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Shed Shackle

Shipping and COVID-19 Restrictions: We are unable to ship to any locations outside mainland UK at present, due to the Customs issues caused by Brexit. We are also unable to accept any visitors into our building due to COVID restrictions. *No exceptions**
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Required for insurance
- 20/10/2020
We researched the Net for a company that sold a security shackle for a shed. The insurance requirement was for bikes to be secured to an immovable object. This met the requirements at a good price. Delivery was next day. Great communication from the company. The lock is certainly robust and the instructions were included in Plain english and great detail. You can print sold secure certificates for insurance company as well from their webpage. Very impressed.
Great product, easy to fit, looks good
- 14/09/2020
Fitted two of these in our new wooden shed to secure three bikes but also make it easier to get them in and out. My regular commuting (pre COVID!) bike hangs from a Decathlon wall hanger and secured with a heavy duty chain through the shed shackle. I like the fact the shackle is off the floor, making it easier to lock and unlock. The other shackle secures two bikes, fitted under the window as per the very detailed and helpful instructions (e.g. about the sound of the glass creaking!). Impressed.
Excellent Product
- 22/08/2020
Fitted my new Shed Shackle today in roughly 30 mins as it said in the extensive instructions.
It appears to be well made and robust and easy to fit.
My only 'negative' comment would be that it would be better supplied with 9 bolts, as an additional one is required to fit the horizontal strut. However that really is a very tiny issue which I easily got round.
It looks secure (although lets hope I never need to have it tested!) and all being well - given I got the recommendation of a cycle insurance website, it will be deemed suitable to allow me to insure my very expensive new bike when it arrives in a couple of weeks.
In summary - excellent product, well made and simple to fit.
[Pragmasis Comment: I'm glad you like the product. A minor correction is that you don't need 9 bolts to fully fit the product. We say in the instructions:
"Note: Do not expect to fit a bolt through every possible hole in the extension bars. Additional holes are provided to allow a variety of fixing arrangements, but you will typically end up with a total of 3 holes without bolts. All 4 holes in the Shackle itself should be used in all arrangements"
We make additional holes in the metalwork to give more versatility, but there is no need to drill 9 holes through your shed wall when 8 is plenty.]
Easy to Fit and very Secure
- 10/07/2020
I have a shed where I keep my bikes, it took around 30 minutes to fit the shackle, it was easy and I love the fact it also included the drill so everything that was needed. I also bought a 19cm chain 3 meters which allows me to secure 4 bikes.
Happy customer
- 07/07/2020
I chose a shed shackle to secure my wooden shed because my insurance company confirmed it would count as an immovable object, and trying to put an anchor point into the ground would have been tricky.

I called for some advice and David was very helpful. Delivery was speedy. The shackle took a bit of time to install, but was easy enough, even with my limited DIY skills.

I feel comfortable that our bikes are as secure as they'll ever be in our shed. I would definitely recommend this product.
Great product, great service
- 03/07/2020
Very impressed with my Shed Shackle. Thanks to the clear instructions it was very straightforward to install, even for a DIY duffer like me. Feels very secure and my bike can finally live in the shed rather than the home office!

I was also very pleased with the customer service. I got email updates on shipping so was able to track my order and it arrived very quickly.
Just the job
- 02/07/2020
The shed shackle has given me a perfect solution for securing my new bike in the shed, easy to fit and easy to use, and peace of mind. Just wish I hadn't put the shed so close to the wall!!
Great Product
- 17/06/2020
Having previously lost a bike in a shed break in I have irritated my wife by keeping the bike indoors for the last few years. The Shed Shackle has made this unnecessary however, securing my bike in the shed. Installation was quick and straight forwards and the customer service was fantastic. I’ll be back for a chain and padlock to upgrade from my D lock when budget allows.
Great product again!
- 07/05/2020
Late review here as I purchased this a couple of years ago but the support I received was excellent and the product works extremely well with my Trimetals Bike Store. It's well made and effective, so nothing more to be said. If you have a similar Bike shed (you really need something like this)! Thanks
[Pragmasis Comment:]
For anyone else's information, for a Triemetals metal bike shed, we would recommend a variant that we call the Metal Shed Shackle. That was actually developed in response to one of those very Trimetals sheds being broken-into by a thief. Even their 'secure' versions often aren't, very, so a Metal Shed Shackle can provide a useful boost, together with improved locks on the lid of the shed itself, as required.
Great product for added security
- 01/05/2020
Bought the shed shackle with chain and padlock as a package deal. A great invention that’s giving me confidence to store our bikes more securely.
Great Product
- 20/04/2020
I bought this along with Heavy Duty Hasp & Staple and Stronghold Padlock to bolster the security of my shed. This was simple to install and I'm a lot more comfortable leaving my bike in the shed now it's attached to the shackle. It would a lot of effort and noise to remove now. Would highly recommend.
Excellent product
- 10/12/2019
I decided to purchase the shed shackle following the theft of my bike that had been chained to a simple "hoop" type fixing in my shed.
The shed shackle is high quality, well finished and very robust. It is simple to fit within an hour.
I now have considerable peace of mind, that any future attempt to steal my bike will be extremely difficult.
Good kit, good service.
- 04/12/2019
A sturdy piece of kit, with clear and comprehensive fitting instructions. Delivered two days from ordering. Should hopefully deter anyone who has got past the first set of defences and entered the shed. Good communication, excellent service.
Shed Shackle
- 11/11/2019
This was bought to fit in a shed being constructed, so it was designed into the build from the start. It has ended up being almost an integral part of the shed construction and is extremly secure - it would take a lot of effort (and a great deal of damage) to remove it. (Hopefully I will never find out).
Excellent Product
- 07/06/2019
A lot of companies could learn from the excellent customer services provided from start to finish. The handyman who fitted the shackle for me was extremely impressed with the product.
Great Product / Fantastic Service
- 23/04/2019
Real quality product with easy to follow instructions for installation. All matched with fantastic customer service!
Excellent Product
- 10/08/2018
The shed shackle is an excellent product and Pragmasis are a very professional company to deal with.
Shed Shackle
- 22/07/2018
High quality item - fantastic components including the right drill bit, end caps for bolts, detailed instructions and superb supporting website.
Shed Shackle abd Hasp
- 21/07/2018
I'm very satisfied with this excellent product - does the job perfectly and added coach bolts onto hinges as suggested.
Customer service was exemplary - my thanks to David.
- 11/04/2018
Fitted to new shed - seems incredibly secure and solid. It's not going to be impossible to get the bike, but only by completely destroying the shed structure. Super quick delivery to meet arrival of new shed and fantastic communication. Just what you want - a great product and great customer service. Thank you.
- 02/04/2018
Good product, takes roughly half an hour to install as per the instructions. Feels very secure.
Brilliant bit of kit.
- 28/03/2018
Cant fault it.

