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Squire SS65CS CEN6 PadlockThis area provides guidance on which types of locks might be relevant to your application. There is a lot more detail on our main Padlocks information page and the page specifically covering the DIB D-Lock.

The following table summarises the locks most commonly used with each of our chains:

Chain Typical Locks
New Protector 22mm Titan Short Link Chain - RL Version RoundLock, only
New Protector 22mm Titan Short Link Chain - EEL Version Squire SS80CS-R1, only
Protector 19mm Long Link Chain RoundLock Combo (i.e. RoundLock with the RL21A Combo socket option selected), or Squire SS80CS
Protector 16mm Long Link Chain RoundLock, or Squire SS65CS, or DIB D-Lock
(Above 19mm or 16mm chains with the Anti-Pinch Pin Squire SS65CS (or SS65CS-XLN, when direct locking of a 19mm chain is also required)
Protector 13mm Long Link Chain RoundLock, or Squire SS50CS, or DIB D-Lock
Protector 11mm Long Link Chain Squire SS50CS, or DIB D-Lock or Squire SS50-P5

* Click for Noose Chain explanation.

Hint: It is important to use a lock that is a good match for a specific chain: a lock that is an excellent partner for one chain may expose a vulnerability if it was used with a different chain. We offer chain plus lock packages that take this into account (for Extreme Security, High Security and Medium Security situations).

Hint when Securing Multiple Items: Some locks are available Keyed-Alike, meaning multiple locks all operated by the same key. This can make life quite a bit easier as you don't have to fumble through multiple keys to find the right one! Beware that this is only available at time of initial order, and not retrospectively, for the RoundLock and DIB D-Lock locks. It is also true to acknowledge that losing the key that opens multiple locks is a larger security threat than losing a key that only operates a single lock! The motto is not to lose your keys! :-)


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