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Shed Shackle

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Shed Shackle Reviews for the product - Shed Shackle -
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Shed shackle
- 03/01/2022
Fast delivery, good quality product and great service. Very easy to install with easy and detailed step guide installation.

Highly recommended.
Solid & easy peasy
- 30/08/2021
Shed shackle + chain package arrived very promptly. Chain and lock are good quality (bought a 4m chain to lock four bikes) and shed shackle was very easy to install (in my timber shed). Instructions were very comprehensive and clear. Much more confident about the security of my bikes. Recommended.
Great product, easy to fit, looks good
- 14/09/2020
Fitted two of these in our new wooden shed to secure three bikes but also make it easier to get them in and out. My regular commuting (pre COVID!) bike hangs from a Decathlon wall hanger and secured with a heavy duty chain through the shed shackle. I like the fact the shackle is off the floor, making it easier to lock and unlock. The other shackle secures two bikes, fitted under the window as per the very detailed and helpful instructions (e.g. about the sound of the glass creaking!). Impressed.
Top Quality product
- 20/03/2016
Very impressed indeed with the quality and attention to detail. The instructions are exemplary with every eventuality covered.
Simple to fit, even came with the drill bit required for drilling the mounting holes and plastic caps to cover the ends of the bolt threads.
Very pleased indeed and would not hesitate to recommend this excellent product.
Best anchor I could find for my wooden shed
- 31/03/2016
Keeping my motorbike in my shed I was in need of an anchor to add extra security, but due to the layout I was unable/impractical to hack up the shed floor to access the concrete base.
The Shedshackle met all my requirements, and is an impressive heavy duty bit of kit.
It was relatively easy to install, although I did nearly cut off the tip of my finger using a hacksaw to trim the bolts down!(oops)
The shear nuts did prove quite difficult to detach, however, and needed to be encouraged with a hacksaw. I also think I overtightened the bolts trying to shear the nuts, as the bolt heads have sunk quite substantially into the outer wood panel. But that panel is not visible, so I'm not bothered.
Anyway, it's an excellent bit of kit, and feel it really provides a strong deterrent.
Great service and product
- 20/07/2016
Order arrived in under 24 hours, very well made with great installation instructions. Many thanks!
Great Product and Service
- 21/07/2016
Bought this in combination with some hinge reinforcers. Both great quality to protect my belongings after being the victim of two break ins in less than a week and lost a great bike in the process. Really feel confident in the ability of the product to stand up to any further attempts and to keep my pride and joy with it's rightful owner.
Communication was first class and you know that there is passion about the products and reasons why they chose to pursue this line of work.
Will recommend with no hesitation and a pleasure to do business with. Keep up the good work.
So good I bought another one!
- 01/08/2016
This is a simple, but really impressive piece of metalwork. I bought a first one for my bike shed, and it was easy to install. Once set up, it has made both my bike shed stronger, and acts as a very visible deterrent to anyone breaking into my shed to try and steal my bikes. I feel that in as far as is possible with a wooden shed, it is now as secure as it can be. Having fitted the first one, my wife asked me to get another to install in her own bike shed... That is a mark of how good the product is! Very Highly Recommended!
Simple to fit and solid
- 18/08/2016
Really easy to fit with clear instructions and a fast delivery service.
I had to weaken the shear bolts (the instructions said this may be required) to stop the shed walls being crushed. Since fitting the shed wall doesnt flex or move at all.
Very impressed and worth every penny. Thankyou
Quality product and brilliant customer service
- 21/08/2016
The shackle is a quality product and I received a lot of patient and expert advice from customer services. It was easy to fit and, with good advice, I also bought the 13cm protector chain and a top of the range padlock for 2 expensive electric bikes in a metal shed. Extremely happy.
A great alternative to a ground anchor
- 01/09/2016
I was after a ground anchor to go into the concrete floor of my shed to secure mountain bikes. However I discovered that the shed is built on batons which means there was a small recess below the shed floor and the concrete meaning a ground anchor would not work unless I cut a hole in the shed floor which I didn't want to do. David provided excellent advice recommending the shed shackle as an alternative. I fitted it today and it's a superb product and has given me piece of mind knowing it would be extremely difficult and probably unlikely that someone would be able to steal my bikes without detection. A great product and service. These guys have been my number one choice for all security needs for some years now providing excellent products and fair prices.
Great buying experience
- 19/02/2023
The customer service was excellent and the shed shackle is superbly engineered - a valuable addition to shed security. Thanks!
Shed Shackle
- 22/03/2022
Great service & product highly recommend
5 star service
Great product again!
- 07/05/2020
Late review here as I purchased this a couple of years ago but the support I received was excellent and the product works extremely well with my Trimetals Bike Store. It's well made and effective, so nothing more to be said. If you have a similar Bike shed (you really need something like this)! Thanks
[Pragmasis Comment:]
For anyone else's information, for a Triemetals metal bike shed, we would recommend a variant that we call the Metal Shed Shackle. That was actually developed in response to one of those very Trimetals sheds being broken-into by a thief. Even their 'secure' versions often aren't, very, so a Metal Shed Shackle can provide a useful boost, together with improved locks on the lid of the shed itself, as required.
Great product for added security
- 01/05/2020
Bought the shed shackle with chain and padlock as a package deal. A great invention that’s giving me confidence to store our bikes more securely.
Shed shackle
- 07/05/2017
Great customer service and prompt delivery, very easy to fit and nice touch that a drill bit was provided. Very good instructions and very simple to fit, It was installed and ready to us in 20 mins and now the 2 bikes are very secure in our shed. Thank you
Great product
- 14/05/2017
Took a while to decide how to secure my bike but this works a treat - very easy to secure to the shed frame - bolts were perfect and the drill bit provided was v handy. Instructions about as good as I've ever seen for any product I've bought. Excellent!
shed shackle package
- 15/05/2017
this is my second purchase from, and I am delighted with the kit. I consider their products excellent value.
Shed Shackle
- 03/06/2017
This is a well designed product that fits a gap in the market and I am pleased with my purchase. Anyone wanting to detach the shackle from the shed will need some serious tools and it will take lots of effort, and make a lot noise.

