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Package Deal: Protector 13mm Chain, Squire SS50CS Lock

Shipping and COVID-19 Restrictions: We are unable to ship to any locations outside mainland UK at present, due to the Customs issues caused by Brexit. We are also unable to accept any visitors into our building due to COVID restrictions. *No exceptions**
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Package Deal: Protector 13mm Chain, Squire SS50CS Lock Reviews for the product - Package Deal: Protector 13mm Chain, Squire SS50CS Lock (Back to product)
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Professional product and service
- 20/05/2022
Great communication and advice. Bought this with another lock that needed to be keyed alike. Delivered within a couple of days on a fully tracked courier service. Products appear to be of excellent quality and the appearence alone will hopefully deter the common thief. Highly recommend the products and the company.
Fantastic product and service. Highly recommended
- 18/02/2022
Pragmasis products were recommended to me by fellow cyclists in Sheffield. The chain and the padlock are fantastic, just what I need to make my bike as secure as it can be. The service is also great. Ordered on Wednesday afternoon and arrived with me on Friday lunchtime. Thank you so much.
Professional & Secure
- 11/01/2022
From start to finish the Pragmasis offer expert advice on their site and videos. Product quality is 1st class, exceeding mainstream manufacturers such as Kryptonite. Very happy with product and delivered overnight.
Excellent product
- 23/11/2021
I really appreciated the advice and help with choosing the right chain and ground anchor. I am really pleased with the high quality of this chain and padlock. Highly recommended.
Great product and service
- 20/07/2021
I spent hours searching through reviews of different products. This was the best value Gold Standard for bicycles chain and lock I could find. The service was excellent, fast delivery and quick to respond to a question when asked. Highly recommend.
Package Deal: Protector 13mm Chain, RoundLock
- 24/06/2021
Fantastic service from Pragmasis. Great service and quick delivery. The chain is exactly what I was hoping for and looks very sturdy.
- 04/06/2021
It's not often I come across a company I feel I can genuinely trust. I have done here. The quality of the company is matched by it's products. I bought the 13mm chain, with squire lock, for my vespa et2. As I expected, due to the small gap between brake and wheel, the chain does not fit fully through. The long length of link does, however, mean that enough will poke through to comfortably fit the lock on. It may not be the best, or most recommended, way of securing but, as my et2 (Pig) has considerably less financial value than sentimental value, I'm comfortable with it. I intend to buy a second chain, when I can, to secure the rear wheel as well. Overkill. I have confidence in this chain, lock and company so, thank you for protecting what is precious to me
Initial review
- 18/05/2021
Quick delivery. Good communication. Chain and lock as described and definitely look up to the job. Very pleased.
Good luck snipping this
- 11/05/2021
Bought this for added protection and really pleased with it.

Heavy but this means that it can't be easily broken through. The Squire lock is really secure and the chain fits the link perfectly.

Hoping I don't need to replace any time soon but would re-order without thought.

Ordered Saturday night, delivered Tuesday.
The right security for my needs
- 09/04/2021
I bought two 13mm chain and padlocks to upgrade the security of our bicycles, which are stored in a fairly high-risk location. Pragmasis is the only company I found that gave me the confidence I was looking for about the quality and security rating of their products. I’m very happy that I’ve bought the best product available for our needs and budget. And their customer service is second to none.
Robust chain for road bikes
- 14/12/2020
Bought this chain @2.5m with CS padlock to go with the Maxi ground anchor to secure my road bikes. Thought carefully about position and support as the chain is quite heavy but its just the job. Thieves won't be getting through this in a hurry.
Great product and brilliant service
- 27/10/2020
We use this chain to lock our bikes at our bicycle repair shop. It makes all the difference to know that customers' bikes are secure when locking the workshop in the evening!
Pragmasis have also been very helpful in recommending the right product for us. I would have opted for a stronger chain but this 13mm one is both strong enough to present a serious obstacle to any theft attempt and at the same time we can chain the frames together without damaging them by using a heavier chain. The protective cover is obviously key and works extremely well.
Incredibly helpful
- 10/09/2020
Having ordered this product, the delivery was due to happen on a day I wouldn't be at home. I emailed David and he held the product for me.
I was able to collect it instead - Tracy brought it out to me as I approached the unit. Within just a few minutes of me leaving the site, I had received an email informing me that my delivery charge had been refunded. It was in my bank the same day.
I haven't looked at the chain yet - it's a present for my partner - but if the product is anywhere near as good as the customer service, I have no concerns.
I would recommend this company, friendly and efficient!
5 year review
- 11/08/2020
Bought this chain and lock 5 years ago and used it ever since. Shipping to Denmark was not an issue. Have left the lock and chain outside almost every day, never had a problem. Unfortunately it is not accepted as a insurance approved lock in Denmark. Would be cool if it could get the type approval.
10 years on, still going strong
- 17/06/2020
I have been using this chain/lock combo with a TORC ground anchor for over 10 years in our South London front garden. No bicycles stolen despite all too frequent attempts, on occassion even disturbing wielders of bolt croppers. It is a heavy chain and care is needed when passing between bicycle spokes. SS50 benefits from some periodic WD40 or can get a bit stiff. The TORC ground anchor was easy to fit (and forget). Keyed alike service brilliant and Pragmasis are extremely helpful/good communicators. I always use in combination with regular more portable bike locks for added deterence.
many years of peace of mind
- 10/05/2020
13 mm chain and ss50cs lock provided many years of peace of mind(since 2013) and customer service was great, by future bike security products will come form here.
Great protection for bikes
- 20/08/2019
Just received my second one of this package due to a growing number of family bikes. Even though the first one was ordered 7 years ago, i was still able to get the keyed-alike for the squire padlocks - only a slight delay. Would definitely recommend these products.
Excellent product and service
- 09/08/2019
Pragmasis have exceeded expectations on both occasions I have used them. I am using the 13mm chain to secure bicycles to 2 600 x 300mm concrete pillars by wrapping around them. The advice they gave me before purchase was most helpful and the product is exactly what I need. Highly recommended
Great Product
- 24/08/2018
Hi David phoned this morning for the protector chain and SS50CS lock to see if in stock collected at 11am
really delighted with product.Having studied your site
and watched the videos i new what i wanted, and delighted with the purchase.This will be used as a mobile chain whilst out on rides.
thank you
- 28/06/2018
Great product but most impressed with the comms and speed of delivery

