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Torc Ground Anchor - Series II - Overview

Torc ground anchor

The Torc Ground Anchor Series II really was the best rated ground anchor on the market, until the new Series III was launched! During its production, no other anchor had a 20mm diameter hardened steel shackle that would have to be cut twice to defeat it and with a choice of six different fitting kits to get the best fixing for concrete floor, brick wall, block wall, concrete-in, awkward situations and even van, and with Police approval under the Secured by Design scheme. This page gives more information about the Torc Series II Ground Anchor. The Series III is better and is described here.


Torc ground anchor Series II - Why is it special?

We developed the Torc ground anchor, Series I, because we couldn't find what we wanted after an attempt was made to steal our bikes. The Series I design gained many accolades, including Security Product of the Year in 2006, but we replaced it with the Series II, which was tougher, easier to install, and cheaper! Despite the cheaper price, we did not compromise the security level, indeed it was tougher and had the capacity to take larger chains. The Torc Series II anchor offered the following features:

  • It is very secure - unlike some other bolt-in ground anchors the Torc Ground Anchor uses four of the highest quality fixings, rather than relying on poor quality fixings or a single bolt. It had a full 20mm diameter hardened steel shackle - compare with many other products that use just 12mm or even less!
  • The shackle is case hardened and resists freezing, cutting and grinding attacks. It cannot be bolt-cropped.
  • The shackle is a complete 'D', so a thief would have to cut it twice in order to defeat it! (This is the improved Series II design - now available and even better than the original Series II!)
  • The shackle folds flat to make it harder for the thief to attack, whilst being more convenient for you to use.
  • It can be fitted with DIY tools. Some ground anchors need to be concreted-in. Others require special tools to drill large holes, which you may have to hire. The Torc Ground Anchor can be fitted with a normal DIY drill.
  • It has two-stage corrosion protection with a zinc phosphate pretreatment and tough powder coating finish.
  • It is extremely versatile. There is no other ground anchor that comes with a choice of six different fitting kits! These are optimised for fitting to concrete floors, brick walls, block walls, vans, awkward bases/substrates and also for burying in fresh concrete. The Injection Resin or Concrete Floor kits are recommended for maximum strength, largely because concrete is stronger than brick but also because these kits use advanced chemical resin in place of expanding bolts. The resin achieves a much stronger bond with the concrete and the Injection Resin kits allow larger volumes of resin to be used to help deal with air spaces/voids in brickwork/blockwork and other awkward substrates.
  • (Other than the Series III) It is the only ground anchor with such a wide choice of fitting kit, even including one for use inside a van - if you want to secure your valuables inside your van, the Torc Ground Anchor is the ideal solution. This is excellent for race and off-road motorcycles, bicycles & quads as well as for tools and equipment in transit.
  • It was Sold Secure Gold approved for all categories (Concrete Floor & Injection Resin fitting kits only; the other fitting kits have the Motorcycle/Quad/Bicycle/Car/Van/Commercial Gold accreditations). This means it has been tested and approved for use with motorcycles, bicycles, ATVs, caravans and trailers, cars and for commercial & agricultural equipment and plant.
  • It had Police Preferred Specification - meaning genuine Police approval and suitable for credit points under the Code for Sustainable Homes initiative.
  • It is large enough to take high quality large-link security chains that cannot be bolt-cropped. Many ground anchors cannot cope with these chains. Smaller chains can be bolt-cropped in seconds using tools favoured by thieves. There is sufficient space for the shackle to take two 16mm Protector (or similar) chains, or a 19mm and a 16mm chain. It is also one of the very few anchors that will take the new Protector 22mm Titan chain, but that doesn't leave much space!
  • We are the only Police-approved ground anchor manufacturer!It was Made in Britain and a Registered Design.

Easy to fit

The Torc Ground Anchor has been designed for easy DIY fit. The Torc Ground Anchor has been designed so that you can fit it in a wide range of situations using only DIY tools.

