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Protector 13mm Chain Only

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Protector 13mm Chain Only

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High security 13mm Hardened boron steel high grade long link medium weight chain (select length below).

Sold Secure Motorcycle Gold/Bicycle Gold. Less secure than the Protector 16mm/19mm chains, but easier to handle/carry. Recommended for medium-high value bicycles and as a motorbike carry chain. Not recommended for motorbike home security. 2.9kg/m. The chain is supplied with usually bronze colour sleeving, and the chain itself is finished with either zinc plating or a black finish.

Noose chain option has a special oversize ring at one end of the chain (only), allowing a noose to be formed by looping the chain through that ring. This is helpful with longer lengths of chain, avoiding the normal need to make a big loop around all items - A noose can be formed at the ground anchor and a second loop formed with the lock at the other end of the chain.

Price displayed is for the package including a 2.0m long chain - Please select alternative lengths below and the price displayed will be adjusted automatically.

The Protector 13mm chain has the following link dimensions (nominal): 106 x 48mm outside; 80 x 22mm inside. It is constructed from 13mm diameter bar and has a fabric sleeve that is usually bronze in colour (adding about 4mm maximum to the width noted above). If you've got a round hole 52mm diameter, the 13mm chain should slide through OK. It will also fit through a rectangular hole, e.g. 52mm x 35mm, but that requires the links to settle against each other, and more closely as the slot gets narrower, down to the absolute minimum of around 52mm x 30mm high (where it would be quite fiddley to get it to go through). Also available as a Noose Chain.

Click for more technical info on the Protector range of security chains.

The following video gives an overview of the Protector 13mm chain (opens in a new window)

The next video gives a quick visual tour of the whole Protector range of chains, from the ultimate Protector Titan chains, through to the Protector 11mm (opens in a new window)

And this video shows how to fit the lock to the chain (with a non-Noose chain) (opens in a new window)

And this video explains Protector Noose chains option (opens in a new window)

Manufacturer Pragmasis
Price (inc VAT): £98.75


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