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Shed Shackle

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Shed Shackle Reviews for the product - Shed Shackle -
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Solid Security
- 15/09/2015
I am very impressed with the service i have received from Pragmasis.
Update email was prompt and my Shed Shackle arrived very quickly.
I fitted it within half an hour with no issues.
NOTE:When tightening the shearbolts down stop when you hear the outer panel crunching and help the nut shear off with a hacksaw blade, this will stop the square edge of the coachbolt pulling through your shed.
Excellent shackle
- 02/09/2015
Just fitted it this weekend and this is a solid shackle for securing bikes with a chain. Thiefs will have to destroy the shed if they want to get this off. Highly recommended.
Excellent product
- 04/08/2015
Product is exactly as described, extremely sturdy, easy to install and good value.

Good customer service and fast delivery too
Shed Shackle Install
- 29/05/2015
Ordered and delivered promptly, updates by email, great customer service, fitted in a couple of hours very easily, great looking product would recommend this to anyone.
Great product, brilliant service
- 25/05/2015
I originally ordered the Shed Shackle with 11mm chain, however changed my mind after ordering and David was more than happy to upgrade my order to the 13mm chain, sorting out everything for me.
The Shed Shackle was easy to fit, took about 40 minutes all in. A few of the shear nuts didn't seem to want to part, but a few moments with a saw to thin the section a little and they were sorted. I used thread lock as well to help ensure that the nuts would not be at all easy to remove.
I can just get 4 bikes (2 adult bikes, 2 children's bikes) chained up to it with the 2m 13mm noose chain I bought, so no slack in the system and the chain is kept well off the floor!
Overall an excellent product that looks like it will keep our bikes safe. the instructions were very easy to follow and had plenty of photos and the service from the guys at Pragmasis couldn't be better!
Shed Shackle
- 14/05/2015
Speedy delivery and excellent email communication from them. Their product as well as their customer service gets 5 stars from me.
Great Product Great Service
- 03/04/2015
Brilliant product for a good price
Top quality, easy to fit
- 05/03/2015
Fitted the shackle in just a couple of hours, my shed was a little thin so I added a couple of extra sections of wood. The bolt lengths were spot on. Had a bit of trouble with the shear nuts, but persuaded them off with a chisel and a hammer.
Peace of mind
- 25/02/2015
Great, sturdy bit of kit. Combined with a security chain and closed shackle lock its a pretty hefty deterrent
Effective security solution for valuable bikes.
- 25/01/2015
I have now fitted 2 of the shed shackles. I recently had some bikes stolen from my shed. My best bike which was chained to the Shed Shackle was left untouched; I think that says it all!! A great solution to give peace of mind; very easily fitted, comes with excellent instructions; all round great services. Thanks.
Top design
- 02/01/2015
Arrived very quickly. Extremely robust design which enables me to lock my two road bikes using both a sturdy chain and D lock. Planning to buy a second for my mountain bike.
Excellent shackle and locks
- 13/12/2014
Superb products and service. E-mail responses to my questions were prompt and informative. The shackle arrived quickly and was really easy to fit. Will definitely recommend to others.
Superb kit - Buy it!
- 03/12/2014
Firstly I'd like to thank David for his customer service who offered plenty of advice and responded to e-mails quickly.
We needed something to secure our 5 road bikes after a recent spate of thefts in our area. After much research we finally found the answer - the shed shackle.
We decided to go for the shed shackle bundle package include the shackle, 3M protector chain and squire padlock. The package arrived within 2 days. The kit comes with excellent instructions (disagree with the review below - the instructions do not need changing) with step by step instructions and photographs. The kit is simple to install and fitted within 30 minutes. The coach bolts sheer off nut snaps off once you tighten the bolts up from inside. I agree that the tongue and groves panels do compress a small amount when you tighten up the bolts but this insignificant on the grounds that you take comfort knowing the shackle is going nowhere in a hurry. Unfortunately due to the design of my shed I was unable to fit the horizontal brace to prevent side attacks however I feel even without this you would be hard pushed to remove this shackle even with crow bars and Arnold behind it. You will require some serious kit to break this and short of craning the shed away I fail to see any scumbag getting their hands on my machines in a hurry. I'm sleeping well tonight. If you're dithering about purchasing this then don't! Buy it now - you will not regret it. Well done Pragmasis! I definitely recommend this to anyone looking to improve security. Best Wishes Mr A.
[Pragmasis Comment: It is usually possible to fit the side brace by biassing the whole Shackle downwards, so the brace is on the horizontal at floor level at the bottom of the wall. We are happy to advise in any awkward situations - Send us a photo and we will try to suggest the best approach.]
Great product brilliant service
- 27/11/2014
Ordered two of these to replace the two I left at my old house ,easy to fit and a bit of enhanced security for the bikes hopefully .service brilliant ordered just before lunch and arrived the next day with emails sent by pragmasis to help,
Thanks again
- 08/10/2014
Was looking for something to keep my 2 bikes secure in my shed. Came across the shed shackle on this website and after reading the reviews i decided to order one. Came within 2 working days & was installed within an hour. Very easy instructions to follow & very simple to fit. Am very pleased with this product and feels very secure fitted to my shed. My bikes are now secure with 2 locks.
- 05/10/2014
We had our shed broken into twice before and bikes stolen, we knew that after time, we'd be targeted again.

