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We are the only Police-approved ground anchor manufacturer!This area provides guidance on which types of ground anchors might be relevant to your application, presented in a variety of ways so you can drill-down to find the right answers, quickly.

In this section, and indeed throughout this website, we use the term ground anchor to also apply to situations when an anchor is to be fitted to a wall. To us, it doesn't matter whether an anchor is fitted to a horizontal floor, or to a vertical wall, for instance. The type of floor, or wall, however, is important and that can demand an appropriate anchor is selected.

The following is a general list in decreasing order of fixing strength for an anchor:

  • Bury-in (also known as concrete-in)
  • Resin-fix into existing concrete
  • Expanding bolt (also known as shield anchor) fixing into existing concrete
  • Expanding bolt (also known as shield anchor) fixing into brickwork
  • The Shed Shackle on metal (but beware the security of the metal structure itself, as many commercial bike huts are of extremely flimsy construction!)
  • The Shed Shackle on wood (we have Door Security products that may help to keep a wooden shed secure)


It is naturally a good idea, all other things being equal, to try to use the most secure situation for a ground anchor as everything else depends on a good anchoring point and a good anchor!

Click on any of the following links to expand the explanation.

Select a Ground Anchor According to Physical Location - Garage, Shed, Outdoors, etc


Select a Ground Anchor for Motorcyles, Quad Bikes, ATVs, Ride-On Mowers


Select a Ground Anchor for Bicycles


We intend to add more entries for other products and anchoring situations. If you have a specific application in mind that we have not covered with the information above, please contact us and we will try to add something to help.


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