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Package Deal: Protector 13mm Chain, RoundLock

**Shipping and COVID-19 Restrictions: We are unable to ship to any locations outside mainland UK at present, due to the Customs issues caused by Brexit. We are also unable to accept any visitors into our building due to COVID restrictions. *No exceptions** Please see our News page for more details.

Package Deal: Protector 13mm Chain, RoundLock Reviews for the product - Package Deal: Protector 13mm Chain, RoundLock (Back to product)
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Good First Impressions

- 01/05/2021

A 16mm chain and double doofer anchor have been securing my bike for several years, I sleep soundly. Bought the 13mm chain and round lock for security whilst im away after Bennetts review confirmed my own thoughts. Not yet tested, but again both chain and lock appear great quality and the chain wraps up tightly for carrying in a tail pack. Happy. Personal comms from the guys at Pragmasis on the order a nice touch, appreciated.

The right security for my needs

- 09/04/2021

I bought two 13mm chain and padlocks to upgrade the security of our bicycles, which are stored in a fairly high-risk location. Pragmasis is the only company I found that gave me the confidence I was looking for about the quality and security rating of their products. I’m very happy that I’ve bought the best product available for our needs and budget. And their customer service is second to none.

Excellent Quality and Service

- 23/01/2021

I purchased 2 of these chains in different lengths and 2 Beefy Ground Anchors, the quality of these items and the clarity of the technical videos made fitting these a manageable process. Although the resin capsules were not included in the original shipment these were dispatched promptly without question.
[Pragmasis Comment: We apologise for any packing mistakes. They don't happen very often but we do always hope to resolve them as a matter of urgency. Sorry again for any inconvenience caused.]

Protector chain and round lock

- 04/01/2021

I’ve done a lot of research into the best security after my bike was stolen in Aug. Pragmasis come top almost all of the time. I’ve bought a chain and two round locks and I can see why. So sturdy. But it’s also the wealth of info they provide on how to secure things properly. I’ll always come to pragmasis now. Superb company.

excellent service

- 25/12/2020

excellent product delivered ontime with good communication. Recommended.


- 03/12/2020

Great customer service - communication was quick and very informative! The product arrived promptly and I am extremely satisfied with the quality.

Very Pleased with Service and Products!!

- 30/10/2020

These guys take security very seriously, know their products and are willing to advise to make sure the customer gets best option for the application/s .... my order has included Noose Chains, Round Locks & Dib Locks all keyed alike ... SFB have been happy to split orders to get what I needed and the quality of the items received are top notch! .... any trustworthy security is going to represent a high outlay but compared to what else is on the market I have what I need and can trust at a fair price and delivered quickly too ...Thank you SFB!

5 stars

- 08/10/2020

Really great customer service with detailed info of when the package will arrive. The products speak for themselves. These are top of the line.

First Class Product And Service

- 01/09/2020

Very good product, fitted with a Torc Maxi Ground Anchor, makes everything safe and secure. Would recommend to anyone.

Great package, fantastic service

- 29/08/2020

Delivered by DPD absolutely spot on the time quoted.
Chain and lock are exactly as described, really good quality and I am sure they will be an effective deterrent (it looks and is very substantial).
Couldn't be happier, Thanks Pragmasis.

A Beast of a Chain

- 24/08/2020

I got a 5 meter 13mm noose chain and round lock to link my power tools in the garage workshop.
This combo is an absolute beast. In addition to door security and intruder alarm, should be more than enough to deter any would be thieves.

Top of the market chain and lock

- 03/08/2020

The chain links are solid and smooth, and the length of each link accompanied by a noose-end allows multiple ways of fixing the bike to a grounded object.

The Roundlock is more compact that expected - looks impossible to break. It doesn't fit onto my disc breaks so I'm using it with the chain only.

