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Shed Shackle

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Shed Shackle Reviews for the product - Shed Shackle -
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Put to a stern test and passed with flying colours
- 16/03/2012
I have a shed shackle and an 11mm chain with a closed shackle padlock to secure 3 bikes. I bought the shackle because I was worried about someone breaking into my shed which is hard to secure from the outside. My fears were realised when thieves attacked, however, due to fitting the shackle my three bikes inside were left untouched! They didn't even try to crop the shackle and just left empty handed! Really delighted with this product. It's easy to install and very well made. Thank you!
A great bit of kit
- 15/04/2012
I've just fitted the shed shackle in my small shed. It was vey easy to fit. The printed instructions were clear, but had plenty of details for anyone who might encounter any problems with fitting it. Finally, what a great design - I now have a lot of confidence that my bike will be safe.
Completely confident
- 30/04/2012
After 25 years storing my bicycles in a spare room I've been evicted to a timber shed, albeit a robust one, to make way for a home office. I added up the value of bikes: £20,000! One bike is worth £6000. So paranoia about security took over. Trawled the internet and Pragmasis clinched it because of the way they knew their stuff when I phoned for advice. Plus the reviews which give confidence. Amazingly thorough instructions included, even a drill and plastic bolt caps to protect the bikes. Very easy to install. I fitted 3 shed shackles over a whole wall and used 2 uncroppable 16mm chains, and a 13mm for a less valuable bike my wife uses (13mm is quite heavy enough for the "weaker" sex!). All chains 2.5m long which is a useful length to capture 2 wheels and frames on 2 bikes. The bikes cover the shed shackles making them hard to access and tamper with without spoiling the bikes.
Having finished the installation I am completely confident that this is the absolute best I can do to secure my bikes in a shed without a place for a Torc Ground Anchor. In fact, I think the deterrent is so great, a Torc Anchor isn't necessary in my case. I have peace of mind--the best indicator.
excellent service!
- 10/05/2012
Thanks Steve,
Wonderful products, very helpful and informative staff, super fast delivery - why cannot all businesses be like Pragmasis?
Top Quality product
- 20/03/2016
Very impressed indeed with the quality and attention to detail. The instructions are exemplary with every eventuality covered.
Simple to fit, even came with the drill bit required for drilling the mounting holes and plastic caps to cover the ends of the bolt threads.
Very pleased indeed and would not hesitate to recommend this excellent product.
Shed Shackle
- 19/12/2022
This is an excellent product. Having fitted this to my previous shed I have repurchased for my new shed. It is easy to fit (1hr in this instance) and gives a good feeling of security for my bikes - I use with a pragmasis motorbike chain and lock.
Great buying experience
- 19/02/2023
The customer service was excellent and the shed shackle is superbly engineered - a valuable addition to shed security. Thanks!
Shed Shackle abd Hasp
- 21/07/2018
I'm very satisfied with this excellent product - does the job perfectly and added coach bolts onto hinges as suggested.
Customer service was exemplary - my thanks to David.
Shed Shackle
- 11/11/2019
This was bought to fit in a shed being constructed, so it was designed into the build from the start. It has ended up being almost an integral part of the shed construction and is extremly secure - it would take a lot of effort (and a great deal of damage) to remove it. (Hopefully I will never find out).
Great product, easy to fit, looks good
- 14/09/2020
Fitted two of these in our new wooden shed to secure three bikes but also make it easier to get them in and out. My regular commuting (pre COVID!) bike hangs from a Decathlon wall hanger and secured with a heavy duty chain through the shed shackle. I like the fact the shackle is off the floor, making it easier to lock and unlock. The other shackle secures two bikes, fitted under the window as per the very detailed and helpful instructions (e.g. about the sound of the glass creaking!). Impressed.
Easy to fit and rock solid.
- 17/03/2014
I've just bought my second Shed Shackle following the purchase of two new bikes. The Shed Shackle is easy to fit even for a walking DIY disaster area like myself.

It's configurable in a number of ways so you will be able to fit it to almost any shed or storage box.

The instructions are clear and concise. The construction is rock solid and inspires confidence in your chose security system.
Fantastic Product
- 12/11/2012
Having accumulated a number of half decent bikes I needed some proper security in the shed. A ground anchor wouldn't work and the shed shackle has provided the ultimate solution.

Idiot proof to install due to the great instructions and the brilliantly supplied drill bit. My only problem was with the shear nuts as the fabric of my shed appears to be weaker than the force required to shear the nuts so I will need to hacksaw them - no biggy !

To be honest even leaving them on it would take a thief way too long be bothered either removing the shackle or trying to cut through the heavy duty cabling that goes through it.

Service was incredibly fast an efficient - I'm a very happy customer !


