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Protector 19mm Chain Only

Shipping and COVID-19 Restrictions: We are unable to ship to any locations outside mainland UK at present, due to the Customs issues caused by Brexit. We are also unable to accept any visitors into our building due to COVID restrictions. *No exceptions**
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Protector 19mm Chain Only Reviews for the product - Protector 19mm Chain Only (Back to product)
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Great products and service
- 19/02/2022
Couldn't be happier with the products and service. If I need anything else this company will be my first call. Thank you.
Very Substantial Chain
- 10/02/2022
I have a few of these chains for building machinery and motorbikes. Top quality, very secure chain, and excellent service with next-day delivery - thank you
Protector 19mm chain
- 23/06/2021
I placed my order online and very shortly afterwards received an email from David telling me about timing for delivery. The chain arrived on time and exactly as described. Good solid item with a robust fabric cover. Should make anyone wanting to get through it work a bit and make a good deal of noise. Bought it to secure a quad bike, and was tempted by the 22mm chain, but on receiving it think the 19mm is a sensible balance of useability versus weight/security. Thank you David.
19mm chain and padlock
- 19/02/2021
Cannot thank David enough, after many emails to and fro with David finally decided on the 19mm chain and padlock, ordered late on Wednesday afternoon and arrived early Friday
Superb service highly recommended
Great delivery time
- 19/06/2020
Outstanding next day delivery and customer service.
Protector 19mm & Roundlock RL21A Combo
- 29/03/2020
Package arrived ahead of schedule and tracked easily. Product is exactly what was promised, extremely pleased with overall performance. Highly recommended
Meaty lump of a chain!
- 20/03/2020
If you want something to put off a thief this is certainly going to do the job. Links as give as your hand.

If someone really wants to steal something there is always a way. All you can do is make is difficult enough that the majority of people move on to an easier option.
An absolute beast
- 19/01/2020
Rock solid chain which makes me sleep well at night, knowing my motorcycle will be extremely hard to be nicked.
David has been very helpful and helped me get it delivered in just a day. Would recommend the chain and Pragmasis' services 100%.
What a chain!
- 17/11/2019
I bought this 19mm Protector chain as an upgrade to an alternate vendor 14mm and I am very impressed with it's quality. I have the 1.5m and it's just the right length to use through my back wheel and the Double Doofer ground anchor. There is enough slack that I could probably use it with a pinch pin but not enough that I could pass through another part of the frame. You'd need at least a 2m for that. I'm very happy with the product and I sleep extremely well at night with this securing my bike.

Setup: Squire SS65CS-XLN padlock / Protector 19mm chain / Double Doofer ground anchor
- 09/07/2019
One of the best chain in the market and very good seller....
- 07/05/2019
great product, the chain are massive,impressive anti corrosion look ,very quick dispatch
- 28/11/2018
Hello, I have just got delivered this super-tough security chain with a RL21A socket. I have easily found all the necessary information on this website. I am satisfied with the product and even more with the assistance received via email from the seller. Thanks!
Absolute MONSTER
- 08/11/2018
I live in Central London and used this chain for my Yamaha R1 and I sleep peacefully at night, every night. Very big, heavy monster of a chain and padlock. This is the best chain I have ever seen and a very capable adversary. It scares all the bike thieves away. Two years of use I've never had an issue.
- 25/10/2018
Absolute monster, the sheer size of the links makes you wonder. You would be waiting a long time for a battery powered grinder to get through this, more then likely the blade would go blunt before links are cut. This is mine chain for temporary parking (going to college etc), kept the weight down and got the 1m version. Recommend.
- 18/09/2018
Excellent chain, f***ing heavy duty all the way
I also oderded a heavy duty squire paddlock ,
Disk lock and handlebar lock, I hope all this is a sufficient deterrent to keep those f***ing little bitches away( bike tealeafes )
Best security chain
- 05/06/2018
Ultimate High Security chain , high quality , impossible to bolt-crop by hand, fast shipping, the best!
No rivals
- 22/05/2018
Once again Pragmasis have supplied a top-end product with minimum delay. The 19 mm chain is a real deterrent for on-street motorcycle parking and the loop design is brilliant. Thanks for an unbeatable service.
It deterred 2 guys from stealing my bike.
- 12/05/2018
2 guys took the cover off my bike, had a look at it and they decided to take my neighbour's moped even though my bike is way more expensive.