I installed two shed shackles and used 2 2m chains to secure 4 bikes. We also increased the security of our shed with better hinges, locks and construction methods.

As expected, we were broken into again. The thieves eventually got into our wooden shed by completely destroying the front door. They then spent a couple of minutes trying to pry off the shed shackle but gave up as they were getting nowhere. Thankfully they left empty handed.

The shackle and chain combo has stood up to the ultimate test and passed with flying colours!
Great item - easy to install
- 30/09/2014
Very quick to install and appears to be extremely solid. Instructions were very clear and service was excellent.
Excellent product and excellent service
- 29/08/2014
This is an excellent product which I have installed in a wooden shed. It is very simple to install. Pragmasis are an excellent company to deal with and offered me a lot of advice before I made my purchase. Thanks.
Excellent - and so easy to install!
- 04/08/2014
I've just installed the Shed Shackle in my metal shed at the side of our house. I was amazed at how simple it was to fit, as I'm no DIY person. The most reassuring thing about it is the fact that it would be so difficult/awkward for and thief to try and break or remove, they would surely give up before trying. I also purchased a lock and chain package, which, when installed with the shackle makes a very strong, safe way to secure your bike. The whole lot only cost just over £150, which, when compared to the cost of the bike, is a bargain. Many thanks.
Great service
- 03/06/2014
I reckon that the service I received buying the shed shackle was probably the best service ever. Very easy to fit and the instructions were the most comprehensive Ive ever come across. I wish the shed I bought had instructions like these.
I have the 2m chain and padlock with it and boy are my bikes secure now.
I am extremely pleased with it.
Shed Shackle for Wooden Shed
- 12/05/2014
1st off - great delivery, just a few days including weekend!
Shackle does seem bomb-proof - just hope the shed can live up to it!
Fitted very quickly having read the very comprehensive instructions. Only 2 minor issues - 1st, the bolts didn't seem to want to shear so had to resort to giving them a helping hand with the hacksaw. 2nd (& related) as the bolts tightened it caused the soft tongue & groove to become overly compressed with a few little splits which would cause potential weather ingress (resolved by filling with silicone!). Both these things mentioned in the instructions and in no way causes me any concern. I bought the 11mm chain and thought 1.5m would be sufficient. In fact, 2m would have been better as the 1.5m chain is a tad too short to go through frame & both wheels. Will just have to use my D-Lock on the front wheel. Overall, very happy!
- 30/04/2014
bought two of these after getting a new shed.

use these to secure 5 bikes and they were very easy to fit following the clear instructions.

