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Shed Shackle

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Shed Shackle Reviews for the product - Shed Shackle -
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Excellent Bike/Shed Security Solutions
- 27/05/2021
Quality service & quality products. I bought the Shed Shackle, Hasp & Staple and a couple of Door Beef UP Kits & now the only way my bikes going to be taken is if they put the whole shed onto a low loader!
Easy, well written instructions with everything included that you'll need.
I grin every time I lock my bike up knowing it's as safe as it possibly could be. I highly recommend this company & their product.
Solid & easy peasy
- 30/08/2021
Shed shackle + chain package arrived very promptly. Chain and lock are good quality (bought a 4m chain to lock four bikes) and shed shackle was very easy to install (in my timber shed). Instructions were very comprehensive and clear. Much more confident about the security of my bikes. Recommended.
Great company and products
- 01/09/2021
Ordered 2 shed shackles and cen 4 padlocks for my chains. Communication was fantastic and delivered really quickly. The shed shackle was easy to install, I ordered longer bolts as unsure of the length, cut them off, no one is stealing my bikes!! Thanks for such great service
Secure shed shackle
- 03/09/2021
Fairly easy to fit and seems very robust and secure. Choose your position carefully. Shear nuts work quite well but beware possible damage to outside of the shed when tightening
[Pragmasis Comment: Tightening the shear nuts can sometimes cause the bolt heads to pull into the wooden cladding on the outside of the shed. If that is a concern, we suggest in the instructions that you can use a hacksaw to weaken underneath the hexagonal head of the shear nut, so it shears-off more easily. Usually, it is not a worry. I hope that helps.]
Great Product
- 24/11/2021
This is an excellent product and Im very happy with the completed installation. I would definitely recommend this product to be used with a good chain and padlock.
Great service
- 03/12/2021
Great communication and quick shipping. The shackle was easy to install and looks really secure. Hopeful that coupled with a shed alarm our bikes will be safely stored.
Great product
- 03/12/2021
Had mine for 5 years. It’s excellent. Relatively easy to fit. Conforms with all insurance security requirements. Recently moved sheds understandably a bit of work required to remove but easy to re install with new bolt pack.
Faultless service and product.
- 10/12/2021
Ordered on Thursday arrived and fitted Friday. Simple to fit. This is a brilliant piece of kit and keeps your bikes secure. A must have if storing your bike in a wooden shed.
Shed shackle
- 03/01/2022
Fast delivery, good quality product and great service. Very easy to install with easy and detailed step guide installation.

Highly recommended.
Great bit of kit
- 19/02/2022
Arrived the next day, well packed and with a tracking number provided. Easy to install with everything provided. The instructions are clear and detailed. A sensible and practical way of increasing security in wooden buildings. Recommended.
Excellent Shed Shackle
- 05/03/2022
Bought this for extra security in my shed. It is a quality product, supplied with everything you need. Super easy to install, and is solid once fitted.
Excellent customer service, with the product arriving the day after order.
I would highly recommend this product.
Great Quality
- 11/03/2022
Perfect for securing your bike in a wooden shed. Great quality product, doddle to fit and fast delivery. In combination with a good chain and lock, I would recommend this to anyone looking to secure their bike.
Shed Shackle
- 22/03/2022
Great service & product highly recommend
5 star service
Great product, simple to install
- 08/04/2022
I'm integrating shed shackles into a lot of my customer's huts now as so many cyclists want some safe way to store their bikes in their shed.
Well done Pragmasis!
Simple yet highly effective design
- 06/05/2022
A great piece of kit to increase shed security. Highly recommended
No better Evidence of how good it is!!
- 16/05/2022
I bought the ShedShackle with a 11mm chain because we had a break in on our shed and luckily the robbers were disturbed and didnt manage to get off with anything.
They unscrewed the hinges on the shed and would have been off with our bikes from the shed.
Anyway after this I purchased the shed shackle. Here are my comments:
1. Delivery was quick and no issues.
2. Full instructions provided on how to install and all equipment that was needed.
3. Easy to install with a little bit of drilling (drill bit provided) in the shed.
So once the shed shackle was installed I chained up the bikes to it and then chained them to the ShedShackle.
2 Months later the thieves come back, break into the shed, this time not disturbed but they got away with nothing as the bikes were secured and they obviously didnt have the heavy duty bolt cutters that they would need to get through the chain.
I was really pleased it did the job exactly as it was supposed to do and worth every penny.
I can highly recommend this product, a must for Shed Security.
5 Stars Thanks
Practical security & peace of mind
- 11/06/2022
I recently purchased a shed shackle for my new shed. I first bought this product a number of years ago to improve security after having a poorly secured bike stolen and it was so effective that it was a must have for my new shed after moving house. It’s simple to install, good value and adds a great extra layer of security for bikes stored in a wooden shed. The customer service and communication have been top notch, overall a great experience.
Just what I needed
- 22/07/2022
The shed shackle is brilliant. Well made & easy to install. I bought it with the 11mm chain for added security. I found other information on your website really helpful & have now secured hinges & hasp with coach bolts. Also the video demonstrating how to padlock the chain was useful. It all arrived quickly too.
I’ll definitely be recommending to my cycling friends.
Metal Garage, Added Security
- 30/07/2022
Just fitted my Shed Shackle (metal garage). Process was simple enough to follow. Drill bits provided were super - no issue getting through the metal. Would have liked the shear nuts to be a bit stronger; snapped a bit early I feel but certainly not coming undone. Especially with the ball bearings outside. Managed to fit my 19mm Almax chain through the shackle. Would recommend for added piece of mind.
Great product for metal stores
- 24/08/2022
I have fitted a shed shackle to my Asgard bike store. It was easy to fit and gives a really effective anchor for my 13mm chain and lock. Highly recommended for places where a ground anchor is impractical
Great Product & simple to fit
- 22/09/2022
Ordered my shed shackle and it arrived the next day. The shackle was really easy to install (helped by the enclosed drill bit) and is a really sturdy product and gives confidence that the bike is secure.
Solid as a rock
- 25/09/2022
i fitted this to my wooden shed. it was easy to fit though did take me more than the suggested half an hour. Once up, it really is as solid as rock. Love the fact it comes with the required drill bit -superb. Very impressed all round.
Shed Shackle
- 19/12/2022
This is an excellent product. Having fitted this to my previous shed I have repurchased for my new shed. It is easy to fit (1hr in this instance) and gives a good feeling of security for my bikes - I use with a pragmasis motorbike chain and lock.
Great buying experience
- 19/02/2023
The customer service was excellent and the shed shackle is superbly engineered - a valuable addition to shed security. Thanks!
Performed as expected when we had a break in
- 28/06/2023
Got a shed shackle as Christmas present to secure bikes in my shed. The shed was broken into the other night and although the shackle was damaged beyond repair and needed to be replaced they didn’t get away with the bikes. The added time and noise needed to get through the shackle meant the dog heard them and woke us up. Switching lights on downstairs meant they ran off empty handed. Contacted David and they have been very helpful with supplying just the part that was damaged and gave some advice on beefing up the security on the shed door to keep them out in future. 5 star product and 5 star customer service so very happy.

