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Anti-Pinch Pin Washer

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Anti-Pinch Pin Washer

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This is effectively a large washer manufactured to fit the Anti-Pinch Pin, Super Pin and Mini-Anti-Pinch Pin, to enlarge the head of the Pin. It is 120mm outside diameter and (presently) 25mm inside diameter, so it slides over the shaft of the Pin.

The washer is 6mm thick and made from hardened steel.

This can be fitted to a Pin to help prevent the head of the Pin being pulled through an opening, where the head of the Pin/Mini-Pin itself would not be big enough to prevent it being pulled through. This is normally only relevant when a Pin is being used in a situation where the chain is being used on one end of the Pin, only, such as when a Pin is going through the bracing on a swingarm and the chain is attached on one side of the bike, only. E.g. the sequence can be to fit the washer to the Pin and push it up next to the head, then slide the shaft of the Pin through the openings on both sides of the swingarm, then fit both ends of the chain over the tip of the Pin and finally fit the lock to hold it all together. This can allow a shorter length of chain to be used as it is not necessary to route the chain to both ends of the Pin as the chain is entirely on one side of the bike. This approach can also make the bike easier to lock up. It will not work in all situations as only a fraction of bikes have braced swingarms.

The Pin Washers are usually supplied with a black electrophoretic finish.

Note: The Pin shown in one of the photos is not included!

We also offer rubber protective washers, that are self-adhesive, to provide protection from the side of the Pin Washer.

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A beast of a washer
- 28/03/2019
I have one of these on a pinch pin that adds additional security to stop the pin being able to be pulled through the rear hub of my GS
It fits perfectly in the recess, however I did add some felt around the edge to save any scratches
Does what it says!
- 24/04/2017
This isn't so much a washer as an Olympic discus! It's a heavy duty chunk of metal that helps to make the Anti-Pinch Pin impossible to pass through the frame.
- 10/03/2017
Plain and simple way to increase the size of the head for the anti-pinch washer.
Can't say much other than IT WORKS ;)
Anti-Pinch Pin Washer
- 01/05/2014
Anti-Pinch Pin Washer what a great peace of kit, This works great along with the mini pinch pin and fits through my SP2 swing arm perfect.
Excellent quality and worth every penny.
Anti-Pinch Pin
Anti-Pinch Pin
Price: £60.00
Anti-Pinch Pin - Mini-Pin
Manufacturer Pragmasis
Price (inc VAT): £14.95


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