Double Doofer provides the ideal solution allowing me to relocate the anchor as the works progress.
Installation is made easier with clear instructions, and video guides.
Secure removable ground anchor
- 03/03/2021
It's solid and also removable so I won't have to leave it behind when I move like the last one! Bonus

Bought with a 13mm link chain it looks/feels solid. It's not going anywhere!
Well thought out and very secure
- 14/12/2020
I bought this to go with a 19mm Protector chain, ordered Friday lunchtime and arrived Saturday. Not bad for free postage!

I was attracted to the fact you can move it after installation since I'll be moving soon. The Sold Secure certification proves that it doesn't compromise security even though it's removable.

It's solidly made and even the finish is great. It truly comes with everything you need to fit it except the power drill, the attention to detail is impressive. It even includes different length screws to hold the front plate on if you have the chain adapters fitted, which is a nice touch as it would be so easy to just say "trim to the right length". The supplied drill bit (I went SDS) is even a decent bit of kit!

The instructions are very comprehensive, and it was simple to fit. Even the hole spacing is a nice round number (100x100mm square) so no silly maths to worry about either.

Between the Doofer, the 19mm Protector and the RoundLock I'm satisfied that my bike is too much hassle to nick now.
Double Doofer Removable Ground Anchor and Protector 13mm chain
- 26/11/2020
Ideal ground anchor (and chain) for my application, where the location wil shortly be moved.
Just the job
- 14/11/2020
Secured to a wall, with two bikes attached. Great kit and instructions, right down to a piece of tape around the drill bit to indicate correct depth; couldn't have been easier to install.
Excellent Deterrent
- 05/09/2020
I bought this together with the 16mm chain and and padlock and it's really, really good. We all know that a professional thief will steal you car or motorcycle if they really want it but this chain, lock and anchor combo will deter all but the most determined crooks! I mounted it on a wall of my house. Excellent service as well.
Peace of mind
- 04/09/2020
Definitely happier having my bike chained to this anchor, using the anti-pinch pin. I am very happy with the product and would recommend it to anyone who is renting who may need to remove the anchor in future.

Instructions were extensive and easy to follow and when I had a question, it was answered right away. Customer service 10/10 (Thanks, David!). Delivery was super fast – this arrived before my Amazon Prime delivery, that about says it all!
- 10/08/2020
I bought this with the 16mm chain and DIB-D lock to protect our new Orbit e-tandem and other cycles in the garage. The quality of each item is exceptional, and the instructions (together with the video advice on this site) are clear and sound. Fitting was straightforward and everything looks and feels really secure. We'll be moving home in a few years, so it's good to know this will come with us. The whole package is excellent value for money, given the cost of replacing the cycles. Based on these items, I thoroughly recommend Pragmasis' services.
Double Doofer
- 30/06/2020
This is a solid, great product in use with one of their protector chains.

Instructions and bits provided couldn't have been better, well thought out.

Wouldn't hesitate to recommend this company.
Double Doofer & 16mm Protector
- 16/06/2020
After much deliberating i decided to purchase this combo (also Round lock). Installation was straight forward but "read" the instructions if you've never fitted one before. The anchor oozes quality and inspires confidence in use. The Protector chain is top class also, a winning combination.
Inspires confidence
- 13/06/2020
Solid bit of kit - very well thought out.
Instructions couldn't be clearer - foolproof.
Expect this will be relocated several times - hopefully somewhere on the Costa Del Sol soon!
Awesome !
- 11/03/2020
Always a pleasure to deal with Pragmasis, dont scrimp on security, NOT made in China
Top quality products and excellent service
- 04/03/2020
I bought a Protector 19mm Chain and RoundLock combo and Double Doofer Removable Ground Anchor.

It is used to secure by moto in a shared open space garage and combo does its job quite well.

Item details in web site perfectly describe the product and the delivery service was excellent.

I would strongly recommend SecurityForBikes, if you are looking for top quality products and excel service.
Very robust anchor - top marks
- 12/02/2020
I have this anchor on my garage floor used with the Protector 19mm chain, securing 3 mountain bikes. I feel happy I have the best there is when leaving the house
An extremely impressive piece of steel
- 17/11/2019
I bought this Double Doofer knowing that I need to remove it in a year from now. The double shell design makes it a beast of an anchor and I sleep extremely well at night knowing the anchor is going nowhere. I used the extra SDS Plus bit with a hired SDS drill and had the fitting holes drilled in minutes. The supplied spacing plates work perfectly for smaller chains and now I have the Protector 19mm chain with no spacing plates. Make sure the ground area you're going to place it in is flat enough to include the second cover as well without any movement.

Setup: Squire SS65CS-XLN padlock / Protector 19mm chain / Double Doofer ground anchor
Very heavy and massive
- 05/09/2019
I was surprised how heavy this anchor is, solid build and I ended mounting it to my wall since my floor was too weak .. solid and easy to mount!

Also great that it comes with everything you need, drill bit, screws, tools! Great !
Excellent product & service
- 10/07/2019
We already have the Torc ground anchor fitted but needed a new one, as we are very happy with the Torc we came straight back to Security For Bikes. We are planning on moving in the next year so bought the Double Doofer. Fitting was no problem and the peace of mind its given us is well worth the money, it feels solid and robust. The service was excellent as well, very fast delivery and communication was brilliant as well. Highly recommended
- 06/07/2019
I bought this as I wanted a removable ground anchor which provided 5* protection. This certainly didn’t disappoint, very well made and strong in construction.
Fitting took 30 mins, the hardest part was drilling the concrete!!
Would definitely buy again.
Amazing service and fantastic products
- 18/06/2019
A very good quality easy to install ground anchor, so good I've just bought another!
It took me about 30 mins to install with all the tools supplied, you'll only need a drill and a couple of cups of tea to finish the job.
All in all a very clever design that will allow me to take the anchor with me if I ever move home, how clever is that?
I'll sleep well knowing my pride and joy is secured to the ground with this thing via a pragmasis chain and padlock - what a piece of security!
Well made and easy to fit
- 21/04/2019
This is my first purchase from this company and I am extremely impressed.

The delivery was amazing, using DPD I was kept up to date throughout and delivery was very quick.

Usually I buy the Oxford sold secure ground anchor but after 3 house moves and having to leave it behind each time I thought it was time for a change! This anchor is so easy to fit, all tools included (unlike the Oxford anchor) and one thing that really impressed me was that the tools supplied were all good quality and not any old cheap rubbish that breaks the first time you use it like some other kits.

The anchor feels very secure and I am very happy with the products. Given you get detailed instructions, quality tools and the well made secure anchor I think the price is very reasonable. Already recommending it to friends!
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