Fantastically easy..
- 06/12/2012
This is a fantastic product and so easy to fit. I'm awful with DIY and managed to fit it with no troubles within 30 minutes. It's very strong and can't see anyone getting to my bikes now. Would highly recommend.
Shed Shackle
- 22/07/2018
High quality item - fantastic components including the right drill bit, end caps for bolts, detailed instructions and superb supporting website.
Secure shed shackle
- 03/09/2021
Fairly easy to fit and seems very robust and secure. Choose your position carefully. Shear nuts work quite well but beware possible damage to outside of the shed when tightening
[Pragmasis Comment: Tightening the shear nuts can sometimes cause the bolt heads to pull into the wooden cladding on the outside of the shed. If that is a concern, we suggest in the instructions that you can use a hacksaw to weaken underneath the hexagonal head of the shear nut, so it shears-off more easily. Usually, it is not a worry. I hope that helps.]
Great security shackle
- 08/07/2023
Excellent shed shackle. Really pleased with it. Fits really well into the shed, extremely secure and resolves the issue of how to insert a ground anchor in. Much better alternative for a shed. I also received fantastic service: David got back to me really quickly to my questions and gave excellent advice. Delivered really quickly too. Overall, very happy.
Best anchor I could find for my wooden shed
- 31/03/2016
Keeping my motorbike in my shed I was in need of an anchor to add extra security, but due to the layout I was unable/impractical to hack up the shed floor to access the concrete base.
The Shedshackle met all my requirements, and is an impressive heavy duty bit of kit.
It was relatively easy to install, although I did nearly cut off the tip of my finger using a hacksaw to trim the bolts down!(oops)
The shear nuts did prove quite difficult to detach, however, and needed to be encouraged with a hacksaw. I also think I overtightened the bolts trying to shear the nuts, as the bolt heads have sunk quite substantially into the outer wood panel. But that panel is not visible, so I'm not bothered.
Anyway, it's an excellent bit of kit, and feel it really provides a strong deterrent.
Great product
- 14/05/2017
Took a while to decide how to secure my bike but this works a treat - very easy to secure to the shed frame - bolts were perfect and the drill bit provided was v handy. Instructions about as good as I've ever seen for any product I've bought. Excellent!
Great Product Great Service
- 03/04/2015
Brilliant product for a good price
Shed Shackle
- 14/05/2015
Speedy delivery and excellent email communication from them. Their product as well as their customer service gets 5 stars from me.
Shed shackle
- 07/05/2017
Great customer service and prompt delivery, very easy to fit and nice touch that a drill bit was provided. Very good instructions and very simple to fit, It was installed and ready to us in 20 mins and now the 2 bikes are very secure in our shed. Thank you
Solid & easy peasy
- 30/08/2021
Shed shackle + chain package arrived very promptly. Chain and lock are good quality (bought a 4m chain to lock four bikes) and shed shackle was very easy to install (in my timber shed). Instructions were very comprehensive and clear. Much more confident about the security of my bikes. Recommended.
- 23/02/2014
Had three mountain bikes stolen out of my shed recently. Am now beefing up security to Stalag Luft 3 proportions! Searched the internet and found the shed shackle. Wow....this thing is awesome. Simple, high quality British Engineering at it best. Was a doddle to fit (40 mins)and feels totally secure. Thief is going to have to take half the shed wall if they want to have another go. About to invest in the 13mm chain and lock to go with it.
As with other posts customer service has been outstanding.
As easy as promised
- 23/07/2013
We ordered the bundle with the 11mm Protector chain and the Squire SS50P5. We're very pleased with all the items. A colleague commented he uses the lock for his motorbikes!

Installation was dead easy. We were fitting to a brand new shed which wasn't yet assembled. The logistics made it easier to fit the shed shackle to the back panel before assembling the shed but the instructions apply just as well and we were done in about 40 minutes.

We're really happy and can't imagine anyone's going to be able to get through the shackle, chain or lock.
shed shackle package
- 15/05/2017
this is my second purchase from, and I am delighted with the kit. I consider their products excellent value.
Great company and products
- 01/09/2021
Ordered 2 shed shackles and cen 4 padlocks for my chains. Communication was fantastic and delivered really quickly. The shed shackle was easy to install, I ordered longer bolts as unsure of the length, cut them off, no one is stealing my bikes!! Thanks for such great service
Top quality, easy to fit
- 05/03/2015
Fitted the shackle in just a couple of hours, my shed was a little thin so I added a couple of extra sections of wood. The bolt lengths were spot on. Had a bit of trouble with the shear nuts, but persuaded them off with a chisel and a hammer.
Another great product
- 15/03/2014
after moving house and having to leave my Torc Ground Anchor firmly embedded in the garage in our old place, this time as I only had a wooden shed, albeit a good quality one from EasyShed, I went with the Shed Shackle.

Easy to fit, feels and looks secure, i imagine it would put any would be thief off even having a go!
I bought the package deal which included a 11mm chain and Squire padlock. Good value for peace of mind.
Highly recommended and the customer service is second to none.
Excellent Product
- 02/01/2014
I placed the order just before Christmas and it arrived the following morning - excellent service during a busy period. From opening the package of Shed Shackle, 11mm chain and lock it is obvious that it is a quality product. The well thought out Shed Shackle is modular and can easily be adapted to many situations. Fitting was very straightforward and took just over 30 mins. If you find, as I did, that the bolt digs in a bit too much into the wood before the shear nut fails, a couple of nicks with a junior hacksaw should do the trick.
Essential when a ground anchor is not possible
- 06/02/2014
Like many, I can't fit a ground anchor in my shed, so after a lot of research only one product was at the top of the list as the next best thing.
I'm not the best at DIY, however even for me, fitting it was a doddle. The drill bit is supplied, and the instructions were very clear.

Make sure you fit it in the correct place, as you won't get it off after it's fitted!
It feels very secure, but I hope it's never put to the test!!
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