Depending on how you lock your bikes consider putting the shackle lower down, if I had done this (mine was the on the top link) it would have meant access to the shackle would have been seriously restricted and they might not have been able to get the croppers in to cut it.
[Pragmasis Comment: We are always upset when a thief has a go and damages our products so we always try to help with any replacements or spares, whenever we can. I'm glad you're pleased and I know you have improved your wider shed security so there's a good chance that leaving empty-handed once, plus extra protection, will result in them leaving you alone from now on, which is what we always want! Thanks.]
Excellent shed security
- 02/07/2023
Bought this for the second time as I got a new shed and like last time easy to fit and feels and looks super strong so strong I think it helped keep my old shed up way past it’s life. Top product for bike security in a wooden shed.
Great security shackle
- 08/07/2023
Excellent shed shackle. Really pleased with it. Fits really well into the shed, extremely secure and resolves the issue of how to insert a ground anchor in. Much better alternative for a shed. I also received fantastic service: David got back to me really quickly to my questions and gave excellent advice. Delivered really quickly too. Overall, very happy.
As secure as what you fit it to.
- 17/04/2014
I fitted my shackle today. Firstly I think the instructions make it seems more complex than what it really is. You need to simplify the guide as it made it more confusing. The shackle itself is made very well and I am really pleased - It was quite difficult tightening the two bolts nearest the shackle part due to the blobs there where its fixed to the steel strips. This is the only reason it lost a mark - It added masses of installation time. Getting it on the shed and all bolts loose took me about 20 minutes - Tightening them all until the nut heads sheared took 30 - A bit longer than it should have!

Overall I would definitely recommend it, it is an excellent product, but I am going to put in a floor shackle too just in case - A thief could just crowbar off the shackle from the shed and take the whole lot, if they were really determined.

[Pragmasis Comment: We've tried to trace this customer to get more information as nobody else has ever reported issues with the instructions or with the 'blobs' (rivet heads??) during installation. We also disagree with the comment about a crowbar as the product, when properly installed, has a side brace that is there expressly to stop crowbar and similar twisting attacks. The Shed Shackle is fixed in place with 8 bolts and we (and Sold Secure and the Police) don't consider a crowbar attack to be viable for a thief, especially when there is a bike in the way.]
Shed Shackle and 11mm chain and Squire SS50P5 lock package
- 04/10/2017
Great kit, delivered quickly, with good communication from Pragmasis. Easy to install, and looks secure. Just hoping it doesn't get tested (after my previous theft). I've added extra security measures to the garden and store in addition to the Shed Shackle.
Highly recommended.
Great, but not invincible
- 02/06/2022
Great product, easy to install and definitely adds a lot of security to wooden sheds. Customer support is amazing from these guys and they are super helpful.

As the title says, they are not invincible unfortunately but made it very difficult for thieves to steal my bike, which allowed me to hear them and call police. It was too late and they had done the hard work with some very large bolt croppers and dragged my bike away anyway, chain still attached. Like many people have told me, if thieves really want something, they take it come what may. I'm glad the extra security bought me time but it didn't prevent them in the end.

Following this, I contacted the guys here and they have been nothing but sympathetic and helpful and are sending me a new centre section to replace, free of charge. Brilliant customer service.
[Pragmasis Comment: We are gutted, too. We hate our stuff being defeated, even when thieves are determined. We try to provide a big deterrent and to force thieves to bring tools and to take time so they don't get anything easily. Very sadly, it wasn't enough time for the Police to come this time. We are happy to replace the damaged section FoC and we always try to do our best to help, including when things go wrong. Sorry we weren't able to help you keep your bike this time. Let us know if you want to upgrade things to e.g. a concrete-mounted ground anchor such as the Torc Maxi as that can give better security if you are able to provide a concrete base for it to mount on?]


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