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Double Doofer Ground Anchor Fitting Kit Only

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Double Doofer Ground Anchor Fitting Kit Only

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Spare fitting kits for the Double Doofer removable ground anchor.

Beware: We provide these items to help customers using our products. We are not able to advise on compatibility and any potential advantages/disadvantages or usage issues concerning products provided by any other manufacturers.

Note: This is just the bolts and other hardware provided in the fitting kit for our Double Doofer ground anchor. The ground anchor itself is not included.

This kit is intended for situations where you are removing and refitting a Double Doofer ground anchor, and you want to use a full set of new fixings. It is common that the shield anchors (the expanding bit) get stuck in a hole in concrete and are difficult to remove, or come to pieces as the wire ring that holds them can be damaged during the original fitting process. As well as a set of 4 shields, this kit includes the bolts that go with them as well as the drill bit and bendy plastic tube to help you clean dust from the new holes.

You can choose an SDS+ drill bit instead of the normal straight-shank drill if you wish. You can also choose to exclude the drill bit altogether if you already have one that is suitable.

Please refer to the detailed description for the Double Doofer ground anchor itself to be sure this is the item you want.

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