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Protector 16mm Chain Only

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Protector 16mm Chain Only

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High Security boron steel chain, guaranteed impossible to bolt-crop by hand (select length below). Sold Secure Motorcycle Gold (and all other categories Gold). 9kg in the 2.0m length. The chain is supplied with usually bronze colour sleeving, and the chain itself is finished with either zinc plating or a black finish.

Noose chain option has a special oversize ring at one end of the chain (only), allowing a noose to be formed by looping the chain through that ring. This is helpful with longer lengths of chain, avoiding the normal need to make a big loop around all items - A noose can be formed at the ground anchor and a second loop formed with the lock at the other end of the chain.

Price and weight given are for a 2.0m long chain - Please select alternative lengths below and the price displayed will be adjusted automatically (but not the List Price!).

The Protector 16mm chain has the following link dimensions (nominal): 132 x 62-64mmmm outside; 100 x 30-32mm inside, throughout its length (an elongated end link is not required). It is constructed from 16mm diameter bar. The smallest rectangular hole it will fit through is about 65 x 34mm, but that would also be a tight fit. It is again fitted with a protective fabric sleeve, usually a bronze colour (adding about 4mm maximum to the width noted above).

Click for more technical info on the Protector range of security chains.

The following video gives an overview of the Protector 16mm chain (opens in a new window)

The next video gives a quick visual tour of the whole Protector range of chains, from the ultimate Protector Titan chains, through to the Protector 11mm (opens in a new window)

And this video shows how to fit the lock to the chain (with a non-Noose chain) (opens in a new window)

And this video explains Protector Noose chains option (opens in a new window)

Manufacturer Pragmasis
Price (inc VAT): £139.95


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