The instructions are written in a detailed, step-by-step way to guide you through the process of achieving a high-security fitting without needing exotic tools or advanced skills. There are numerous pictures and we are happy to give advice by e-mail or phone. You should generally be able to fit the Torc Ground Anchor in less than an hour.

Wide choice of fitting kits

The Torc Ground Anchor is available with a choice of six fitting kits to suit your application. (Other than the Series III) No other ground anchor has the level of certification and the same choice of approved fitting kits! Each fitting kit is designed to give maximum security combined with ease of installation.

The Torc Ground Anchor Series II was offered with a choice of the following fitting kits:

  • Concrete Floor (with chemical resin capsules, for good quality concrete)
  • Brick Wall/Mediocre Concrete etc (with four expanding bolts/shield anchors)
  • Block Wall etc (with *eight* expanding bolts/shield anchors and a large sub-plate)
  • Awkward substrates (with injection resin, for the best fixing in mediocre concrete etc)
  • Concrete-In (with steel bars and a sub-plate for burying in fresh concrete)
  • Van and Bike Shed (with four bolts, shear nuts and load-spreading penny washers)

Videos are available on the Fitting Kits page that give more detail on various fitting options.

In each package you will get a full fitting kit and fitting instructions, together with all the relevant bolts. The concrete floor and injection resin kits include a 12mm masonry drill bit; the brick wall and block wall kits include a 16mm masonry bit. Those kits also include a length of plastic pipe to help you clean dust from the holes!

Video showing how to install the Torc Series II ground anchor in good quality concrete using resin capsules: (This video also shows a comparison of different types of hammer drill. Note that the standard fitting kits do not include the special drill bit for an SDS+ drill. We can supply those on request, at extra cost.)


Video showing how to install the Torc Series II ground anchor in various situations using an injection resin cartridge: (Some situations might require resin sleeves (available to order) to constrain the resin if there are extensive voids, such as hollow concrete blocks, involved.)


We also list the detailed contents of each of the fitting kits.

Customer comment: "The idea of bolts being held in by resin seemed strange to me - so I contacted a mate at Rolls Royce - he said they hold their jet engines to the floor using the same method - so fair enough, my doubts were sorted." (The Concrete Floor fitting kit uses four chemical resin capsules for maximum strength and for ease of fitting.)

Dimensions, Design and Technical Details

We offer detailed information on a separate page on the technical aspects of the Torc Ground Anchor Series II dimensions and manufacturing aspects. Note that the Series III dimensions and details are different. Click for more information on the Series III anchor.

Please refer to the photos below to see views from various angles.

More photos

The following photos all show the Series II ground anchor.

Torc ground anchor top view

Top view of the Series II anchor, before fixing in position. Ball bearings are supplied to prevent the bolts being removed (see next photo)

Ball bearings are hammered into the bolt heads to defeat removal or drilling

...Close-up of one of the four fixing bolts after installation showing the ball bearing in position in the head of the bolt. The bolts are virtually impossible to remove even without these when the chemical resin is used.

Torc ground anchor securing a quad bike

The Series II anchor has been designed to have plenty of capacity for 16mm and 19mm chains, here shown with a Protector 19mm x 1.0m long chain securing a brand new quad bike/ATV!

Torc ground anchor top view

Here is a Torc Series II anchor shown with a Protector 16mm chain and a piece of industrial equipment. There is enough space to put a Protector 19mm and a Protector 16mm chain through the anchor at the same time! (This photo show the 16mm chain with old sleeving - the 16mm chain is now supplied with a bronze sleeve)


Torc ground anchor side view, folded

Side view, again with a Protector 16mm chain (old sleeving - the 16mm chain is now supplied with a bronze sleeve)

Torc ground anchor in use in Australia!

Series II Torc ground anchor, this time in combination with an Anti-Pinch Pin & Protector 16mm chain, all protecting a Ducati installed in Australia!

Torc ground anchor bottom view

Bottom view of the Series II anchor, showing how the shackle is retained by a recess in the base plate



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