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Package Deal: Protector 19mm Chain, Squire SS65CS-XLN Lock

Corona Virus: We have been working throughout the Corona Virus outbreak, as normally as we've been able. We have good stock levels on most products and are normally despatching promptly.Please see our News page for more details.

Package Deal: Protector 19mm Chain, Squire SS65CS-XLN Lock Reviews for the product - Package Deal: Protector 19mm Chain, Squire SS65CS-XLN Lock (Back to product)
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- 04/05/2020

Excellent product and customer service with fast delivery.

Great service, great product

- 24/04/2020

I purchased this chain + lock combination for my home bike security. The website is easy to use and the product is exactly what I was looking for. It isn’t cheap but nor is your £££ bike. Delivery was incredibly swift given the current situation. 5 stars.


- 22/01/2020

Excellent customer service, very attentive. Had a DPD delivery issues but David stepped in and got a new package to me the next day, many thanks! The lock and chain are amazing, massive and look bomb proof!

Fantastic Chain and Customer service

- 18/12/2019

The chain is really good quality with a great lock. I have no doubt it will keep my bike safe and sound.
David and the team have been awesome through the buying process no question was too stupid for them! Really hope to buy more things in the future a great product and care from the team.

5 star packages

- 06/07/2019

Bought this package as I needed to secure my bike, the 19mm Chain is massive and the Lock is incredible. Upgraded the lock to the NW4 cylinder as well.
Paired with a the Super Anti-Pinch Pin and Double Doofer ground anchor,I’m really happy with the solution.
Great advice from David, he phoned me when I inadvertently ordered the incorrect padlock and kindly chained my order instead of just sending what I thought I needed (as most companies would have done).
5 Star *****

Excellent service providing serious security

- 30/05/2019

Bought this package with the double doofer ground anchor and Im amazed at the size and quality of these products, my only fear, if Im stupid enough to lose the keys and lock information, my bike will become a permanent fixture. If your serious about security and want to give thieves a proper headache look no further. First class communication all the way through, very helpful and good delivery service too.

Quality product with good customer service

- 25/05/2019

I'm assuming that there is a ferry floating around a harbour somewhere as someone has knicked its anchor.
This is a substantial, very well made, and finished chain. The welding on the links is excellent and the anodized finish is done to a very high standard. Quite frankly if someone manages to get through this, good on them, they clearly want the bike more than I do.

Now thats what I call security

- 06/03/2019

Firstly fantastic service delivered in less than 24 hours and as for the products top quality that no fool will mess with.

Serious security, seriously good prices and customer service

- 04/03/2019

This is the 2nd chain and padlock I've bought from here. The chain installs confidence in me that any potential bike thief is going to think again. Coupled with the SS65CS lock, I can rest easy.
The customer service is always incredible with polite and personal follow up emails, over and above any order confirmations.
I now recommend Security For Bikes to any of my biking friends who are considering buying new security devices.

The security you were looking for

- 03/11/2018

Had my motorbike stolen and luckily recovered, so decided to invest in my peace of mind. Chain is like a ship's anchor's chain, and the lock is massive. Along with the double Doofer I finally feel safe!

Wish we had bought earlier

- 24/08/2018

Son had bike stolen by thief who chopped an Oxford bike chain like butter. This chain & lock really look the business , and should prevent a repeat. Excellent service , ordered lunchtime, delivered 9.30 next day with the free delivery as I also bought a ground anchor. Wish I had bought earlier !!

Sleep easier at nights now.

- 23/05/2018

Got this 19mm chain and NW4 keyed Squire lock and Pinch Pin. Fits easily to my 2018 Ducati Monster 1200S. I can sleep easier at night now. Thanks

Excellent! Worth every penny!

- 16/05/2018

Very impressed and pleased with the service from David and the products. The chain and padlock are serious pieces of kit and a worthy investment if you value your bike.

excellent service

- 02/05/2018

I would like to thank Mr. David for his support. I am very satisfied with this product and with the Company!!!

So impressed I ordered again

- 29/04/2018

I've had this lock and chain for 3 years, locking my bike in the garage, seems expensive at first but I've no doubts these will last a lifetime.

After someone recently tried to steal my commuter bike from the carpark. I didn't hesitate to repeat my order, I just have a laugh now when I look at this ridiculous lock on my scooter outside, I think if they came back for it now I would grab some popcorn and pull up a seat at the window.

Great product and service

- 30/11/2017

I bought two the following two sets and have been very happy with them and the quality:
1. Protector 19mm Chain, Squire SS65CS-XLN Lock (used at home)
2. Protector 13mm Chain, Squire SS50CS Lock (under my seat when I'm out)

The products have been great as they are top quality and UK-made (no cheap Chinese C*); the chain and locks are recognised by insurers; David delivered a fantastic service during the sale and I'm happy that we still have hard-core engineering companies in UK - support our industries!