What cost for security? I Recommend PRAGMASIS

- 17/06/2020

I had considered a lock and chain from another manufacturer but just before I ordered searched the internet again. I suggest you see
This site also contained a link to Pragmasis own site which contained individual videos for the chains and locks.
I was initially looking at the 22mm with the R1 round lock, but as Steve pointed out in the video - "its no good having a chain and lock and not using it!"
I needed a chain I could carry in my panniers which are limited to 5kg. I compromised on the 13mm Chain with the compact RL21 lock, I measured the length to be approximately 1.5 meters. I knew that the end links will fit through any link in the chain which makes it very handy to ensure the lock or chain is clear of the ground. (Few manufactures offer this option only their end link will go through other links in the chain which limits your possibilities.
I ordered two RL21 locks with matching keys which are also a work of art, and can be alternatively be used as a disk lock (even more flexibility).
I carefully fed the chain around the frame and wheel in the route intended, and calculated that I could reduce the length by 4 links to 1.2 meters to reduce the mass (3.333 kg/m).
Instead of swapping the chain, I ordered another. In the garage where weight is not a concern I use both, so although the chain is thinner than the 22mm diamond award chain I have two 13mm.
Davids service was Excellent could - not have done more for me. Chain and lock quality brilliant, and delivery by DPD second to none.

Fast delivery, very happy!

- 17/06/2020

13mm chain with roundlock arrived 48 hours of ordering. Arrived in excellent condition and nicely wrapped. Very excited to use with my new bicycle.


- 12/06/2020

Great customer service and excellent product!

13mm Protector + Roundlock

- 13/09/2019

Just taken delivery of 2 x 13mm Protector chains and keyed alike roundlocks. Purchased these to secure 2 bikes and garden machinery in garage. Initial thoughts are these are perfect for the job and should be a good deterrent should any low life get as far as getting into the garage. On another note - Service was great with the items being ordered at 2pm and delivered at 9:30am the following morning! Many thanks

Excellent cost benefit

- 07/08/2019

Purchased the 13mm Protector chain - 1.5m with noose end and Roundlock. The chain is really heavy and sturdy. I did some research for other models and competitors. This one was the best one I found given weight and price constraints. The noose end is really handy if you need to secure one tyre and lock the chain in something else. The interesting thing is that the noose end is big enough to pass the 16mm chain. If you need to use it as a regular chain, just lock it using the link before the noose end and the roundlock.

I've just bought the chain and my bike. So hopefully I'll have a better idea in the coming months a should leave another review. At least for now, the chain leaves a really good impression and should avoid most of thieves. I hope it won't be attacked. If so, this should be strong enough to resist most of bolt cutters.

Excellent Product

- 18/01/2019

Having looked at various other locks/chains/anchors and reading mixed reviews I opted to buy this lock and torq anchor and am so glad I did. Yes they are a little more expensive, but the quality and finish are excellent, as was the service.
Very pleased with my purchase.

Good for security on the go

- 13/01/2019

I bought a 13mm chain for security when away from home. The 13mm is a good balance of strength vs. weight. Having had a bike stolen before when I was on a biking holiday - which put a bit of a damper on it - I'm much more security-conscious now.

Best balance

- 19/11/2018

After messing the guys at Pragmasis around for a couple of weeks, I finally settled for a 1.2m 13mm chain with a roundlock padlock. this seems to be the right mix of intimidating chain thickness and a unique padlock with excellent reviews. 1.2m may be too short to allow my bike to be easily attached to street furniture but it weighs in at under 5kg so I'm more likely to carry it and therefore use it.

Good product, good advice

- 17/11/2018

There is more to securing a bike with a chain than I expected. David steered me through the minefield and even managed to dig out a chain slightly longer than spec to give me the best possible solution. Thank you.

Portable Security

- 12/09/2018

I bought this chain/lock combination to secure my motorcycle whilst out and about - not too heavy, but seriously strong. The chain, sleeve and lock are all very well-made and fit nicely through the frame and rear wheel (or frame and round a post, if available). I must also compliment the company on their website. They have a wide product range, things are easy to find, and there is a lot of useful advice. Delivery was fast, and I was given both a time and day, which is very helpful.
All in all, a great company to deal with.

Great value and great solution

- 27/05/2018

I bought he 13mm chain so that it would go through the rear axle of my BMW R1200GS, a 1.5m chain with noose so that it was not too bulky and weight and the round lock which is a great design. Hopefully It'll never be needed, but just by being there I hope otherwise 'interested parties' will go for somebody else's bike (sorry!). Great advise from David - no BS and a practical knowledge, talking my down from a 16mm chain.

