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Anti-Scrote Skewer

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Anti-Scrote Skewer

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New! Anti-Scrote Skewer Ground Anchor - Security in the middle of a field!

Price promotion: £5.00 discount (inc VAT). Discount included in the price shown here. Limited time only - Grab some quick!

Hammer-in hardened steel skewers to provide an anchoring point for a separate chain & lock (not supplied) in situations such as fields, gardens and yards where there is no concrete or brickwork or even wooden structure.

Usually used in pairs, with Skewers hammered into the ground at a diverging angle and the captivated chain links interlocked above ground. Can be bought singly for non-security applications.

Ideal for use in beer gardens and other public-access fields for tethering picnic benches and similar modest-value items to deter casual theft.

Similarly ideal for use at camp sites. Be sure to also pack a suitable lever to remove the Skewer(s) when you leave, as well as a hammer to drive them into the ground!

Useful for farmers and smallholders to provide temporary security for trailers/quad bikes/other equipment that must be left in a field overnight due to mechanical failure etc.

Note that the photographs all show Skewers plated with zinc, but these can also be supplied in a black electrophorectic finish. See below for more details about the surface finish.

The top end of each Skewer has a link-and-a-half of our Protector 16mm chain attached by welding. These links can be interlinked between a pair of Skewers in close proximity. An independent Protector 16mm or 13mm chain (not supplied) can then be interlocked through this combination and the whole assembly locked together using a suitable lock (not supplied).

The main shaft of each Skewer is made from 20mm diameter hardened steel bar, approximately 750mm long, with a chamfer cut at one end to help penetration into the ground.

Not recommended for securing high-value items, except where there is no alternative and only a temporary need exists. Multiple pairs of Skewers can help to increase the deterrent effect, particularly if they are all positioned underneath the item to be secured. Note: The Skewers are not approved by Sold Secure - If a formally approved anchor is required then we recommend laying concrete and fitting a proper ground anchor, such as the Torc.

The Skewers are zinc treated and/or electrophoretically coated black. Note that driving these into the ground will likely cause minor damage to the surface finish and rust spots may develop over time. This is not likely to compromise the security, however.

British made!

A sledge hammer is recommended to drive each Skewer into the ground. Detailed instructions are provided.

Skewers can be removed, once the attached chain & lock are removed and the captivated links separated, using a lever and club hammer. Note that removing Skewers from the ground will not be easy and some twisting and levering is expected.

Packaged weight: 5kg per pair.

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