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Shed Shackle

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Shed Shackle Reviews for the product - Shed Shackle -
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Just the job
- 10/11/2013
My main concern when building a bike shed was how to secure the bikes inside, having read all the nightmare stories the web seems to be full of. Am happy to say the folks at Pragmasis have a real winner on their hands with the shed shackle; easy to fit, sturdy as hell (I did take a crow bar to it to test it) and great customer service (thank you Stephen, your help and advice was invaluable) It is a 5 star product, along with the chain and lock, I feel confident in leaving the bikes in the shed. I'll update should it have to repel an attack with the outcome.
Shed Shackle Package
- 01/10/2013
Just installed a Shed Shackle in my...well in my shed. It was easy to fit with no missing parts, MFI take note! The instructions even told me when not to have a cup of tea, simple. When buying (I bought a 4m chain and padlock as well) I had to look away when I hit the purchase button, it is expensive but boy is it good. You get what you pay for. I now can sleep at night knowing my bikes are protected. I'll let you know how it copes should the need arise. Thank you.
shed shackle
- 25/09/2013
great service and great product.
easy to install, very safe and secure. a must for bike security
Peace of mind using shed shackle
- 01/09/2013
The shed shackle is excellent. I've installed it in my wooden 6ftx4ft wooden shed and used a 3.5m long 13mm chain and lock to secure 4 bikes. It was straightforward to install and only took 30mins (I've also followed advice on this website and put coach bolts in to door hinges etc to make it harder to take the doors off). The set up means it is very easy for myself or children to get the bikes out and put them back. The products from Pragmasis are of very high quality and the service was professional. Well worth buying as they will last a long time and have given us peace of mind with bike shed in the front garden.
As easy as promised
- 23/07/2013
We ordered the bundle with the 11mm Protector chain and the Squire SS50P5. We're very pleased with all the items. A colleague commented he uses the lock for his motorbikes!

Installation was dead easy. We were fitting to a brand new shed which wasn't yet assembled. The logistics made it easier to fit the shed shackle to the back panel before assembling the shed but the instructions apply just as well and we were done in about 40 minutes.

We're really happy and can't imagine anyone's going to be able to get through the shackle, chain or lock.
Great product
- 21/06/2013
The Shed Shackle is a well thought out device for those without a secure building to keep their electric and other expensive bikes safe. Until recently I was compelled to keep my electric bike in my hallway with all the inconveniences that that entailed, like manoeuvring it through my kitchen whenever I wanted to use the bike. Well now with the shed shackle in place and a secure chain and lock, I can now more easily get my bike on the road. The Shed Shackle itself, together with the 16mm toughened chain and the secure padlock (I had with a previous bike), are well thought out pieces of equipment, that will I am sure deter the thief armed with bolt cutters. It must be said that no system is 100 percent secure but the Pragmasis solutions at least provide me with an excellently engineered security product. Not only that but the Security for website has many interesting products on it, and their service is second to none.
Shed Shackle
- 24/04/2013
Very easy to fit, less than 30 minutes, though this is the second one I have fitted. Will have to take the side of the shed out in order to remove it! Only as strong as the chain used to secure items so ensure this is as robust as possible.
Fort Knox in a box
- 14/04/2013
Easy to fit and extremely robust when installed. Had slight problem as the supplied drill bit sheared off when it hit a nail, fortunately I had an equivalent to hand. Buy it you won't be disappointed
Fantastically easy and ultra-secure
- 23/03/2013
Unbelievably easy to fit to my wooden shed. Shackle fitted to vertical beam of shed with 13mm chain (it's a beast, seriously) and padlock. Those bikes are going nowhere without the wall of my shed going with them. Looking forward to good nights sleep now my bikes are properly secured. I cannot imagine how the shackle or chain could be beaten by a thief, even if they came with tools. You'd need some serious cutting gear, take a good time to cut/break and make one hell of a racket trying to break bikes out of this lot. Would recommend without hesitation.
Serious bit of kit
- 06/03/2013
Purchased the shed shackle as part of the package deal. It's a fantastic idea and works so well. My shed/garage is a bit non-standard (built out of WWII aero-engine shipping crates) and has massively thick uprights. Unfortunately I didn't measure the thickness of the outside timber so had to make a quick trip to ToolStation for 130mm coach bolts.

Aside from this it took me about 40 minutes to fit the shackle (including reading the instructions) and it's going nowhere. My bikes are now secure - I only have the 11mm chain and it's a beast!!
Quality and peace of mind.
- 07/02/2013
If you keep a bike in your shed then you need this. Delivered 24hrs after ordering, quality speaks for itself right out of the box. Installation was straight forward and painless. The inclusion of an appropriate sized drill bit is inspired. I have no doubt anyone trying to take my bike will need to take the entire back wall with it. I will be recommending this without hesitation.
Shed Shackle
- 02/02/2013
I ordered the shed shackle and received it the very next day. The instructions were so easy to follow and installation took less than 30 minutes. I installed it in the wall of an Asgard metal bike shed.
Really is Good
- 30/01/2013
I ordered this but had relatively low expectations - I'm an idiot. This is really good.