very happy with the security provided. excellent product.
Excellent Product
- 28/04/2014
Fitted to a a metal shed. This is an excellent product, easy to fit and will hopefully stand the test of time.
Definitely a 2 person job, so one word of caution would be to ensure your helper understands how the shear-nuts work and has them the correct way round!
As secure as what you fit it to.
- 17/04/2014
I fitted my shackle today. Firstly I think the instructions make it seems more complex than what it really is. You need to simplify the guide as it made it more confusing. The shackle itself is made very well and I am really pleased - It was quite difficult tightening the two bolts nearest the shackle part due to the blobs there where its fixed to the steel strips. This is the only reason it lost a mark - It added masses of installation time. Getting it on the shed and all bolts loose took me about 20 minutes - Tightening them all until the nut heads sheared took 30 - A bit longer than it should have!

Overall I would definitely recommend it, it is an excellent product, but I am going to put in a floor shackle too just in case - A thief could just crowbar off the shackle from the shed and take the whole lot, if they were really determined.

[Pragmasis Comment: We've tried to trace this customer to get more information as nobody else has ever reported issues with the instructions or with the 'blobs' (rivet heads??) during installation. We also disagree with the comment about a crowbar as the product, when properly installed, has a side brace that is there expressly to stop crowbar and similar twisting attacks. The Shed Shackle is fixed in place with 8 bolts and we (and Sold Secure and the Police) don't consider a crowbar attack to be viable for a thief, especially when there is a bike in the way.]
Easy to fit and rock solid.
- 17/03/2014
I've just bought my second Shed Shackle following the purchase of two new bikes. The Shed Shackle is easy to fit even for a walking DIY disaster area like myself.

It's configurable in a number of ways so you will be able to fit it to almost any shed or storage box.

The instructions are clear and concise. The construction is rock solid and inspires confidence in your chose security system.
Another great product
- 15/03/2014
after moving house and having to leave my Torc Ground Anchor firmly embedded in the garage in our old place, this time as I only had a wooden shed, albeit a good quality one from EasyShed, I went with the Shed Shackle.

Easy to fit, feels and looks secure, i imagine it would put any would be thief off even having a go!
I bought the package deal which included a 11mm chain and Squire padlock. Good value for peace of mind.
Highly recommended and the customer service is second to none.
- 23/02/2014
Had three mountain bikes stolen out of my shed recently. Am now beefing up security to Stalag Luft 3 proportions! Searched the internet and found the shed shackle. Wow....this thing is awesome. Simple, high quality British Engineering at it best. Was a doddle to fit (40 mins)and feels totally secure. Thief is going to have to take half the shed wall if they want to have another go. About to invest in the 13mm chain and lock to go with it.
As with other posts customer service has been outstanding.
A very comprehensive kit
- 22/02/2014
Like many others I spent a while researching various shed security options before choosing the Shed Shackle, being reassured by the attention to detail provided by Pragmasis.

The instructions are very comprehensive and the addition of a suitable drill bit was very much appreciated. The Shed Shackle was fitted to a brand new shed along with other security measures and I'm extremely happy with the end result.

As others have said I hope the Shed Shackle is never put to the test but I can sleep soundly knowing it will deter most would-be thieves!
Essential when a ground anchor is not possible
- 06/02/2014
Like many, I can't fit a ground anchor in my shed, so after a lot of research only one product was at the top of the list as the next best thing.
I'm not the best at DIY, however even for me, fitting it was a doddle. The drill bit is supplied, and the instructions were very clear.

Make sure you fit it in the correct place, as you won't get it off after it's fitted!
It feels very secure, but I hope it's never put to the test!!
Excellent Product
- 02/01/2014
I placed the order just before Christmas and it arrived the following morning - excellent service during a busy period. From opening the package of Shed Shackle, 11mm chain and lock it is obvious that it is a quality product. The well thought out Shed Shackle is modular and can easily be adapted to many situations. Fitting was very straightforward and took just over 30 mins. If you find, as I did, that the bolt digs in a bit too much into the wood before the shear nut fails, a couple of nicks with a junior hacksaw should do the trick.


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