Excellent Quality Does what it says on the tin

- 04/10/2017

Makes me sleep easy at night, very happy with product

This is the answer

- 24/11/2016

Having had my BMW 1200 GS stolen twice I needed something that meant I could wake up in the morning and find it still there. This is a very heavy chain (not portable) and excellent precision lock. These, together with the pinch pin and washer seem to be the solution to my problem.
Excellent service, very helpful on the phone, next day delivery with an accurate time slot. Thank you very much indeed

Excellent Choice

- 17/11/2016

Having owned this some 18 months Scooter chained to my car its so so secure highly recommend

impressive Chain/padlock combo

- 09/10/2016

An attempt to steal my Bike in London which caused damage to bike but thankfully not gone caused me to "rethink" my security. I embarked on some internet research and was shocked by how easy chains could be "cropped". Each and every bit of information let up the same path to security for bikes website. So looking at the 2.0 metre 19 inch chain and squire padlock came out a just over £200. But if I ordered the 2.5 metre the extra cost meant I got free shipping, Just as well I did because you need more length than you think!! my chain now goes over the seat down through the frame in to the Ground anchor. That is perfect there is no chain on the ground and the bike has to be cut in half to free it.
So all in all VERY pleased with the product quality and excellent service and shipping. the only problem is it is so Heavy and therefore not easily transported, but I am going to try and find a way of taking it with me when I travel up to London..

Absolute Monster of a Chain!

- 02/10/2016

I initially ordered a the 16mm Protector chain package deal with lock but felt a sense of guilt when David sent me photos of another Harley Davidson secured down with the 19mm Protector chain. After a night of deep thought and plenty of tossing and turning I decided to return the 16mm chain and lock and reorder the 19mm Protector chain and lock. Although it cost me for the return postage and initial postage I am extremely pleased with the change. I ordered the 19mm chain at 2.5m and lock and all I can say is it out sizes all of the other brands I had researched prior to buying. Customer service is absolutely spot on, one of the best services I have ever encountered - David was very supportive both via phone and email. The initial orders arrived the following day!! The return was also very smooth. The lock is also very well made and feels heavy duty. I haven't actually used the chain yet as i'm still waiting for my bike but from what I can see and feel I would recommend this product (including the 16mm which was also a lot heavier and well manufactured than most other brands). P.S. not for carrying around with you unless you plan to become the new Hunchback of Notre Dame!!

19mm chain and padlock

- 12/09/2016

The chain is huge ,looks indestructible!!
Highly recommended


- 16/08/2016

Superb and FAST customer service!


- 07/04/2016

this is serious security
makes my other chains look like string
the padlock is massive
thank you pragmasis

Excellent Service

- 30/03/2016

Purchased the 19mm chain with Squire padlock.
Excellent and timely communication - was advised a new batch was incoming and this only took a couple of days, and then with immediate dispatch and well packaged.

excellent service

- 20/03/2016

I bought an 19mm Chain and squire padlock. I recieved constantly information Emails about My order and a link so i could track the Package Came fast. Already 4 days after ordering. The chain is huge and i think they will try to steal another bike than mine. Thank you for excellent service.

Excellent service

- 15/03/2016

I bought from this company a 19mm chain and a padlock.When I made the order I mafe a mistake and I did not know what could I do.I made wrong order and I was believe that I will pay this order.I sent them email and they told me that they will help me and they will send me exactly the product which i need.I felt cool and now I am waiting the chain and the padlock.They are very good guys.Thank you very much Security For Bikes.
Sorry for my english.I try to learn.

From Sweden

- 14/03/2016

Orderd a 1,5m 19mm chain with lock to Sweden. Great service from Pragmasis. There were some issues with my adress because of swedish letters but I was contacted within 12 hours and everything was sorted out.

The chain is an absolute beast weighing 2kg more than my bike :-)(carbon fiber frame).

I would strongly recommend it anyone who wants a REALLY secure lock for your bike. Finding an equaly secure solid object to lock it might be tricky part :-)

Excellent product

- 08/02/2016

I bought this padlock and chain combination from Pragmasis to secure the main gate to some land we own. I doubt that any padlock and chain combination could ever offer total protection but the size and weight of these products inspires a great deal of confidence.
Add that these products are sold by a highly knowledgeable, friendly, polite, and extremely efficient company which takes pride in its customer service and I am certain I chose the best practical solution to our security needs, from the best source.

Best guys in the business

- 30/11/2015

Best customer service I`ve seen in years and best chains currently on the market. Couldn`t be happier ! Top guys !!

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