In a wooden shed I was never convinced this woudl give me any freat piece of mind - but it really feels secure and was a doddle to fit.
Shed Shackle - excellent product and service
- 04/01/2013
So refreshing to receive a quality product that has obviously been put together with a great deal of care and attention to detail. This comment also includes the service - arrived today as scheduled, all parts present, instructions excellent. The extra care taken to include a suitable drill is a sign that this product has been thought about.
Fitted same day in about 30 minutes.
Excellent Product...Excellent Service
- 02/01/2013
Shed Shackle ordered Friday and delivered Monday. Comprehensive fitting instructions make fitting a doodle even for a non DIY-er like myself. Quality is excellent, other than removing the side of the shed I can't see how anyone would be able to remove this. Chain is like no other really very heavy duty. As a deterrent it really is great.
Fantastically easy..
- 06/12/2012
This is a fantastic product and so easy to fit. I'm awful with DIY and managed to fit it with no troubles within 30 minutes. It's very strong and can't see anyone getting to my bikes now. Would highly recommend.
Fantastic Product
- 12/11/2012
Having accumulated a number of half decent bikes I needed some proper security in the shed. A ground anchor wouldn't work and the shed shackle has provided the ultimate solution.

Idiot proof to install due to the great instructions and the brilliantly supplied drill bit. My only problem was with the shear nuts as the fabric of my shed appears to be weaker than the force required to shear the nuts so I will need to hacksaw them - no biggy !

To be honest even leaving them on it would take a thief way too long be bothered either removing the shackle or trying to cut through the heavy duty cabling that goes through it.

Service was incredibly fast an efficient - I'm a very happy customer !


Brilliant in all aspects
- 08/10/2012
Received package the next day after ordering, really happy.

Impressed with all aspects of the product. The instructions were very clear and easily to follow. Fitting did not take long and I am now happy that my bikes are as secure as they could be in a wooden shed.

Many thanks to Pragmasis
Shed Shackle
- 16/09/2012
Fantastic delivery, very quick and easy to deal with. The product is well made and easy to install thanks to the comprehensive instructions.
Found this site looking for security products after a bike was stolen.
Feel much happier now that the new bike is a lot more secure.
Great Product
- 28/08/2012
After a recent break-in and subsequent bike theft I came across the Shed Shackle and it seemed ideal for my purpose. Customer service was very friendly, answering questions promptly and providing helpful advice. The product arrived quickly and I was updated as to when it had been dispatched. As for the product itself, it was very easy to install, detailed colour instructions were included, (as was a drill bit) however, it was very intuitive to put fit. It seems very secure, I hope it's never put to the test, but have faith that it will be a sufficient deterrent should the thieves return.
A Great Product
- 21/08/2012
This is a great product, especially as it appears to be the only one of its type out there. Easy to install and a much higher level of security than I expected. Plus, to attempt to break through this on my shed would probably involve the windows shattering all over the floor, creating another alarm!
The shear bolts were testing the soundness of my aging shed timbers (the coach heads were sinking pretty deep into the wood before the nuts sheared), however now they're in they are not coming back out again!
- 22/06/2012
Left work this evening at 19:30, cycled 3 miles back home, tipped the box out onto the shed floor, found my drill and an adjustable spanner and had the bike chained through a newly installed Shed Shackle by 20:15. It really couldn't be any simpler to install and certainly gives a massive improvement to peace of mind that any thieves will have to take half a shed with them if they want the bikes! I only have one tip - don't do the normal bloke thing and just get stuck in without reading the instructions like I did as you will either skin one of your knuckles when the shear bolt shears or not drill the most secure pattern of holes (although 8 M8 Coach Bolts will be pretty bombproof wherever) or both...

I simply cannot recommend this product highly enough and the service from Steve has been exemplary (as are his Instructions which I found out about 20 minutes too late)
Fantastic service thanks
- 17/06/2012
Just fitted two shackles in my shed and thankfully it was very easy especially with the great colour illustrated instructions, and very handy to have drill bits supplied,lets hope they are never tested but a great piece of kit.
Service was fantastic, replies to emails in the same day ! with helpfull advice thanks
- 16/06/2012
Good price, Easy to install, 30 minutes all done. When I move home I might have to buy another as there is no way that bad boy is ever coming off again !
Many thanks!
excellent service!
- 10/05/2012
Thanks Steve,
Wonderful products, very helpful and informative staff, super fast delivery - why cannot all businesses be like Pragmasis?
Completely confident
- 30/04/2012
After 25 years storing my bicycles in a spare room I've been evicted to a timber shed, albeit a robust one, to make way for a home office. I added up the value of bikes: £20,000! One bike is worth £6000. So paranoia about security took over. Trawled the internet and Pragmasis clinched it because of the way they knew their stuff when I phoned for advice. Plus the reviews which give confidence. Amazingly thorough instructions included, even a drill and plastic bolt caps to protect the bikes. Very easy to install. I fitted 3 shed shackles over a whole wall and used 2 uncroppable 16mm chains, and a 13mm for a less valuable bike my wife uses (13mm is quite heavy enough for the "weaker" sex!). All chains 2.5m long which is a useful length to capture 2 wheels and frames on 2 bikes. The bikes cover the shed shackles making them hard to access and tamper with without spoiling the bikes.
Having finished the installation I am completely confident that this is the absolute best I can do to secure my bikes in a shed without a place for a Torc Ground Anchor. In fact, I think the deterrent is so great, a Torc Anchor isn't necessary in my case. I have peace of mind--the best indicator.
A great bit of kit
- 15/04/2012
I've just fitted the shed shackle in my small shed. It was vey easy to fit. The printed instructions were clear, but had plenty of details for anyone who might encounter any problems with fitting it. Finally, what a great design - I now have a lot of confidence that my bike will be safe.
Put to a stern test and passed with flying colours
- 16/03/2012
I have a shed shackle and an 11mm chain with a closed shackle padlock to secure 3 bikes. I bought the shackle because I was worried about someone breaking into my shed which is hard to secure from the outside. My fears were realised when thieves attacked, however, due to fitting the shackle my three bikes inside were left untouched! They didn't even try to crop the shackle and just left empty handed! Really delighted with this product. It's easy to install and very well made. Thank you!
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