Job done! Thanks Pragmasis :)
Heavy highest security ranking chain
- 03/05/2018
In search of an excellent high safety system for securing my bike I found Pragmasis. I am very lucky because it seems there is nothing comparable in whole Austria.
The double doofer ground anchor together with the massive 19mm protector chain and the SS65CS-XLN padlock is a really highest-level protection system. And I think as long as there are so many other bikes less or not additional secured at all, the thieves will choose those bikes instead of mine.
The ground anchor came perfectly packed together with the entire fixing kit. After I fixed it to the concrete floor, I pulled one end of the heavy 19mm chain through. Then I put a SFB RoundLock RL21A through this end link, to make it impossible to pull it back. The RoundLock together combined with the 19mm chain end link is too big to pass the double doofer anchor. Therefore, I have the whole length of the chain available, and don’t need the chain in double length (the chain is really heavy!). On the other end I use the Anti-Pinch Pin together with the SS65CS-XLN padlock to lock the bike.
PERFECT SOLUTION, thanks to Pragmasis for the ideas, the implementation and the highest quality!
Customer service by David Briggs is excellent and very friendly!
Absolutely recommended company!
Best regards, Wolfgang, Vienna
19mm Protector Chain
- 28/03/2018
Excellent! beefy and reassuringly heavy chain. As advertised NOTHING but an angle grinder will defeat this. I am using it with the Torc Ground Anchor and Anti-Pinch Pin.
Well worth the money.
Great Chain and Lock
- 11/01/2018
I manage an off the grid cabin in Alberta Canada. The main gain locks were cut on two occasions with the bad guys stealing a lot of equipment required to operate and maintain the property. We have recently added a pair of 19 mm chains and Squire locks to the gate. As a result in the summer I will have to replace the gate posts because they are easier to cut than the locks. This should keep the bad guys out. Also note that the squire locks have worked flawlessly at -30 deg C temperatures. Fantastic product.
Sterling Service
- 19/12/2017
After having my bike stolen I ordered this chain thinking it would 'fit' with my current anchor and lock but on receiving I realized that this was forged by Thor himself so had to order the beefy anchor and new padlock. David was brilliant and gave me a discount for a package deal. Many thanks. Would recommend to anyone who would listen
Fantastic product and service
- 30/11/2017
I bought two the following two sets and have been very happy with them and the quality:
1. Protector 19mm Chain, Squire SS65CS-XLN Lock (used at home)
2. Protector 13mm Chain, Squire SS50CS Lock (under my seat when I'm out)

The products have been great as they are top quality and UK-made (no cheap Chinese C*); the chain and locks are recognised by insurers; David delivered a fantastic service during the sale and I'm happy that we still have hard-core engineering companies in UK - support our industries!
Great chains and service!
- 24/08/2017
We use these to lock up all our bikes outside the showroom, definitely the best chains we have used! Service is second to none, guys are always on hand to help!
Sold Secure
- 24/08/2017
Many Chains on the market, not many have "current" Sold Secure gold that covers so many category not just Bikes, the deal of 19mm Chain and Torc Ground looks unstoppable and the images don't do it justice!
wow great chain
- 29/06/2017
Quick delivery, the chain its self i now know my bike is not going anywhere. best purchase this year.
Proper Job
- 07/06/2017
I bought a 1.8m length of 16mm Protector chain, SS65CS padlock, Torc ground anchor and Anti-Pinch pin and am looking at a serious bit of security kit overall. Definitely gives you security that only an angle grinder and a lot of noise is going to beat. Not cheap but you are getting what you pay for.
The Anti-Pinch pin is good for quickly and easily locking my single sided swing arm bike.
For additional security, if I`m away for a while, the 1.8m chain is long enough to go right around the top of my engine and through the Torc ground anchor without any loose chain on the floor protecting against someone who could, with enough time, strip out the whole swing arm and wheel etc.
In theory it would be great for locking the bike up when out and about but the whole package weighs 10kg so it`s really for home security only.
Very impressed.
19mm chain
- 15/05/2017
excellent 19mm chain and squire padlock
bought two. one for home and one for at work. fits perfect through the swing arm, rear wheel and ground anchor and round a steel post at work. fitted too my new 2017 Honda Fireblade.
19mm Chain
- 11/05/2017
What can I see other than the quality of this is simply amazing, you wont appreciate the quality or weight until you actually receive it and any thief will walk away it really is that good. Only advice is ensure you order the right length as I initially had a 1.0m but due to the size of the links it isn't very flexible and after 1 email and no extra cost was allowed to swap out for the 2.0m chain. Thanks team amazing customer service.
- 16/03/2017
Purchased one 19mm and one 16mm chain, all other chains on the market are totally inferior! Very impressed with the quality of product! Thanks again
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