RED. Imposing. Impossible to remove. Easy to install.

Feel much better leaving my bikes in the shed now :)

Fantastic service from Pragmasis too.
Wouldn't put my bikes in a shed that didn't have a Shackle
- 27/02/2018
Second bike shackle I've bought. Excellent product to secure my bike chains and locks through. Very highly recommended with fantastic service when ordering from the website. 24 hour delivery with great communication. Thankyou.
Recommended for Bike Security
- 30/01/2018
Good quality product, excellent instructions in word format not the "generic diagrams" type. Good customer service from ordering through to delivery - very rare in these days of online ordering. Would recommend.
Unique product, peace of mind
- 27/12/2017
We'd had bicycles cluttering up the house for months and a dilapidated shed so when the new shed arrived, I needed to beef up the security and these guys had everything I needed. They were very helpful, a UK supplier that's responsive, and provides superb instructions to fit whatever you've bought, and provides high quality kit. Fingers crossed I won't ever get burgled, but I now have total confidence my shed is not only very difficult to get into (Shed Door Beef-Up Kit), but once in, with the chain, padlock and more importantly the shed shackle, burglars are probably going to just walk away because the kit they'll need, and the noise they'll make doing it will make the whole thing not worth their while. Thanks!
Shed shackle for wooden sheds Great Product
- 06/12/2017
After spotting the Shed Shackle on line a few months ago I finally decided to order one to install into my newly built shed. Best installation instructions that I have come across. Clear and simple, a breeze to fit too as long as you read first and then double check measurements as you go along. Done in less than 45 mins. Rock solid! My partners Ins Co also agreed to the "Sold Secure" certificate which also kept her Insurance price down. Result! Well done Pramasis.
Shed Shackle and 11mm chain and Squire SS50P5 lock package
- 04/10/2017
Great kit, delivered quickly, with good communication from Pragmasis. Easy to install, and looks secure. Just hoping it doesn't get tested (after my previous theft). I've added extra security measures to the garden and store in addition to the Shed Shackle.
Highly recommended.
Shed Shackle for Metal Shed
- 18/09/2017
Pragmasis don't do customer service, they do personal service! Fitted the shackle no problem and delighted with the full package, even included drill bits. Kept up to date by personal email for all my orders.
Well Made and good design but bolts don't shear.
- 14/08/2017
The design is good and the product looks like it will do the job well. The modular design is useful as you can adjust it for your needs/shed etc.

My main problem is that the shear nuts won't shear. The cause seems to be is that these nuts are designed for clamping over metal and not soft wood as used on most sheds. What results is that the connection will crush the wood long before the nut shears. As mentioned in other comments this can be addressed by taking a hacksaw to the nut but this is additional installation and not really ideal. I feel that a spreader bar or large plate washer on the outside may help combat this but this is not included. It was also supplied with 8 nuts&bolts where you need 11 to install with all holes bolted. I had spares that I've used but would prefer to get enough supplied to fit it fully

[Pragmasis Comment: The shear nuts are normally fine but it does depend on the quality of the cladding on the outside of the shed. I'd guess that at least 95% are fine, but the instructions do suggest weakening the nut with a hacksaw, as you've said, if the wood isn't up to it. A spreader bar wouldn't work because many sheds have feather-edge boards, which don't present a flat surface on the outside, and large washers would also not work in that case, as well as compromising the grip that the square section under the coach bolt head provides into the wood, so the whole bolt would be liable to spin when being tightened. You only need 7 or 8 bolts to fit the Shed Shackle sufficiently. There are more holes in the metalwork to give more versatility for how you fit it, but it is not necessary to put bolts through every hole to get it secure. That would just make for more holes in the woodwork for no benefit. The instructions do explain this, with the particular note that the main 'shackle' section should always be bolted through all 4 of its holes. I hope that explains further. We are happy to answer queries.]
Shed shackle
- 14/08/2017
Bought the shed shackle as wanted to make my bikes secure in my gaden shed.easy to fit and once fitted any would be thief would be put off by the work it take to steal. Although expensive worth every penny to protect your pride and joy


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