Beast of a chain
- 11/04/2018
Having only recently picked up my new bike it is of course crucial that I chose the best means of protecting my asset that I could afford. The protector 13mm with Squire SS50CS fitted the bill. Having carried it around in my back pack doesn’t seem too bad as I have padding in my Jacket to prevent it digging in to me. The weight is acceptable although you do feel it there.
When parked next to other bikes in town, comparing the chains that some have on their bikes makes this chain look a beast.

My bike is still here so I guess it’s doing it’s job in deterring opportunists.

I have the beefy bridge too but. It had the chance to install it yet...but certainly looks indestructible.
- 10/04/2018
I bought this set-up as it was the right weight when travelling or at home, excellent product and service.
Thanks David
Great Product, Great Service.
- 08/04/2018
This is the third motorcycle security product I have bought from Pragmasis.
It is exactly what it says on the website and was delivered remarkably quickly.
Protector 13mm Chain, Squire SS50CS Lock
- 15/02/2018
I was looking for a chain/lock for using on my motorcycle at work and this is perfect. Was kept up to date on delivery by David. Excellent product and service.
Fantastic product and service
- 30/11/2017
Protector 19mm Chain, Squire SS65CS-XLN Lock
Protector 13mm Chain, Squire SS50CS Lock

I bought two the following two sets and have been very happy with them and the quality:
1. Protector 19mm Chain, Squire SS65CS-XLN Lock (used at home)
2. Protector 13mm Chain, Squire SS50CS Lock (under my seat when I'm out)

The products have been great as they are top quality and UK-made (no cheap Chinese C*); the chain and locks are recognised by insurers; David delivered a fantastic service during the sale and I'm happy that we still have hard-core engineering companies in UK - support our industries!
13mm Chain and SS50CS Lock for MTB
- 24/11/2017
Advised to go for 13mm rather than 11mm chain for £5k+ MTB. Purchased 1.5m of 13mm chain with SS50CS lock and its perfect to secure two bikes to the Torc ground anchor. Don't think you will buy a better combination for a MTB. Staff really helpful answering all my queries and giving good advice.
Quality top notch
- 06/11/2017
Have several months of research and loosing a MTB, I believed Pragmasis were committed to highest security quality and customer service. I initially orders a small size but their sales rep. was extremely helpful to educate me further and trying out the options of locking my bike. Thanks to Pragamis for the committed team and producing very high quality products.
13mm and 16mm chains and locks
- 01/09/2017
I ordered 2 metres of both the 13mm and 16mm chain with requisite Squire locks on the Thursday afternoon and they had arrived with a knock at the door before 9am Friday morning. That's top marks for service.
The package weighed a ton and the contents did not disappoint. The 13mm chain is probably the heaviest you can transport on the bike, but even then you'll need a sturdy rack or saddlebag. The 16mm by contrast is a heavy beast indeed!
Top quality chain; top quality locks; all from the UK, and with an extremely helpful company. Very pleased. 10/10.
Perfect for carrying
- 27/07/2017
I already own the 16mm, but at 2.5m it is a heavy beast, which would simply not be able to go in my back box. I needed a decent chain I could take to work. I ordered the 13mm 2.5m, and had the noose link on one end.

David from Pragmasis was very helpful after ordering. Ensuring I had ordered what I need. As I ordered the 'keyed alike' option, my lock would have taken a few weeks to arrive, so David agreed to split the order and still apply the discount. He even gave me a couple of spare 16mm links to fill my anti-pinch pin gaps.

The 13mm chain is so much lighter than the 16mm and easy to transport. It is still a great deterrent, and much better than the Ox**d chains I previously had!

If you only want a chain to keep in one place, get the 16mm or higher, they are tough beasts! But if you need to carry it around, get this one.

DO get the noose link, I didn't on my 16mm and I regret it. It offers so many more options when attaching it to objects.

The guys at Pragmasis are so helpful, and I have bought a few products from them now, all great quality. You get what you pay for, trust me.
A serious bit of kit!
- 22/07/2017
Bought this as a newer bike prompted me to uprate my security. Opted for this as I am more likely to use the 13mm chain and any of the more beefy alternatives. I think this will deter all but the most persistent thieves, and what ever you do probably won't deter those. Obviously a high quality product. Nice cover over the chain to protect the bike.
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