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What is a torc?

A torc is a piece of jewellery, or an adornment, worn by British or Celtic peoples. It came in many sizes and was made in different metals, and was decorated to varying degrees of complexity. The torc was a significant statement of social status within the tribe or group of people with whom the wearer lived. Iron age peoples also believed that the torc had mystical powers to ward off evil and protect the wearer. Later, in Roman times, it became less of a mystical item and more of a decoration or fashion item.

Although the shape varied, a common shape was similar to a horseshoe, made out of twisted strands of gold, like a golden rope. The shackle on the Torc ground anchor is quite similar to the shape of a torc. An additional reason for choosing the name is that a famous golden torc was found close to the location of our business in Glascote Heath, Tamworth, and the local secondary school was named Torc High School because it is located close to the site of the find.

Torc Ground Anchors History and Evolution

We launched the Series I anchor in 2004. This was replaced with the Series II in 2009. The Series II was upgraded again with the launch of the Series III Mega and Maxi anchors, in 2020. A core philosophy of our business is that of continuous improvement, and we have illustrated that with our Torc anchors for more than 15 years.

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