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Security Products Selector for Bicycles

Bicycles are most frequently stolen from homes, but keeping them secure when away from home is also important. The requirements and constraints on the two situations are quite different. Hence, we break down by the situation, and then the need for portability, whilst keeping in mind the restricted weight that is generally practical for a cyclist.

We would generally advise bicycles up to £1,000 in value are normally reasonably protected with a Protector 11mm chain. Bicycles up to £3,000 - £5,000 would normally be OK with a Protector 13mm chain. Bicycles of values higher than that are into motorcycle-value territory and thus those products should be considered. If a previous theft has occurred in the area, going up a level is normally recommended.

Ideally, the chain should be short and kept off the floor, since it is much easier for a thief to attack a chain with a variety of tools if the chain is resting on the floor. This is easier said than done if you will use a floor-mounted anchor, but measuring carefully, and taking advantage of the long link chain opportunity for artificially shortening the chain, can help to get it exactly the right length.

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