Well designed... great portable security

- 18/05/2018

I bought the 2 metre 13mm chain with noose end and RL21 round lock to use as portable security for my Yamaha motorcycle. The noose end chain allows easy connection to lamppost or other immovable object. The RL21 is compact with sloping shoulders and is a close fit for the chain, this makes it almost impossible to pry off, the rounded shoulders would make grinding off very difficult. The 2m noose chain also allows the two wheels to be linked if there are no lamp posts available! Very pleased with my purchase.


- 24/04/2018

Top quality company, top quality kit, absolute class in communications, descriptions and quick delivery. pondered for a while between pragmasis and almax and sure i made the right choice. went for the smaller chain and round lock because i want to carry with me on my motorbike. still heavy to kart about but sure this will do the job if some maggot tries to nick my bike. unless you park in a dark remote alley or middle of a field this kit will do the job im sure. Many thanks


- 25/03/2018

My experience with 'Security for' has been second to none. I needed a chain for motorcycle travel abroad and after much deliberating between different manufacturers I decided on pragmasis. David was very helpful and informative and the delivery was literally next day. Top quality products. Thanks

Quick delivery, impressive product.

- 18/02/2018

Went for 13mm link and roundlock package to secure bicycles. A well made lock/chain combo that makes the chain it replaces look very inadequate. Will be upgrading to more Pragmasis products in the future.

great product

- 05/11/2017

I was unsure which product to get and they gave me brilliant advice on what combination of chain and lock to buy. I wanted the chain fit under my seat so that I could use it when away from home and it fits perfectly. Having the noose end makes it easier to wrap round and the roundlock can double up as a disk lock too.

Perfect static security chain for securing an eBike

- 27/08/2017

As the owner of a specialist electric bicycle costing as much as many motorcycles and more awkward to lock than many bicycles, I purchased a 1.5m noose end 13mm Protector chain and RoundLock package along with both sizes of DIB D-Lock, all keyed alike. Customer service was excellent, I received the products quickly and was kept informed during the process.

After a couple of weeks of regular use, I'm getting on well with the locks and chain. I'm very impressed with how sturdy they feel. Together they definitely make up for only having bottom-of-wheel stands available as locking points in my building's communal cycle garage.

My static security locking strategy is to remove the bike's battery and make use of both the Protector chain and all 3 locks.

I angle the longer DIB lock's shackle over one chainstay and slide it diagonally through the rear wheel spokes, my bike's chain and both sides of the wheel stand. The larger shackle capacity allows for this and leaves space below to secure the D-Lock without it touching the ground.

With a large DIB securing the rear, this leaves the entire length of the Protector chain free to secure the front end of the bike. I put the shackle of the smaller DIB D-Lock through a space at the bottom of the bike frame and pull the Protector chain through the gap between the shackle and the frame. Then I pull the loose end of the chain through the spokes at the rear end of the front wheel and back around to hook one exposed end of the DIB shackle through the final link before locking the D-Lock closed. Finally, I lock the RoundLock into the same chain link (if the D-Lock is breached, the chain still won't go back through the spokes with this attached).

The 1.5m noose chain was the perfect length for this, it forms a tight 'figure 8' from the D-Lock to the wheel and there's no slack where the chain touches the ground, it can rest on one of the pedals.

Having keyed-alike locks makes the whole process of locking and unlocking faster than it sounds.

When I'm away from home, the Protector chain stays behind in the garage, locked to the stand using the RoundLock. I take the two DIB D-Lock with me as Sold Secure Motorcycle Gold rated portable security.

For shorter stay parking, the battery remains locked to the eBike and I use a folding lock and my bike's built in frame lock as secondary security for locking my wheels to the frame. I can then easily lock the front and rear of the frame to the cycle parking stand without having to worry about also getting a wheel through each shackle. Having a low step-through frame and a large battery in the way otherwise makes this challenging.

All in all, I'm very pleased with my keyed-alike Pragmasis locks and chain and would happily recommend them to anyone else looking to secure a high value electric bicycle both at home and when out and about.

Does what it says

- 13/06/2017

Very well made chain and I love the RL21 lock.
Fantastic after sales advice. This company knows its products. Highly recommend this when touring or leaving your bike for periods of time.
The chain fits through the rear axle of BMW R1200GS 2013 plus bikes providing even more security.
Fantastic very reasonably priced delivery.
Highly recommend this product and company.

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