I am not a proficient DIYer but found it straightforward to fit. The instructions were comprehensive and very clear. I took more than the suggested 30 mins, but that's me.

Good solution for wooden sheds
- 11/06/2017
This is very secure and easy to fit. I ordered it with 13cm bolts. One small issue I had was that some of the bolts spun before they were tight enough to shear the hex nut. I had enough thread showing to use Mole grips to complete job (don't have to worry about damaging the thread!).
Solid and secure piece of kit
- 13/06/2017
I'm an amateur diy guy but I found the shed shackle was easy to install with the supplied instructions. There's a good weight to it that inspires confidence. Shipping was quick and fair. Thanks guys!
Shed Shackle
- 11/11/2019
This was bought to fit in a shed being constructed, so it was designed into the build from the start. It has ended up being almost an integral part of the shed construction and is extremly secure - it would take a lot of effort (and a great deal of damage) to remove it. (Hopefully I will never find out).
Shed shackle
- 14/08/2017
Bought the shed shackle as wanted to make my bikes secure in my gaden shed.easy to fit and once fitted any would be thief would be put off by the work it take to steal. Although expensive worth every penny to protect your pride and joy
Shed Shackle for Metal Shed
- 18/09/2017
Pragmasis don't do customer service, they do personal service! Fitted the shackle no problem and delighted with the full package, even included drill bits. Kept up to date by personal email for all my orders.
Shed Shackle abd Hasp
- 21/07/2018
I'm very satisfied with this excellent product - does the job perfectly and added coach bolts onto hinges as suggested.
Customer service was exemplary - my thanks to David.
Great Product
- 24/11/2021
This is an excellent product and Im very happy with the completed installation. I would definitely recommend this product to be used with a good chain and padlock.
Great company and products
- 01/09/2021
Ordered 2 shed shackles and cen 4 padlocks for my chains. Communication was fantastic and delivered really quickly. The shed shackle was easy to install, I ordered longer bolts as unsure of the length, cut them off, no one is stealing my bikes!! Thanks for such great service
Great Product & Great Service
- 24/12/2020
Had the shackle for 4 months now and am very satisfied with it. There was a slight delay in delivery but I was kept informed at all times. The shackle is easy to install thanks to the very good instructions provided and provides an excellent part of the security for my bike.
Impressive deaign, construction & installation instructions
- 10/12/2020
Having found Pragmasis via Bennetts Insurance (and product reviews) I knew I would be dealing with high quality products.

What I did not expect, or become aware of until after I received my Shed Shackle was just how good the product is and how fantastic a company Pragmasis is to deal with!

The construction and design plus the supplied coach bolts and shear nuts are the highest quality. The Shed Shackle is incomparable and leagues above any other device on the market for solid security for wooden sheds.

Forget vague and confusing instructions sometimes included with ‘other’ security products, the thorough and detailed installation instructions provided with the Shed Shackle left me with no doubts on whether I was fitting it correctly and properly: the color photos and expertly detailed step-by-step instruction booklet were absolutely brilliant.

Furthermore, I have spoken to David Briggs at Pragmasis with queries on other security items and he is a font of knowledge and a fantastic communicator. A thoroughly decent and knowledgeable man. I bought other products which David advised me on, and with all these things considered I would absolutely recommend Pragmasis to everyone serious about securing their belongings and property!

“5 STARS” (10 if I could!)

Thank you

[Pragmasis Comment (from Steve, David's brother): Thanks very much for your kind words. I have been criticised by others in the trade that my instructions are too long and wordy, but I don't care much about others that continue to make inferior products and want to save a few pennies on sheets of paper. I care far more for our customers as I want them to get the best from our products. I'm glad you approve :-) And thanks very much for bothering to say so. Always very much appreciated.]
Great Product
- 20/04/2020
I bought this along with Heavy Duty Hasp & Staple and Stronghold Padlock to bolster the security of my shed. This was simple to install and I'm a lot more comfortable leaving my bike in the shed now it's attached to the shackle. It would a lot of effort and noise to remove now. Would highly recommend.


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