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Shed Shackle - Wooden Shed Details & Photos

This page gives more details on fitting and using the Shed Shackle in wooden sheds. Another page gives details on the variant that can be used to improve security in metal sheds and cycle stores. Details that are common to all of these situations are shown on the main Shed Shackle information page.

The full Fitting Instructions are available on the How to Fit a Shed Shackle page.

The Shed Shackle is available on its own and in various Package Deals. Read our great customer testimonials and magazine reviews.

Suitability for Wooden Sheds

The Shed Shackle is designed to be fitted to sheds made with framing members a minimum of 30mm wide, and the standard kit with 80mm long bolts caters for a total timber thickness up to 60mm (meaning the depth of the framing members plus the thickness of the cladding, so typically a maximum of 45mm + 15mm). Sheds built from thicker timbers can usually be accommodated with the longer bolt options that give more range (see below). The bolts are fully threaded so that they can be used on thin frames but these will naturally provide a poorer quality fixing than more substantially-framed structures.

Note that you will need access to both sides of the shed wall where you want to mount the Shed Shackle. Access from the outside is only required to poke bolts through. If you have a window in the shed, it is usually preferable to put valuables under the window so that thieves are unable to see them. The Shed Shackle is ideally suited to fitting on the window wall but can be fitted on any wall providing you have access outside. If you intend to fit it to a shed wall with a fence behind, it is generally not difficult to lift a few of the fence boards and thereby gain access for the bolt holes. Be careful with sharp nails if you adopt this approach. (Of course, this assumes that you can get access to the other side of the fence!)

Longer Bolts?

100mm and even longer bolts are available at extra cost as alternative options for unusually thick timbers. Over 90% of sheds are better handled with the normal, 80mm, bolt length. Bolts that are unnecessarily long are just more likely to catch on an arm etc and cause injury (although we do include small plastic caps to cover the tip of the bolts in an effort to avoid any exposed sharp edges). However, if you are lucky enough to have a really heavy-duty shed, you may need one of these longer-bolt options.

Example Applications and Photos

Below are some photographs of bicycles and garden equipment secured to the Shed Shackle, and more external & internal views:

Shed Shackle locking two bikes with just one wheel on each bike
Shed Shackle locking two bikes with both wheels on each bike
Two bicycles secured to Shed Shackle using 1.2m chain
and SS50CS padlock
Two bicycles secured through both frames and all four wheels to Shed Shackle, using 1.8m chain
and SS50CS padlock
brush cutter and cable lock
Shed Shackle locking a field gate
Brush-cutter secured to Shed Shackle using Squire Xtreme adjustable cable lock. This lock allows awkwardly shaped items to be locked tightly

Here we have a Shed Shackle fitted on the side of a barn to secure a field gate, to protect some horses. This is being used with a Protector 13mm chain and a Squire ASWL2 warehouse lock. Note that the chain is deliberately looped through 2 bars of the gate.

Shed Shackle fitted inside a garden shed
Shed Shackle viewed from outside
Internal view of Shed Shackle showing the ideal position between two windows and use of the cross-brace
External view of Shed Shackle fitting showing coach bolts on outside of shed.

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